Canon EOS 5D Mark III CMOS DSLR Video CameraCanon EOS 5D MkIII DSLR Video Camera

The 5D mkIII is a joy to shoot and never gets in the way. Video, as expected, look great. The 5D is the best video camera ever made by Canon. The Canon 5D especially stands out because it has the best ergonomics ever in any Canon DSLR, and the full frame sensor gets unique edge blur that is necessary for our signature style.  The 5D makes extraordinary video and has fantastic color. Its ergonomics allow me to catch anything I see or imagine. Video has the same fantastic color rendition and adjustment ability as all the other current Professional-Series Canon DSLR’s, meaning that I get better-looking video straight out of the 5D than I can with most almost every other video camera.

10 Best HD Video Components for Commercial Film - Equipment ReviewCanon 50mm f1.2 USM Prime Portrait Lens

This Canon 50mm f/1.2L is the sharpest 50mm lens I’ve ever used at apertures faster than f/1.4. There are a few staple lenses; pieces of glass that have been around forever, produce great results and pretty much every photographer has one in their kit. In the case of primes, I can’t think of a lens more ubiquitous than the 50mm prime f1.2.

For the professional videographer who needs the best lens around and finds himself with the choice as to how to make the main interview shot perfect by way of contrast, saturation, and control of focus; the 50mm f/1.2 delivers. It excels for interviews and portraits, as it immerses the subject in a dreamlike filmic shallow-depth of focus. It delivers the deepest and richest colors I’ve ever seen.

10 Best HD Video Components for Commercial Film - Equipment ReviewTamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC USD Lens for Canon

The Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD was announced in February 2012. Its headline feature was the introduction of ‘VC’ in its name, which stands for ‘Vibration Control’; it’s the first and only optically-stabilized 24-70 zoom for video cameras. The Tamron’s test results are very good indeed, making it a real competitor. I find myself easily able to explore and adapt to changing situations, and I’m able to gather a variety of shot’s efficiently with it’s flexible zoom range. It allows me to get sharp images at shutter speeds up to four stops slower, which is up there with the best I’ve tested. The optics are excellent, the zoom range is flexible for a variety of perspectives, and the image quality is superb.

10 Best HD Video Components for Commercial Film - Equipment ReviewTokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X

This is the best ultrawide zoom available for Canon EOS cameras, better than even more expensive lenses. This Tokina 11-16mm is the world’s fastest and sharpest ultrawide lens for digital SLR video cameras (such as the Canon EOS 7d). This Tokina 11-16mm lens sets a new standard for wide-angle views with maximum sharpness, which allows me to gather exceptional interior and exterior establishing shots and consistently maintain accurate focus. It’s magic for conveying transitions between scenes / subject areas, making any kind of body movement very energized.  It is also a handy way of stepping back into the vastness of any scene, along with magical light flares that enliven any image. When combined with our glidecam, this lens is what provides the “flying through a living environment” effect.

10 Best HD Video Components for Commercial Film - Equipment ReviewEF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

As the subject gets closer it becomes progressively more important to have a great lens to focus on fine details. This lens offers maximum benefit for macro shooting and color depth for closeups. Alongside the latest and greatest image stabilization technology, it gains all the usual benefits associated with the premium ‘L’ badge, including robust, weather sealed build and the use of exotic glass for the correction of aberrations. As advertised it is THE BEST MACRO / CLOSEUP LENS FOR VIDEO: Focus is so smooth that you do not realize that it is happening. Best lens I have bought in years. It produces great close up shots that open a world of detail, AND it can be used for portraits, even indoors. Portrait results blow me away.

10 Best HD Video Components for Commercial Film - Equipment ReviewGlidecam HD2000 Portable Video Stabilizer

Remember what I was saying about producing shots that stand out from the crowd (an ever growing crowd these days with the DSLR video revolution)? Creative use of Glidecam shots within a video project will add something extra. It let’s me get those super slow moving shots, and also more exciting and engaging handheld shots, whotouth the shak of an unsupported camera. The glidcam had completely changed my life as a filmmaker and it is part of why our videos feel so alive and engaging – not jut one boring tripod shot after another – we have the power to use unique gliding footage through any environment, and it really speeds up our production because we can get many shots without having to move a tripod around.

10 Best HD Video Components for Commercial Film - Equipment Review Ronin-M Gimbal 3-axis Motorized Camera Stabilizer

The Ronin-M is arguably the most advanced camera stabilizer and a great investment for video, it has uterly transformed camera technique in the last 5 years. The freedom to move the camera in any way you can image smoothly without tracks, complex setups is liberating and created amazing results, whether for a simple pan or even chasing a subject a full speed. I’ve used this while skiing, running behind fitness people or for the super silky smooth shots that define a product quality. This is especially true for those of use using DSLRs, because any camera movement must be free from vibrations and jerks. When the first Gimbal hit the shelves a couple years ago, the DP community’s collective head exploded with ideas. Many, myself included, saw this as the most liberating technological advancement since the transition from film to video. Then something really exciting happened, DJI, the company that makes the famous Phantom drone, found a way to make a handheld stabilization system that rivals the truck sized stabilization rigs of hollywood in a tiny unit that can be operated by a singer user. Now we have the power of advances motorized stabilization for any shot that we want.

Cinema Quality Extensions:

10 Best HD Video Components for Commercial Film - Equipment ReviewCanon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II ($100 per day)

This is a favorite lens of thousands of professional photographers because of its fabulous optics, instant autofocus and tough mechanics. This 70-200/2.8 II is for very serious photographers and full-time pros who need access to closeups during events and situations where they are far from their subjects. The Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM is astonishing. It really is the sharpest zoom lens I’ve ever tested. For people, events, portraits, nature, landscape, and anything for which you need the best tele zoom you can get, this is the lens to use if you’re a full-time pro. The Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II is optically and mechanically superb. It’s also big, heavy and expensive. If you’re a pro, you’ve already got one either in your bag, or on your wish list. Recommended for events production and for scenes where capturing detail from a distance is a must.