Animations were once used as decorative features on websites, but that changed as time went by. They have become a key component of user experience since it helps you create effective user interactions. Studies revealed that 81% of users say they’re more attracted to interactive content than static content.

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Web animation makes your website’s user interface transparent and easy to use. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it occupies a special place in the world of UX/UI design.


But adding animation to your website is easier said than done. To skip the whole process, most businesses opt to look for the best website design company. But if you have the time, this article explains how you can take advantage of animations to provide a great user experience.

Incorporating Animation in UX Design

There are a lot of things that go on when you introduce motion into your UX design. You need to have a deeper understanding of the concept before you can reap its benefits. That’s why a lot of businesses work with a website design agency for successful implementation.


With their experience in the industry, they can design animations based on your brand and message. Adding these kinds of animations to your website will help you communicate a clear message.


Aside from that, the best web design company can create unique and engaging animations. These can attract users and stay on your website longer than they intend to.


More importantly, they make users’ navigation smooth and more interesting. For example, a website design company can use animations to show progress when the page is loading.


With their level of expertise in creating animations, you can have different kinds of motions, such as:

  • Hero animation – This is the element you see above the fold, directly behind the website header. The best web design company can make eye-catching hero animation that helps users navigate the website.
  • Accent animation – This kind of animation draws attention to important messages or buttons on the website.
  • Hover animation – This simplifies the information on the website and helps users explore around. You can find hover animations mostly on navigation panels and menus.
  • Interactive animation – Interactive animations provide instant feedback on users’ actions.
  • Motion for special effects – This brings life to your website and evokes some emotions from the users.
  • Loading animation – You can find this kind of UI motion when a web page is loading. This takes away the users’ attention from waiting for the page to load.

Why Is Animation Popular in UX Design?

The second a user visits your website, they start navigating through it. While a great design makes it easier for users to explore your site, having animations makes it worthwhile to stay.

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To explain further, here are some of the reasons why most businesses incorporate motions in their UI design:

1.It Gives Visitors a Warm Welcome to Your Homepage

A lot of businesses use homepage animation because it allows them to greet new customers. Other companies use it to explain their core principles and communicate their messages. You can also add some details that all leads need during the awareness stage.


For example, the homepage for Google’s Your Plan, Your Planet website. When you open the page, you’ll see an interactive animation where you can click on different elements to lead you to their relative pages.

2.It Helps You Explain Your Products and Company Better

Webpage animations are also great for quickly and easily demonstrating how your products work. An animated video helps you explain concepts in a way that viewers can easily understand.


Businesses also use animated elements on their “About Us” page to tell their story as a brand. By providing details about the company, its accomplishments, and the people behind it, you can establish trust with your potential clients. The best web design company can help you showcase your brand’s story that elicits emotions from those who watch it.

3.It Informs Visitors About Your Website’s Features

You can also use motion design to give users clues about the website’s features and functionality. For example, a web designer can create animations that signal the users that they can swipe up to remove an element from the screen. The best web design company can make this experience smoother as they create appropriate motions for this.

4.It Provides Users With Visual Feedback

There’s nothing more engaging than seeing a timer counting down to something you’re expecting. It can be a brand’s biggest sale or the start of an event. Either way, it keeps people updated in real time with the information they need. With this, you can encourage users to perform certain actions, such as signing a form or buying your product.


The best web design company has all the tools you’ll need for these features. Working with such agencies also means leveraging their knowledge and resources.

A Guide to Using Motion to Improve User Experience

Even when you’re working with the best web design company, it helps to know a thing or two. You’re still in charge of what to put on your website. Understanding the basic principles of using animations in UX design will also help you work more effectively with these agencies.


With that, here are ways you can use animations in UI design to improve user experience:

1.Use UI Motions to Inform And Guide Your Visitors

Web designers can use motion graphics to provide visitors with some context and explain the features they’re using. You can’t expect new visitors to know how to navigate your website. They’re in a new environment, so you need to show them how to use its features.


You can direct your visitors’ attention in the right places with well-designed animations. By doing this, users can easily explore your website, which leaves a positive user experience.


Find the best web design company that can learn about what you want your website to be. This way, they can incorporate proper animations to guide your visitors through your website.

2.Capture Your Users’ Attention

Animations can draw users’ attention to the important elements of your website. As a result, they can save time by focusing exclusively on key components and information on the screen. Working with the best web design company ensures that the animations they use are proven to improve user experience.

3.Update Them About The System’s Status

You know how it feels like waiting for a page to load. And if it takes longer than 3 seconds, most users won’t think twice about leaving a website.


Animations take the pain of waiting and turn that into something fruitful. One can make the loading page of website interesting with simple animation with the logo and a quote to motivate.


This instantly grabs your attention, which makes waiting more bearable. That extra patience does a lot for your business. It can be the reason why they consider buying products from your brand.

4.Structure Your Website

Your users will have a better knowledge of your product after switching to a new screen. It’s not just a pretty picture, although a smooth screen transition is far more pleasing to the eye. There are several types of transitions and each of them communicates a message. For example, push transitions provide a distinct interaction between displays than fading in.


The best web design company will know the right screen transitions to use for different web pages.

5.Reward Your Visitors

Giving rewards is an emotional engagement that motivates people to carry out certain actions. It makes your website’s UI more personalized, and lets visitors use its functions more often. While text-based rewards are okay, you can use animations to make the experience more interesting.

Final Thoughts

Giving some thought to the way you use animation on your website does a lot for your visitors. It helps them feel welcome when they visit your website. They can also learn more about your products, services, and the story behind your brand.


But incorporating UI motions is more than just knowing how to use them. Finding the best web design company to handle web development can help you leverage animations for your website. With their expertise, you can provide your customers with the best user experience when they visit your website.