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Yes! I’ve been running crowdfunding campaigns since 2009 and I’ve seen exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting backers. No matter what you project is, you’ll get more backers if you apply the techniques in our system 🙂


Over the last ten years, we’ve helped product designers, creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs, and anyone on a budget, feeling stuck, or overwhelmed, move on from their worries and have a successful go by the prospect of crowd fundraising. It can be useful if you are completely new to online marketing, or as a crowdfunding-specific peer-to-peer fundraising supplement if you already know about sales and marketing.


I’m relentless to create new systems, tools, and methods to help you stay at the forefront of the constantly evolving peer-to-peer marketing world of Kickstarter and crowdfunding. Giving you the latest training content of what actually works is my goal. And once you sign up you’ve got lifetime access to the program, so anything we discover will be added to the course! Get started now for free!


5-STEP MASTERCLASS: the 5-step method for how I’ve launched multiple $50k crowdfunding projects without spending useless money on ads or PR.

Raise money for your kickstarter or indiegogo project with my lectures, walk-throughs, lessons, and step-by-step kickstarter implementation guides, as well as interactive workbook handouts, bonus interviews and a free listing of all the crowdfunding resources you could ever find, I share the ALL the secrets no one will tell you about crowdfunding on indiegogo and kickstarter so that you can succeed in raising money for your startup business. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Myself and my students have raised tons of money from services like kickstarter and indiegogo. This course offers simple, hands-on tutorials to design and implement your project marketing, along with secret launch tactics guaranteed to achieve success for your crowdfunding campaign.


Kickstarter Tips for Indiegogo Crowdfunding – How to run a Crowdfunding Project

Course Description

You need traffic to earn money through crowdfunding. In addition to a stellar video, your success at generating momentum in crowdfunding is up to you. In this course, learn to raise thousands of dollars through kickstarter and indiegogo, and receive marketing resources and tons of video and audio tips to help your campaign fly. Our program in crowdsourcing is the only launch resource you need: I make every effort to ensure that project creators who join us in this course can crowdfund with power and agency. Enter your email here to be notified:

Be on the fast track to publicity in your fundraising campaign by crowdfunding on kickstarter or indiegogo. Learn the fundamentals of crowdfunded capital and the step-by-step actions that will get you FULLY FUNDED in only a few hours per day!

Are you aware of my “Crowdfunding Secrets?

I’ve been running a kickstarter and indiegogo video production and marketing agency for over 5 years, and I’ve helped myself and my clients make astounding amounts of money from their crowdfunding campaigns. I have actually designed so many crowdfunding projects that I began to discover the overall qualities across every successful campaign, and I’ve compiled my research fro what really matters for your indiegogo or kickstarter project.



5-STEP MASTERCLASS: the 5-step method for how I’ve launched multiple $50k crowdfunding projects without spending useless money on ads or PR.

My insights have generated over $10M in revenue from platforms like indiegogo and kickstarter… many of my students are able to raise between $60,000-$100,000 EASILY from their campaigns.  The EXACT METHOD of how I do it is revealed in my step-by-step course, coming soon.

Based on my experience, I know how campaigns work. So many project creators have already benefited from my campaign strategy knowledge and raised many thousands of dollars for their startup projects, but up to this point I’ve only been offering this hands-on tactical approach with marketing clients who pay me professional fees for one-on-one campaign support.

Many campaigns go unfunded because of simple avoidable mistakes. My frustration with this has encouraged me to release this information for the FIRST TIME EVER to the general at a HUGELY REDUCED COST.


By registering for this course, you will gain access to my all-inclusive system of leverage points and key marketing actions that allow you to build your fundraising power way beyond what you could come up with if you were to go it alone, without this knowledge.


All of the methods which I share in this course are easy to practice. If you follow my instructions for a few minutes a day, I guarantee that you will run a crowdfunding campaign that blows away your competition and builds meaningful community for your project. This is the only system you need for raising significant amounts of seed funding for your business.

