is an effective tool that can help promote and sell any product. It's a great way to build customer relationships in the digital age of communication. You don't need much experience with video production or to make videos happen. Your goal can be increasing brand awareness, building customer relationships or generating new leads. What are your target audiences looking for? Who is the video meant for (existing customer or someone just learning about your company)? If it's a commercial video, consider including celebrity endorsements if possible. This can give viewers that “spark” and make them more inclined to buy from you. A films your company's video content; a video marketer is responsible for creating compelling videos that resonate with viewers.

Customer testimonials are great for showcasing how customers use a particular product or service. Product demonstrations are often part of a larger campaign strategy that includes other formats, such as Connected TV commercials and social media campaigns. When uploading your video onto Youtube, make sure you use keywords related to your so that they are associated with the uploads on YouTube. Videos allow people to view your product or service without having visited your store. You should always be mindful of video best practices if you want your company's videos to rank well with search engines. Distributing your videos on owned media properties like your website or social media accounts is important because it reaches visitors who have shown an interest.

Paid media is often overlooked as an option when distributing content because it costs money. However paying for distribution includes buying advertising spots on new networks like Snapchat and Tiktok. By making quality videos and engaging with viewers on social media sites like Youtube, you will be able to effectively develop your brand over time.

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