Orolay are creators of everyday apparel. Our video production company in New York worked with Oorlay to help them produce video content as part of their marketing strategy. We wanted the viewer to relate to the product so we had our actors walk around the city as they would on a normal day. We stopped at a New York coffee shop during our breaks. We were able to get some great shots of us working on the project.


The Amazon coat everyone has is always perfect for winter and is over 40% off.
Even after 4 years, the coat is still the bestseller.
Thalia Abbas

November 28, 2021
Three ladies in an Orolay jacket
Approved by Orolay
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No question about which is the most popular Amazon coat for four years together. It’s a padded shirt that you almost forget even there. And again, despite the current hot and cold weather, when winter returns, it’s the best cocoon to keep you comfortable. For those looking to rival that warm and fluffy fur coat, believe it and believe it’s worth buying. Also, there are now big sales for Cyber ​​Monday.

Women’s Orolay Thick Down Jacket (Army Green)
Types of sales

Orolay Women’s Thick Puffer Jacket
$160 $91 on Amazon
This product is technically known as a women’s thick down jacket by Chinese outdoor brand Orolay three years later, and netizens are still loving it as the “Amazon coat”. (It looks like a sherpa walking blanket if you ask us.) It’s a winter coat. It’s tasteless, slightly larger, lined, has a larger pocket, and comes in a variety of colors. But perhaps the most important thing is that you can buy immediately from Amazon and buy a lot. However, this should not be confused with an impulse buy. With over 13,000 5-day reviews, Amazon customers say the Orolay Women’s T-Shirt is the greatest t-shirt they’ve ever seen. The Orolay jersey is now in the #1 bestseller on our site. It has an average rating of 4.4 stars and 12,721 users participated in the review section of the press release. Since 2014, it has received rave reviews such as “Winter is pretty good” and “I really like the coat”. (Are there any other hype fashion drops saying that?)

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Orolay Women’s Thick Puffer Jacket
$159 $90 on Amazon
Of course, you can find quilted jackets in almost any store that sells outerwear. But the coat is special. There is a freedom application anyone can order on Amazon, and it is endorsed by nearly 15,000 customers, so buy your winter clothes first and shop on Amazon Coat below.

Good news! For Cyber ​​Monday, you can shop Orolay Women’s Heavy Down Jackets for almost 50% off. Shop our big sale shirts below, then head here to see all the other Cyber ​​Monday deals going on today.



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Orolay Jacket Review
Rocking my Orolay winter jacket from Alaska!

You may have heard a lot about “Amazon Court”. Every daughter and her mother loved the Orolay jacket.

I need a replacement/modification for the Michael Kors winter coat I already have. And with over 8,000 rave reviews out of 7,000 on Amazon, the Orolay Winter Coat sounds like it. You may have heard of Orolay jackets. But is it 90% winter coat as it seems? Try it in Alaska! Read the details in this Orolay down jersey review.
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By signing up, you agree to receive emails. The Orolay Heavy Down Jacket has been a hot topic of conversation ever since Sam Edelman and Steve Madden (cheaper) invented the designer coat!

And, as you might expect, the Sam Edelman Faux Shearling Quilted Coat and the Steve Madden Hooded Quilted Jacket were popular.

Orolay Women’s Thick Puffer Jacket
Orolay Women’s Thick Puffer Jacket
Shell/Lining: 100% Polyester; Body/sleeve filling: 90% duck down, 10% duck feathers
Polyester which is 60% denser than usual on the market. It has excellent air and heat protection.
The bottom of the Eiderdown garment receives special pleats. It is a combination of fashion design and special… A warm fleece-lined hood, special side zippers and 6 large pockets make it warm and cute for outdoor activities. . .
Please note: the warm jacket is folded and compressed in a package when sent for personal use and …
Take a look at Amazon

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Sam Edelman down jackets are available in several sizes and one color. But remember this before ordering one.

As of this writing, the Sam Edelman coat is $139 (same price as the Amazon coat), but only comes 90% off, 50% off 10% duck down, and 50% off. feathers to the first Orolay jacket. I tried on a thick Orolay jacket in Alaska. Please read this Orolay Down jersey check before hitting the payment button.

These two jackets are identical except for the gap on the front zip and a slightly different shade of green. My twin sister and I are like when we wear the same thing! Please smile with the matching green dress 😀 [Meet Orolay & Sam]

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Twins in Amazon Prime dresses for summer
But there are many more Orolay-inspired winter jackets like this one (cheaper) and this one (also cheaper).

Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket Green 2XS
Down Jacket
FADSHOW Women’s Winter Thickened Down Jackets Long Down Coats Warm Parka with Hood,Mung Bean,S
Thickened Down
Shanghai Bund Women’s Thickened Down Jacket with Hood Winter Warm Hooded Parka Coat Olive
Removable Faux Fur
Valuker Women’s Down Coat With Fur Hood 90D Parka Puffer Jacket 25-Green-M
Colorblock Style
Emperor Goose Women’s Down Jacket Hooded Colorblock Puffer Parka Winter Down Coat
Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket
FADSHOW Women’s Winter Down Jackets
Shanghai Bund Women’s Thickened Down Jacket
Valuker Women’s Down Coat with Fur Hood
Emperor Goose Women’s Down Jacket
View on Amazon
View on Amazon
View on Amazon
View on Amazon
View on Amazon

Last update on 2022-04-08 at 05:31 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Moving on!