For the first time ever I am releasing these tested, proven tactics for crowdfunding, as well as ALL OF THE RESEARCH that has enabled myself and my clients to win big on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In this streamlined, easy-to-implement hands-on course, I don’t hold anything back.  And beyond that, with lifetime access, I will continually be updating the course with new insights and approaches so you can drive even more traffic and convert sales on your campaign page – for no additional cost to you! This course will continue to grow for years to come, and your single payment today is a valuable keystone in maximizing what you are able to earn through crowdfunding in into the future.

In addition to my 30-day no-hassle money back guarantee, I promise that you’ll be awestruck by the quality, power, and effectiveness of our comprehensive course materials.  You’ll be blown away by design and simplicity of what you’ll learn in the time it takes to complete this course, you’ll feel TOTALLY SUPPORTED our step-by-step guided walkthroughs … and you’ll be happy to avoid the all-too-common kickstarter and indiegogo mistakes that can leave you with an embarrassing crowdfunding failure on your social-media resume.


5-STEP MASTERCLASS: the 5-step method for how I’ve launched multiple $50k crowdfunding projects without spending useless money on ads or PR.

Project creators: Maximize the power of your crowdfunding campaign!

In only a few hours per day, you can crowdfund success in your business. Learn from our guided tutorials, video lessons, and never-before-released crowdfunding secrets that will give you way more agency in your campaign. Build your campaign with proven tactics so that your project can come out a success. This program allows you to innovate with indiegogo and Kickstarter, and receive support in implementing exact methods I use to give backers the motivation they need to pledge on any project. You will be amazed by the quality of insights in my course materials in this hands-on crowdfunding launch kit.

And I’m even throwing in an in-depth film production tutorial to coach you on your project video so you to can achieve a slick and professional video look for your campaign for minimal budget. Each lesson is organized with proven and effective coaching material for editing your pitch, keys to maximize launch traffic, and the step-by-step process I use to help my private clients meet their crowdfunding goal.  Video creators will get advice on how to impact their viewers, designers will love the course on building the landing page, project managers will appreciate my detailed step-by-step scheduled for generating buzz and executing their launch.

Begin to understand your community, learn key marketing skills, and promote your crowdsourcing project to get the money you need for your world-changing idea.

This course is not about:

I avoid covering topics that are freely available on blogs and other websites.  These are of course moderately useful and I encourage my students to do their research by reading articles included in the resources section of our curriculum. The bulk of THIS COURSE, however, provides only the exact tactical planning system that I use internally for my private marketing clients to help them blow past their competition and win big in their crowdfunding campaign. For the first time ever I am sharing the unique community activation tools and crowdfunding marketing methods that make my kickstarter and indiegogo projects successful from the inside out.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to “look at your campaign page / video” and “tell you how to make it better”. As this is a group course it’s not possible for me to become aware of the details of your specific industry or your level of social influence – so it would be impossible for me to advise you. Instead I ask that you trust in the calculation process I have designed that will give you REAL RESULTS and REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS, so that you can make your own key marketing and design choices to benefit like so many of the successful project creators I’ve worked with.

Gain crowdfunding momentum in one easy-to-follow course: Learn kickstarter tips and implement key tactics to raise the impact of your project.

This course helps you ask the right questions so you can create a project story that matters and strikes to the heart of your potential funding community. I provide tools for measuring your network potential so that you can create a campaign goal that is a good fit for your level of funding development.  I also help you design and implement the strategic steps to get your project fully-funded, even if it doesn’t go viral.  After creating an amazing brand strategy and video for your campaign page, I cover the secret marketing methods and proven approaches that have been the key to successful funding for me in the past, as well as giving you the inside scoop on simple technology tools that are huge time savers which allow you to make an even bigger impact with less time.

This course is not funded by kickstarter or indiegogo, it is my own research having worked “in the trenches” of crowdfunding for over 5 years, where I learned the skills necessary to significantly grow any project’s influence and reach a desired funding level. Now I am training you as a project creator directly on how to implement these tactics so that your campaign can be FULLY FUNDED.

I’ve got access to expert information – remember I’ve helped earn over $500,000 in the last years for projects just like yours, including over $100,000 for a niche product, and over $60,000 for a project creator who was just starting out in her crowdfunding knowledge – if you’re ready to start earning money through crowdfunding, you’ve got to get in this course … right away.

Every minute you wait you are actually LOSING BACKERS who are ready to give you money to get your big idea off the ground!

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