5 Guidelines for Video Production – Best Tips:

Here’s the guidelines we used to film this video production.

You know it’s probably a good idea to charge your battery sleekly beforehand. You’re also going to want to make sure you have plenty of space on you’ve never heard. Also. You’re going to want to keep your LED screen. 

Top Five points for 

1: Plan You’re going to want to plan out your shots as much as possible before you start shooting. Probably a good idea to hold on your subject for at least five seconds. 

2: Lights Ideally you want your primary light source facing the location

3: Stabilize You’re going to want to think about cameras stabilization right now to get the best way for the cameras to capture. You’re going to want to see it floating with your feet above shoulders and to use a glide cam  to hold the camera with one hand underneath. The steadiest shot is a gimbal ronin. Or Use a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod just rest the camera on the surface of the shoulder rig. 

4.  Focal Length: I see you found the zoom. Excellent. When you move the camera laterally like that. That’s called Pan. Vertically. That’s called a tilt (in general). Sometimes we have a more still shot with A lot of subjects to move around within the frame rather than moving the camera around. On.

5: Composition. It usually doesn’t look very good to frame your subjects right in the center of the image like you’re doing right now. Instead we try offsetting them a little to the left or to the right. Just think of your frame as being divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically. Make sure your subjects fall along one of the points where these lines intersect. 

Video Treatment: We see a young female hiker ending her walk in with a big back pack, at the end she pulls out the Trexad in it’s tiny fold up mode, she unfolds, inflates and adds her basics for a day hike.  Passes a guy on a trail who is struggling. Then we meet a make uban traveler entering a hotel who takes TREXAD adventure PACK out of his suitcase, and we see detailed packing scene for everything he can carry for his adventure. *I’D ALSO LIKE TO ADD A SHORT SCENE (A FEW SECONDS SHOWING YOU CAN “UNCARRY” (I.E. PUT IT OVER THE CARRY-ON LUGGAGE) SOMEWHERE IN THE URBAN SECTION. Back to the girl, she is at a beautiful lake location now, and meets a friend with whom she explains the waterproof features, she drops her phone in the main case and partially submerges the pack in water, show reaction shots from stunned friend. Then we learn about the features in a variety of well-lit product closeups, details of the fabric, details of inflation, valve, slow motion water droplets on fabric with animated text features appearing on screen. Cutaway of logo, then cut to same logo shot inside slow motion urban walking scenes of male, biking scene, ending with Twin peaks epic view and he’s removing his camera to take photos. Cutaway of epic view experience of male Girl is shown moving fast on redwood path, walks out of frame.


“Traveler” hotel / hostel location.

Downtown Oakland city.

Berkeley Lake Anza at Tilden

SF – Twin Peaks/Golden Gate Overlook


1 Female actor – Outdoors Explorer

1 Male actor – Urban Traveler

“Friend” for waterproof explanation at lake / “Dummy” character to show bag comparisons

We’re TREXAD. We make innovative gear to help you travel lighter and go further: Introducing the all-new Trexad travel pack. Trexad is the world’s first lightweight backpack to fold up small, and It’s made to handle any condition with a waterproof fabrics AND a weightless air suspension system for unmatched comfort and support. How does it work? Our air suspension system inflates in only ONE breath to give your shoulders and back complete comfort even with heavy loads or odd shaped objects. What does that mean? It means our pack not only leads the game for portability, folding up to almost invisible size and weightless feel, but when you’re ready to carry stuff, you can travel lighter and go further with this 35 Liter pack. That’s enough room for even a 3-day trip! Why does it matter? Because we know you’re tired of your day pack taking up all the space in your luggage, or lightweight packs being made of crappy materials that hurt to carry. Trexad is the most comfortable, versatile, and stable travel pack, made for even the most demanding adventurers. Built with premium materials like waterproof cordura fabric, duraflex buckles, and a premium zipper, Trexad is made to last a lifetime.  

We made Trexad because we couldn’t find a lightweight pack that didn’t hurt your shoulders when it was loaded. We solved that with our air cushioned support system AND it still folds up small and weighs only 10 ounces. TREXAD is founded by the same founders of Outdoorsman Lab, an outdoor gear company that has sold tens of thousands of inflatable sleeping pads. We know the secrets to a lightweight but durable inflatable pad. We’ve got great relationships with factories and suppliers, and all we need is your backing to go live with production.  Help make this revolutionary backpack available for all. Back this project so that you can travel light, travel compact, and travel comfortably, even in the most epic of situations.

Brand Messaging :  Main Sales Points for Project

A lightweight (~10 Oz), waterproof backpack (~25L) that can be packed down small that can fit in some larger pockets in a jacket.

This types of backpack is great for traveler and adventurer where they need a lightweight packable day pack that can be used in between destinations or to take day trips.

Small and Light, with comfort.  You used to have huge backpacks.

We’ll use cordura fabrics – the highest bands of fabrics

You can take longer trips, go to more places, this one is about travel and adventure

You can go out for two days: comfortable, you can carry a lot, it’s very light.  

