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Dive Deep into Commercial Video Production, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Advertising Costs:

Master Your Costs with the Production Budget Tool

Let's kick things off with a brilliant resource-the content marketing, advertising, and video production budget tool. This user-friendly calculator allows anyone to input basic information about their project, like the type and duration of the article or video, desired quality, and specific requirements such as actors or special effects. Once you've filled in these details, the tool does its magic, crunching the numbers to provide an estimated budget.

Pricing Ranges You Can Expect

As for the costs, they can vary widely based on several factors

By entering your project's specifics into the budget tool above, you get a tailored estimate that helps you plan financially without the guesswork. Whether you're creating a brief promo article, a video or a detailed corporate training film, or an integrated communications strategy - understanding these costs upfront empowers you to make informed decisions and manage your resources effectively.

Get to Grips with Video, Content, & Advertising

Sorting out the finances for a commercial video production, photography, or writing initiative. That project is straightforward when you know the elements that impact the overall costs. It's about breaking down the project into its core components and pricing each one.

The Budget Tool

Let's start with a crucial asset at your disposal-the  production budget tool. This intuitive online calculator lets you punch in the basics of your project, such as medium, type, text, image or video type, length, desired production quality, and any extras like special effects or professional actors. Feed in this info, and voilà, you get a ballpark figure that reflects your project's potential budget.

What Budget Range Should You Anticipate?

The cost of producing a commercial video can swing widely, hinging on a myriad of factors:

  • Content - Product Marketing Articles about your project are $50 each
  • Pre-production (includes scriptwriting and planning): You might spend anywhere from $0 to $1,000.
  • Content Production (the actual staff onsite): Daily expenses can run from $175 up to $8,000, influenced by the duration, the shoot location, the equipment used, and the talent hired. Hot shot director, or big gloomy agency? How about both? Egoistical studios on the mend. Our humble helpers align with you product first, no matter the size and shape of your business.
  • Video and Content Editing - Post-production (editing, adding effects, composing a final kick-ass film to make raving fans): Costs here can range from $300 to $10,000, depending on the edit complexity and the sophistication of the effects required. Welcome to on-demand, cloud based editing, with seamless review tools for untangling creative feedback.

Pop your details into the budget tool above for a custom estimate, that can help you streamline your planning process.

Whether it's a snappy promotional clip or an extensive instructional video, or a content marketing, or integrated marketing support, or managed advertising,  getting a handle on these figures early on helps you navigate your decision more effectively.

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