Trade show videos are an essential element of any successful trade show booth. They can provide engaging visuals and audio that draw in potential customers while also conveying important information about the company, products, or services being showcased. Videos can be used to introduce a company’s products and services, demonstrate how they work, highlight customer testimonials and successes, showcase the latest technology developments, explain complex concepts in an easily understandable format; create a more interactive atmosphere for attendees; and even project entertaining visuals onto walls or other surfaces.


The types of videos needed for a trade show booth depend on the goals of your business and the audience you’re trying to reach. Generally speaking there are four main categories: brand awareness videos (which focus on introducing your company), product demonstration & instruction videos (to help visitors understand what you have to offer), case study/testimonial videos (to share success stories from existing customers) and promotional/entertainment videos (designed to grab attention). Brand awareness video pieces may include interviews with key personnel within your organization as well as overviews of operations or offerings – this type is ideal for new companies just entering the market who need to establish themselves quickly among their peers. Product demonstration & instruction clips are especially useful if your product requires explanation or has several different functions that would benefit from visual representation – these should act as short tutorials so viewers walk away understanding exactly what it does & why they need it.


Case studies & customer testimonials serve not only as evidence that you have delivered satisfactory solutions but also provide social proof which encourages more sales – don’t be shy about asking clients if they’d mind taking part in something like this! Finally promotional/entertainment pieces give prospects something fun & interesting to watch while at your booth – think along the lines of music video style montages featuring quick snippets from across multiple markets or industries related to yours. Industry leaders use video in their trade shows strategically by creating content tailored specifically towards each event’s unique demographics.


Many begin by researching their target audience ahead of time then craft messages accordingly – whether its highlighting certain features best suited towards older generations or showcasing futuristic technologies designed solely with younger individuals in mind! Additionally many will incorporate interactive elements into their presentations such as polls where attendees can text vote on various topics during Q&A sessions; live streaming demonstrations which allow people watching remotely get involved too; virtual reality experiences allowing guests explore products up close without ever leaving home base etc…


What do I need for video at my trade show?

  1. Video displays
  2. Computer/laptop with video graphics card
  3. Audio equipment (speakers, microphones)
  4. Cables and adapters
  5. HDMI cables or other connection types to connect the video displays to the computer/laptop
  6. Software for presenting content on the video display(s)
  7. Furniture for seating visitors at the booth
  8. External storage device such as a USB drive or hard drive for storing video files and presentations
  9. Extension cords and power strips if needed
  10. Tablecloths to cover furniture pieces in booth

11 . Lighting fixtures such as lamps or LED lights

12 . Tripods if necessary

13 . Security camera system if desired

14 . Wireless router or hotspot device

15 . Backup batteries in case of power outages


It’s also common practice now days for larger firms send out teaser trailers promoting upcoming events prior to actually showing up – thus helping them generate buzz before stepping foot inside venue itself! Lastly industry professionals tend leverage platforms like YouTube afterwards post highlights online so those who missed out still feel included afterwards when reviewing recap materials sent by mail later down road . In conclusion trade show booths rely heavily upon having quality video content available order stand apart competition attract large numbers visitors day-of-event . By following tips discussed above anybody could craft effective presentation able capture attention both before after actual event takes place helping spread word far wide across entire industry landscape !


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It’s not easy to get noticed in a crowded fair. Get positive attention with video for your event and exhibit. Video has the power to document your event or perform it virtually. When you only have seconds to engage attendees in person, use amazing creativity to make an impact. The right video production can really help your brand stand out from the competition. Whatever the event, your audience likely has some exposure to your business, brand, or at least your industry. People at an event are more likely to be your customers (or partners) than anyone else in the general public.


How do you plan to show the video? Will you have a big screen to try to get attention or several smaller kiosks for a more intimate relationship? Use bold images to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. What is the noise level at the show? You may need to create the video for it to work even if the audio is inaudible. A well-designed video grabs attention and gets your message across, even if you can’t talk to a face-to-face participant. Sharing an introductory video via email can be a great way to let attendees know about your presence before they even hit the show. If you plan to offer a virtual version of your presentation, indicate where and how they can access the recording.


If you’re preparing to face a large crowd, video can be your best ally. You don’t have to limit yourself to email. Build excitement by posting your promotional video on a website or social media. But be strategic. Personalize your messages when speaking directly to attendees. When Apple first introduced the Apple Watch in 2014, they used videos to showcase their demos in a spectacular way. You may have more space at trade shows, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into more foot traffic. Some organizers are limiting attendance while others are distancing booths to help with physical distancing. It is essential to capture the attention of the participants quickly and capture their chat on video. You have a very limited window to capture the attention of a potential trade show customer. Video can help you make the most of that time. Don’t rely on the voiceover to get your message across, the trade show flow can be a noisy place. Instead, rely on eye-catching images, a branded color scheme, and legible text. Tradeshow explainer videos are a great way to attract potential customers to your booth. 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and this includes businesses that regularly attend events such as trade shows. Below are 5 types of video you can use at your next event to attract potential customers.

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Promoting your business or cause at a trade show is a great investment. Video can be one of the best ways to enhance your exhibition stand. With so many possible goals, how do you use video wisely? You’ll want to think about videos for your trade show booth in three categories.