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7 Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Video Editing Software for Mac

Meta – Videos are in great trend with smartphone and PC users consuming this form of content more than anything else. To stand out in the overcrowded place and engage users with your videos, use these top editing apps for Mac.

The latest MacBooks come with M chips which gives them excellent performance power. Their power makes them perfect for a variety of video editing works. Editors can get dozens of editing software from different developers. There are great tools such as VideoPad, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Pro that produce eye-catching videos. When choosing software to edit videos, understand how easy it will be to learn to use it. Know the features it offers and the support you get from the developer. The following video editing tools are free to use but they create some of the best quality videos. 

  • VideoPad

VideoPad is so easy to use that even a person with zero editing experience can use it. It has an intuitive interface and a nearly nil learning curve. This software works almost the same way many professional video editing tools work. The tool's features range from drag-and-drop to timeline editing. 

The tool has 3D editing and features. Once you complete your editing processes, you don't need to leave the software to upload your videos. You only need to integrate it with social media channels... Read More

Best Video Ads Denver: The top 10 Video Companies

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Exploring Denver's Enchanting Video Production Locations: A Cinematic Journey with the Pro's

In the heart of the Rockies, where the urban pulse of Denver meets the artistic soul of Boulder, a tapestry of storytelling is being woven. Among the towering peaks and enchanting landscapes, a group of visionary artists and filmmakers are dedicated to creating unforgettable video ads that capture the essence of brands, while utilizing the remarkable diversity of the region's filming locations.

At the forefront of this cinematic revolution stands Start Motion Media, a video production company that understands the art of crafting mesmerizing video ads. With a commitment to visual storytelling, they have mastered the delicate dance between commercial appeal and artistic brilliance. Founded by a team of seasoned filmmakers, MajesticReel Productions has become a beacon of creativity, offering a unique blend of Denver's urban vibrancy and Boulder's artistic charm.

Venturing beyond the city limits, the team from Start Motion Media Productions often finds inspiration in Boulder's breathtaking filming locations. Chautauqua Park, nestled against the iconic Flatirons, serves as an emblem of the natural beauty that graces the area. Here, the filmmakers have captured moments that seamlessly intertwine with brands' narratives, creating video ads that not only sell but also evoke emotion.

In the heart of Denver, Union Station becomes a bustling backdrop for MajesticReel's urban-themed video ads. The station's timeless architecture resonates with the company's commitment to crafting narratives that stand the test... Read More

Optimal Results with YouTube TV Commercials

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Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out on YouTube? As the second-largest search engine behind Google, YouTube is among the best places to reach customers and promote your brand. However, if your videos don't stand out among the crowded competition, your business's success can be severely limited. One of the most effective ways to ensure business growth on YouTube is through the creation of well-crafted, professional-looking .

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recording a voiceover

By investing in customized ads, businesses can maximize the return on investment through increased viewership and higher click-through rates. In this article, we will get direct answers from Joe Smith, an experienced based in Chicago and an expert in creating unique and effective YouTube TV commercials.

We will explore what makes a TV commercial effective on YouTube, criteria for success, and which services are included in the Start Motion Media's Video Production Company's demo . What Makes a YouTube TV Commercial Effective?

In their professional opinion, the most effective TV commercials on YouTube should be professional enough... Read More

Product Demo Video Process: 2023 Video Company Secrets

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What can a product demo video do to promote your business? It can serve as an effective marketing tool and help your business to stand out from the rest. It is important that you choose the right video production company to deliver your message.

The video should be of high quality, have an impactful storyline, and include informative content. With that in mind, here are some of the questions you should ask when selecting a video production company for your next product demo video:

1. What experience does the video production company have in creating product demo videos? When choosing a video production company for your product demo video, it is important to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to create a high quality and creative video. Ask the company which types of product demo videos they have created in the past. This is a great way to assess the quality of their work and how they will approach creating yours.

2. How do you approach the creative process when creating a product demo video? A good video production company will have a clear process for creating the product demo video. It is important to understand this process, as this will help you to get an idea of how creative they are and what the outcome of the video might be. Ask the company the questions such as who writes the script, how the video will be edited, and what animation and graphics they... Read More

How working with a Sales Enablement Video increases MQL̵...

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Sales Enablement Video Process

Looking to create a Sales Enablement Video? Our creative services agency can help you create a high impact video that drives results.

