Different types of content can increase website traffic. Find out what content to add for a car rental site.

What Content to Add to Your Car Rental Website 

Even though your company’s business is to provide car rental services for both locals and tourists, it’s not enough for a website to just have information about the services to be in the lead among competitors.

Since the market for such services is quite large, you should be useful to your customers. This can be achieved by publishing various kinds of content. For example, if you’re, say, a Dubai company and want to promote your brand that offers to rent a car in Dubai, in addition to providing first-class car rental services, you can post a lot of interesting and useful content about car models or various autobrands. By adding helpful travel articles to your website, showing the comfort of your cars for hire, and filling your website with visual content, you can get more customers to contact your car rental company.

In this article, we will cover all kinds of content that will positively affect the reputation of your car rental company.

What to add 

Section with the most popular questions of interest to customers

If your company is faced with a huge number of requests in your daily work, then you should create a separate section where you will answer in a fun way those questions that your customers are most interested in.

For example, you can answer questions such as:

  • Can I rent a car if I am 18 years old?
  • What should I know before renting a car?
  • Is it necessary to put down a deposit?
  • How to extend the lease?
  • Is it possible to transport animals in a rented car?

Firstly, answering such questions will make your work much easier and you will not need to answer them so often. Secondly, it is not necessary to answer these questions in text format. Instead, you can create a slideshow or video response to increase the engagement of both potential and regular customers. Moreover, by setting up SEO optimization, more customers will be able to find your car rental company in their browser search.

Tell your story

With a rich history of how you built your company, every client will be interested to hear it. This will help bring you closer to your customers as everyone is curious about what’s behind the scenes.

You can talk about your motivation or the big dream you had before your car rental. For example, if you wanted to make cars of different classes more accessible to ordinary people, or if you wanted to make road adventures possible in your country, then it will be interesting to hear. Moreover, many will begin to sympathize with you.

Create a blog on your site

Having a blog is a valuable asset as people love to learn useful and interesting information. For a car rental company, this will not be superfluous. For example, if you rent out SUVs in Dubai, then tell people about the most popular off-road routes where they can go. When providing sports cars, talk about the tracks and places where they can drive at high speeds and not be punished by the police.

Such articles are effective in that you can fill them with keywords and travelers from all over the world who will be looking for activities to do, will be able to read useful information about you and will want to use your services, especially if you include native ads in such articles.

Add video

This is what all Internet users love to watch. Moreover, a greater number of users are more willing to watch clips rather than read texts. You can create different types of videos that will entertain and inform.

They can be added to all car models that you rent out. In such videos, you can show iron horses in action, show how they behave on the roads, and also show the interior of cars.

Moreover, you can create tutorials on how to book any car on your company’s website or what documents are required for rental.

Publish reviews

The best thing that can showcase your top-notch service is genuine customer testimonials. There are a huge number of car rental companies and therefore many potential customers will especially pay attention to the reviews of other customers who have already used your services and will base their decision on this.


Today, it is not enough for each consumer of services just to have access to information about the company’s services. They pay attention to what content you post and whether it is valuable. If you start adding all these types of content, you will see the traffic to your website increase.


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