I ordered the green color in size S and my package arrived in a few days. The coat felt warm and well-insulated. The true test to knowing that this Amazon Coat felt as good as it looked was wearing it for the first time. For use, I’m 5″5 and weigh about 135 lbs. I usually wear a size 4 (S).

You’ve seen and heard of Orolay heavy coats. Are 90% of winter coats as they say? Tested in Alaska!
I tried on a thick Orolay jacket in Alaska. Please read this Orolay Down jersey check before hitting the payment button.
The down jacket is heavy and thick. The jacket is roomier than many winter jackets, so you can technically size down.

I decided to order my usual size for an extra layer. Since then, I have been working on coating Orolay’s thick down jacket with this fleece jacket. I also bought a size 2X to give to my mom, but actually the size.

I tried on a thick Orolay jacket in Alaska. Please read this Orolay Down jersey check before hitting the payment button.
And a few days ago I put the Amazon coat to the test at -8ºF, set it to -19ºF, and a day later hit it at -33ºF. The good news is that this shirt is a hit in every way. But not all are pink. Keep reading about the pros and cons of the top rated thick down jackets.

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OROLAY thick down jacket detail
Orolay Women’s Thick Down Jacket – Size S – Green (Same Size)
Composition: 90% duck down, 10% duck feathers
Lining: 100% polyester
Price: $139.99 – $149.99

You’ve seen and heard of Orolay heavy coats. Are 90% of winter coats as they say? Tested in Alaska!

The Amazon coat is available on Amazon (free shipping/return) and the Sam Edelman padded coat is available on Nordstrom (free shipping/return).

Search on Amazon US | Search on Amazon CA | Search Amazon UK

Orolay down jackets are available in a variety of styles and colors. The most popular styles are:

Amazon coat (kids, men)
Orolay down jacket with faux fur trimmed hood
Orolay Heavyweight Drawstring Puffer Jacket
The look of the ORLAY down jacket
90% Density – The 90/10 feather ratio is hard to find at this point.
Multiple bags – there are at least 6 large bags. Hooded Design – The fleece-lined hoodie keeps your face and ears warm.
STRETCHABLE STYLE – Side zipper design allows for extra sleeves when needed.
Washing Machine Safety – Can be safely washed in the washer/dryer. Follow the instructions on the shirt.
You’ve seen and heard of Orolay heavy coats. Are 90% of winter coats as they say? Try it in Alaska!
You may have heard of Orolay jackets. But is it 90% winter coat as it seems? Try it in Alaska! Read the details in this Orolay down jersey review.
I wear small | Size XXL


The disadvantages of the OROLAY down jacket
Loose fit hoodie – no straps attached to the hood. On a windy day, the hoodie came back from my head.
Creamy Shears – Light shears can be messy with makeup (more so if you have more skin).
Non-detachable hoodie – Sometimes you don’t want to oversize the hoodie. Sorry. It cannot be deleted.
Fur – Most people don’t block the industry. For the price and quality, the Orolay down jacket was out of the park and easily “yes, highly recommended”.

You’ve seen and heard of Orolay heavy coats. Are 90% of winter coats as they say? Try it in Alaska!

Who is the right Orolay jacket for?

Orolay women’s thick down jackets are ideal for those looking for a heavy, inexpensive and sturdy winter jacket. $$$$ If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Canada Goose winter coat, this Amazon jacket will give you what you pay for.

With a nice feather ratio of 90/10, excellent windproof design and 60% more durability, a winter coat is a good choice.

I only use this jacket in the cold, dry Alaskan winter, so be careful using it in the rain or very humid as the humidity affects the thermal efficiency of the down (surface). I see Seattle!

You may have heard of Orolay jackets. But is it 90% winter coat as it seems? Tested in Alaska! Read the details in this Orolay down jersey review.
Frequently Asked Questions: OROLAY DOWN JACKET
Is AMAZON COAT aka OROLAY thick down jacket worth it?
Yes, Orolay shirts are worth every penny. In the cold minus 33 degrees Celsius (-36 degrees Celsius) in Alaska, the only part of my body that felt cold in this jacket was my face and legs. I have to wear an insulating skirt. Is the OROLAY coat waterproof?
The popular Orolay Heavyweight Jacket is not waterproof, but it does have some moisture protection. However, the goal is to make the jacket waterproof like a jacket and a coat.

What makes OROLAY coats so popular?
The Amazon Coat was popular in the Far East (New York) and gained momentum before spreading across social media. The court even has an Instagram-only page!

Where can I buy OROLAY coats?
the reasons