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In 2013, technology vendors will continue to face the challenge of . Executives across departments will find new ways to use video for HR onboarding, sales enablement, training, employee communications, and more. Whether it's live video collaboration between executives on a desktop or distributing a live event to anyone anywhere.


Sales enablement helps sales representatives stay on top of organizational and industry changes affecting the customer. Sales reps lose track of important information that can significantly impact a deal. Staying up to date with the latest and greatest information will help you better understand your customer. This approach allows your salespeople to have more meaningful conversations.


What do prospects and customers already have when interacting with your salespeople? What is creating friction within the sales process? How is the buyer journey changing? Finding the answers... Read More

Video Improvement: Ideal Outcome vs Minimum Viable Product

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Video marketing is a powerful way for businesses to reach their target audience and generate leads. It has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason. is often more engaging than written content, and it can be used to promote a in a variety of ways. But if you're going to make the most out of your video marketing efforts, it's important to understand the distinction between an ideal outcome and a minimum acceptable outcome for your video.

An ideal outcome for your video is the end result you would like to achieve. It's the most desirable outcome that your video could potentially achieve. Depending on your goals, this outcome could be anything from increasing brand awareness, to generating leads, to increasing sales. Whatever it is, it's important to know what your ideal outcome is before you even begin creating your video. That way, you can tailor your video content to achieve your desired outcome.

On the other hand, a minimum acceptable outcome is the lowest result that you would still deem to be acceptable. It's the bare minimum of results that you would be happy with. This could be something like a certain number of views, or a certain number of leads. It's important to set a minimum acceptable outcome so that you can measure the success of your video and make adjustments if needed.

... Read More

Video Production Budget: Commercial Cost Calculator

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  • Video Production Cost Estimator v2.0

Let Start Motion Media build your ecosystem for constant video engagement. Calculate your

video production costs.


Typical cost range

From $ 2,000 to $ 25,000

Breaking Down the Cost of Filming a Commercial Ad

Determining the cost of producing a commercial ad involves various factors, each contributing to the overall budget. Here’s a detailed look at these components, structured to provide a clear understanding of the financial dynamics involved in commercial ad production.

Production Scale and Scope

  1. Project Size and Complexity A. Small vs. Large Projects: Small projects might require fewer resources and simpler setups, leading to lower costs. In contrast, large-scale productions with elaborate scenes demand more extensive planning and resources. B. Narrative and Technical Requirements: The story complexity and technical demands, such as special effects or custom graphics, can significantly influence the budget.
  2. Duration of the Ad A. Commercial Length: The length of the commercial directly affects production time, with longer ads needing more shooting days and thus increasing costs. B. Script and Scene Numbers: A longer ad with more scenes and script complexity will require additional planning,... Read More

The Top 5 Kickstarter Video Production Companies

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StartMotionMedia revolutionized Kickstarter video production, achieving record-breaking e-commerce success for emerging products. Insirping packages for E-commerce or Product Listing Ads are only step away. Contact us today.

Transcendant E-commerce Product & Kickstarter Videos, Since 2010

Kickstarter Video Production Cost: Affordable Crowdfunding V...

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Watch Now

Know how much should I pay for Kickstarter video?

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What you pay and your pricing depends on who does your fundraising video, and the quality of the studio, so that you can get world-class production at an affordable cost.

Gaining clarity about the visual scope of your project, deciding what video type and which scenes would add the most value to your video. Phone calls where we reference the questions about your project and personal motivations behind it. Ongoing email support and language development as we arrive at interview plan and get to the heart of what the project is. Main points for the interview. Working out defining and scheduling visual elements and resources for production day.


Video Production Day:


Complete Film Day with our awesome Cinematographer plus Assistant. Reference your main points in the interview and on-camera conversation. Filming additional visuals, capturing a sense of place and bringing to life the project. We follow our shot list and capture each visual element as part of 4-5 actions sequences involving people who are enjoying your product, the lifestyle elements, behind the scenes, and other imagery.


Video Editing and Revision:


Comprehensive interview editing and narrative arc sequencing to persuasively describe the project and your campaign call to action. Developing visual sequences and cuts to accompany the interview. Audio mastering, sound design, transitions and title cards. Color correction. Integrating feedback, adjusting... Read More

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