You won’t feel it on your hands.

With our backpack, you are covered in each of the below:

Get to destination, day pack, don’t have :

Frequent travelers: Luggage – touristy things

Backpackers who needs a day pack that can pack up really small

Adventurers : Electronics : padding nice camera : make sure that’s it’s

Bike COmmuters – usually you need something s

Backpacking through europe, people in the summer who go to the beach and do water sports.

To go to places that are known to be rainy:

Good variety

Depending on your lung power, it can inflate in only two breaths.

No shoulder soreness or back pain the next day.

People who frequently travels and who likes to go on adventures, usually for more than a few days.

This pack is also great for people go on 1-3 day trips.

This pack is great for people who travel outdoors or between cities/destinations, go on backpacking trips.

The pack is waterproof so it’s great for people who are going to places near water, river, lake, ocean or places with raining weather.

You can use this pack in daily life. It’s great for bike commute and even groceries.

Unmatched comfort.

Instantly feel the difference in comfort and support especially if you carry more than 10 lbs.

Happy and relieved.


Travelers always want to travel light with a lightweight .  But if you travel lightweight, you often sacrifice the padding.  Basically what is out there is not comfortable to wear for the entire day or longer.

There is a need to develop something that is still light weight, that can provide a comfort.  It has some full size foam similar to the full size backpack.

Usually you can feel discomfort from the poking , but with a pad inbettwen, you won’t feel whatever is in your pack.

you can stuff things on the bag.  Now you have a cushion.  The air tube also helps the backpack – you can transfer more weight to the lower region.

When you carry it you’ll immediately feel the cushions, when you walk, the cushion can actually absorb all the shock.

I solved the comfort problem associated with all lightweight and packable packs.

Normal lightweight pack just have no or very little padding.

For comfort people just add padding which increase weight and size.


A lightweight (~10 Oz), waterproof backpack (~25L) that can be packed down small that can fit in some larger pockets in a jacket.

We came up with the idea of inflatable tubes that can offer a cushion and support system around the backpack.

We found the right fabrics that have the balance of durability and weight, with the right coatings.

You can carry comfortably more than 20 lbs, but usually with a lightweight pack, after 5 lbs.

This first one is waterproof – this appeals to adventurous people – regular travel, people who want to travel light with a minimum of items, they can have a very light bag.

The waterproof feature is especially useful in raining weather or activities near water.

It’s lightweight, compact, and surprisingly comfortable.

Patent pending Air cushion suspension system that replaces traditional bulk and heavy foam with lightweight inflatable air cushions.

They all pack up very small, they are comfortable and very light.  This first step in creating a whole new category of backpack.


We came up with the idea of inflatable tubes that can offer a cushion and support system around the backpack.

This is a durable material, compact, lightweight, and integrates into the comfort system of the backpack.

They are perpendicular, the vertical tubes give you the most support, it’s almost like you have a frame, and on the shoulders it let’s you conform to your shoulder shapes.

Depending on your lung power, it can inflate in only two breaths. the cushion can actually absorb all the shock.

This backpack uses inflatable shoulder straps and backing layer to form an integrated support system. It provides 0.5 inch (?) inch thick should straps and ~1 inch thick air tube backing layer. This design dramatically increases the comfort of wearing the backpack and allows you to carry more than 20 lbs comfortable.

We’ll use cordura fabrics – the highest bands of fabrics and YKK zipper

Finding a place in the closet, hang it on the doorknob.


Near-term goal – Get products to backer, and then try to reach more customers.

Long-term goal – Develop more products such as duffel bags, laptop bag, travel bag, office bag, etc with this new inflatable support system.

Your Background:

I have a PhD in engineering so I like design and develop new products.

I also founded Outdoorsmanlab, an outdoor camping gear company. One of my best selling product is ultralight sleeping pad. So i’m familiar with inflatable sleeping pad.

I also like to travel. I spent some time looking for a pack that’s lightweight compact but also comfortable. But I couldn’t find any lightweight pack with good cushion and support to the back and shoulder. Most of them have no padding. It’s just not comfortable to wear and you can’t carry them for a day without hurting your shoulder. It’s also annoying when you have something irregular in your pack and you can feel the thing ‘poking’ your back because there is no padding on the back.

So that’s why I decided to try to solve this problem by introducing inflatable shoulder straps and back cushions. I used my experience and expertise in developing inflatable sleeping pads to develop this new backpack support system. My sleeping pad, with the right materials, can withstand your entire body weight and be durable so it won’t leak when you toss and turn on it.

This is exactly what I need to make a durable but lightweight inflatable frame.

My experience in building an outdoor gear company also let me develop great relationships with the factories, material suppliers, and even product testing labs. I am also very experienced in bringing new product to life.

Call to Action:

Help make this revolutionary new type of backpack technology available for all. We need your help to support our initial manufacturing costs.

Back our project so you can travel light, travel compact, and travel comfortably.