When it’s about growing on social media, it is all about creating visual content. Well, there’s nothing better than video marketing in this aspect. 

Around 79% of marketers have admitted to not using video marketing properly. And, the ones who are already using video marketing are planning to use it more. 


Because video marketing on social media is considered to be one of the best ways to educate, convert customers and generate leads. 

Why Do Brands Need Video Marketing?

The idea of brands needing video marketing isn’t something new, it has been there for a long time. However, there has been a significant shift in how video marketing is perceived across different social media channels. 

Rising as one of the most efficient forms of brand marketing, video marketing has only been helping businesses grow at an unprecedented rate. Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, it is easier to produce, create and launch videos. However, what remains complicated amongst all this is launching the marketing strategy. 

Importance of Video Marketing

Video marketing came into existence in 2005 as YouTube was launched in the market. As Google bought YouTube, the prominence of video marketing across different social media channels grew more. 

With the advancement in technology, the quality of videos grew thereby gaining popularity amongst the marketers. Some of the main reasons why video marketing is often considered to be one of the best channels for social media marketing include the following:


  • Putting up videos on your social media can encourage your users to share the content more. Not only TikTok or YouTube, the chances of going viral on Facebook and Instagram is also higher if you have high-quality, engaging videos in your account. 
  • Around 31% of marketers add videos to boost SEO. One of the best parts is that uploading videos can also help in increasing your customer acquisition and engagement. This is mostly because video marketing has brought a shift in how brands connect with the audience. 
  • With the advent of smartphone technology, most people are active on the internet via their phones. Thus, many users like to watch these video contents on their phone or tablets. According to Facebook, around 1.5x users are more likely to watch videos on their phones than laptops or PC devices. 
  • A significant part of your audience wants to watch educational and informative videos. Thus, you can cater to this demand of your audience by providing them a lot of informative and educational content revolving around your services and products. 

Mastering Social Media With Video Marketing

If your aim is to connect with the audience on a wider scale, your prime aim should be to create videos that appeal to them. It is extremely crucial to have a strong video marketing strategy in place in order to cater to your audience requirements. 

Moreover, being clear about the video marketing strategy from the beginning will help to avoid reshooting, reframing or even editing extra. Here are some of the prominent tips you can follow to craft a strong video marketing strategy for your brand:

  • Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience isn’t only about who they are, but also what they do. If you want your video and user-generated content to reach a larger audience, you should be fully aware of who your target audience is and on what platform they are most active. You can buy 5,000 instagram followers also to help your video reach a larger audience on instagram.

If you haven’t established a buyer persona for your brand yet, this may be the right time to do so. However, sticking with the same user persona that you created in the beginning may not be compelling enough. Therefore, it is advisable to keep updating the user persona to meet the changing customer demands. 

  • Conduct a User Survey

Don’t you wish to know what your audience wants to see the most? Rather than assuming, why don’t you just ask them? Well, conducting a user survey can give you a significant insight on what your customers are expecting from you. 

There is a lot of video content that can be put up, but you will only be able to make connections when you’re providing what they want. Thus, you can put up a survey asking all important questions related to brand video marketing and leverage the power for businesses. 

  • Set a Timeline and Budget

Once your video is ready and you’re planning to launch it, make sure to craft a strong timeline and budget. However, crafting a video content while aligning to the goals and requirements can be expensive and time-consuming. 

It is advisable that you create a proper video marketing strategy by setting the budget and timeline for completing it. When you don’t want anything to go wrong with your project, it is important that you utilize the skills of multiple people involved in the project. 

  • Choose the Best Video Platform for Distribution

The platform on which you upload the video will also have a direct impact on it going viral. If you’re planning to distribute it via YouTube, you should understand the nuances of YouTube. Well, YouTube SEO is as important as website SEO. Thus, you’ll have to check various features like budget, promotion requirements, limitations and average view time. 

However, putting up the video isn’t enough, you also need to market it the right way. While some platforms provide the benefit of built-in promotions, in others, you will have to do it manually. It is advisable that you compare the different platforms and choose the one that aligns with your business needs the most. Instagram can be quite helpful, so you may focus to gain new Instagram followers for better distribution. 


As a brand who is putting up their first video, it can be nerve-wracking to decide what to offer. However, it is strictly advisable that in the garb of creating it all, you must not create something useless. Video marketing is one of the best ways to give your business a boost, so you can’t miss out on it. It is not an impulsive game but an important part of your marketing strategy. Thus, make sure that you’re doing it the right way and capturing the attention of your audience in no time.