The pathway to create a Kickstarter video, whether you’re making from scratch or if you have already have a pre-written script, is to engage with a creative agency, that knows the process of video development and script writing from end to end. When I start out to create a kick starter video, I always think of the end result, the viewer. They are busy, usually suffering with lots of things going for their attention. We need to show them we respect them, by willing to entertain and I willing to create Kickstarter video that is more interesting than mostly what they see, that will help them feel more trust and time in order to fulfill their purchase objective for the project


How to make a Kickstarter video can get better funding than a Kickstarter campaign without the video; it’s actually 50% more successful than other campaigns. This is because video is one of the best ways to quickly and clearly convey emotions, motivation and the essence of the project. What entrepreneurs or artists at the door of large companies need is what they need to attract the attention of the audience and turn them into investors. Be sincere. The key to a great Kickstarter video is authenticity. You need to know that you are a sincere and enthusiastic person who provides products or services that you 100% believe in. Investors not only want to know some large-scale plans and votes, but also want to know who they are investing in. About your product or service.Human factors are crucial to attracting audiences. Therefore, it is important to see/hear the voice of the owner/founder/inventor in front of the camera. Let us listen to his voice. Don’t be yourself, even if your budget is tight, as many Kickstarter activists will do, you can still make unique and engaging videos. Single, close-up shots or other creative shooting techniques can make your video visually interesting without increasing the cost. The audience’s average attention span is 8.25 seconds. This is less than goldfish. This means that your Kickstarter video only has a few seconds to attract an audience. Therefore, make your video interesting from the beginning.[


If you try to add too much content to your video, don’t worry. Focus on the most important aspects of the Kickstarter campaign. Too much focus or too much detail can easily confuse the viewer and lose interest. When writing scripts, try to make the information clear. Especially when the budget is tight. Generally, longer videos usually require a higher budget. You are, why are you passionate. Find out who you are and why you are so passionate about products or services. Honest and transparent. Explain why you care about your product or service.This real excitement will inspire your audience to take a closer look and fund your vision. Determine the benefits provided by your product or service. Now your audience has understood the reason, and what to rely on. What vulnerabilities are you trying to resolve, and how do you plan to resolve them? Why is your product or service the best choice? What is novel about your solution? Which niche market are you filling but not yet filled? Why should people help you financially? what is the benefit? Give them a chance to take action. If your video successfully attracts and attracts viewers, but prevents them from taking action, then your Kickstarter campaign will not be able to attract you. You need to share how the audience becomes your sponsor.Is it through fundraising? Pre-order products? Do you share your information on social media? Give the viewer a clear action or two actions, which will help realize your dreams. Kickstarter is not the only way to raise funds through video (and sometimes even video). It is a way to meet investors. If this is your goal, the same rules apply, explaining why and when it applies, but you should not know how to use it. Provide investors with sufficient information to achieve this goal. Your decision, but keep the details of the face-to-face meeting. Use the video to make them interested in you and your ideas, and provide enough evidence to make them believe you. Say thank you. Don’t forget to say thank you.