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Introducing Start 's ESG Production Portfolio

Start Motion Media's commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles is vividly reflected in its climate vertical, where the focus is on producing content that not only informs and engages but also drives positive change in the realm of sustainability and conservation. This specialized portfolio showcases the company's work with energy companies, solar and battery providers, land conservation initiatives, and large-scale infrastructure projects, often in partnership with governments and major organizations dedicated to combating climate change.

Energy and Renewable Resources

  • Solar and Wind Energy Companies: Start Motion Media has created compelling narratives for solar and wind energy providers, highlighting the benefits and potential of renewable energy sources. Through engaging video content, they showcase the innovation and technology behind sustainable energy solutions, driving public interest and investment.
  • Battery and Storage Solutions: The company also focuses on the rapidly evolving battery and storage sector, producing videos that explain complex technologies in accessible terms. These projects emphasize the importance of energy storage in achieving a balanced and resilient renewable energy grid.

Conservation and Land Stewardship