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The 17 Best Video Production Companies in the United States

Searching for the best video production companies near you? Look no further! We’ll help you find the perfect video production company to create the perfect video for you. With our high-quality services and experienced professionals, we guarantee you the best video production experience. Contact us now to get started!

2023 Reviews – These are the National Commercial Video Production companies, they can work with you in any city.

The production companies and websites awarded in the article are:

Our Pick (Best combo Quality and Affordability):

Other Top National Studio Agencies:

A commercial | kickstarter video production company. Strategic branded video commercials for your social marketing, youtube ads, or kickstarter. Award winning, premium quality. Ultimate customer service, and the latest post-production workflows, including commercial grade color correction and digital polishing, at a portion of what many commercial video companies cost. 4K film rigs, Photography, Multi Media filmmakers, achieving the fusion of cinematic beauty, with videos that actually convert.

From Kickstarter to Indiegogo, IGTV and Snapchat, our team has already forged ahead to meet the unique needs within the video market.  It’s not just that we are one of the best affordable video production companies in San Francisco and Denver, or that we can operate with ease in San Diego and Austin, it’s that we optimize every part of the process, plan ahead, and adjust everything to meet the highest level of specification.  We understand what works for 30 second TV spots all the way to 4 minute Investor pitches. And we can offer compelling short cuts so that you can address the video needs of every screen size and media channel. Turn your video into an omnidirectional customer magnet. Just view our website or send us a message and let us know what you need!


  • Live Action Video Commercials
  • Explainer Videos
  • Cinematic Kickstarter Videos
  • Creative Scripting & Storyboarding
  • Logistics & Casting
  • Cinematography
  • Production Crews
  • Drone Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Sound Mixing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Voice Overs
  • Music Licensing

Serving the greater San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, and New York, California area and beyond.


Welcome to B-Real New York Video Company, the premier production company in New York City. For the past 20 years, we’ve been pushing the limits of the creative process and pushing the boundaries of commercial production. Our award-winning team of filmmakers, editors, and producers have been creating some of the most captivating and innovative media for some of the world’s largest and most recognizable companies.


We’re proud to continue to be the go-to source for top-notch productions for brands ranging from entertainment and sports to automotive, retail, and fashion. Whether you’re looking for a commercial to launch your brand, a short film to bring your message to life, or an online video to give your followers an inside look, B-Real New York Video Company is committed to delivering the perfect product—every time. We offer an array of production services, ranging from full-service video solutions to complete post-production solutions. Our team of industry veterans will work with you to understand your production needs and create a custom package that fits those needs. From concept to completion, we’ll make sure you get the finished product that you’ve always imagined.


We take great pride in our craft and understand that every project should be unique in order to stand out from the competition. That’s why our production team utilizes the latest technology and post-production techniques to create projects that are both visually stunning and deeply resonant. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures that our clients get the highest quality product possible. At B-Real New York Video Company, we understand the importance of storytelling and use our experience to create content that captures the attention of its viewers. We specialize in creating dynamic and narrative-driven videos, as well as videos that are designed to inform, educate, and entertain. We’ll work with you to develop the story you want to tell and create a gorgeous piece of digital art that reaches your audience.


We take great care in developing relationships with our clients, and when you choose B-Real New York Video Company, you can trust us to deliver the highest level of professionalism, quality, and service. Our clients know that when they work with us, they’re getting a team of experienced professionals who will work diligently to create a product that exceeds their expectations. If you’re looking for an experienced production company to create an impactful, dynamic, and captivating video for your brand or business, look no further than B-Real New York Video Company.


Our commitment to quality and dedication to client satisfaction have allowed us to deliver some of the most amazing and emotionally resonant videos in the industry. Whether you’re a business, brand, or individual, we’ll make sure that your video project is tailored to your exact needs and will make your audience take notice. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create something unforgettable.

Serving the greater West New York, New York area and beyond.


CDI Filmworks is a full service film & video production company, located in the Greater Philadelphia Area, specializing in corporate, commercial, and narrative film projects.

If you want to have a human connection with the consumer and you want them to share your message, you need to create something more relatable and authentic.

But how? For brands new or old to the video space, standing out can feel impossible–like everything thrilling has been done and every story angle unearthed. But by looking within your brand and considering your unique audience, we can help you tell a story that people will talk about for years to come.

Recently, our HoverGlide Kickstarter campaign videos have been viewed OVER 65 MILLION times and shared across numerous publications. The HoverGlide is the world’s first floating backpack. By authentically showing the pack in action, along with explainer animations and scientific results, our videos were an integral part of the campaign’s success.

Serving the greater Phoenixville, Pennsylvania area and beyond.


Lumenati is a creative outfit in Denver, Colorado. Born with the intention to collaborate, Lumenati brings fresh ideas to our community. From video and design to events and art, there is no creative venture we can’t handle. We use technology, passion, and an agile approach to help carry clients into the new era of marketing and advertising.


Video is the most important marketing tool of this era. Check out some of our latest work here.


Serving the greater Denver, Colorado area and beyond.


From video concept development to production and editing, we are proud to be an award-winning full-service video production company based in Los Angeles, California.


We sit with our clients to understand their goals only to deliver intriguing visuals that achieve their objectives proficiently.


With our passion and commitment to creating high-quality TV commercial videos, music videos, promotional videos, branded web content videos and corporate videos, we take on every project with utmost care and love.

As we successfully work and build solid professional relationships with companies, artists, creative agencies, and other local video production companies, our aim is to produce videos that are appealing, entertaining, and effective.

Serving the greater Los Angeles, CA area and beyond.


Media Agency & Production House

Based in Austin, Texas, 3rd & Lamar Media works with leading media and tech companies, direct-to-consumer brands, and startups to tell their stories and fuel their growth. We enjoy working with creative, ambitious and bold entrepreneurs and businesses who refuse to do things the old-fashioned way.

Austin Business Culture


Why should I care?

Marketing boils down to how well you answer that question in the minds of consumers. If brands are convincing, they become relevant. Content is the best way to answer that question, but it’s challenging. Even if you have the skills and resources to produce compelling content, you need to know what to do with it.

By combining authentic storytelling with the knowledge of how to best utilize it – all under one roof – we deliver more value to our clients.

Serving the greater Austin, Texas area and beyond.


San Francisco Bay Area video production company specializing in product videos, commercials, Kickstarter videos, marketing videos, and video production.

Business savvy artists for bold brands and creative agencies.
At Maximize Video Productions, we produce craftsmen-level videos that strike a perfect balance between strategic goals and artistic vision.






Too often, young companies think they don’t have the resources to make great film content. But with clever creative and use of limited resources, there’s no reason why a start-up’s brand stories can’t compete with those of established companies.


How much would it cost to work with Kontent Films?

If you’re needing a brand or video project, contact Kontent Films. It’s useful idea to consider the scope and budget for your project beforehand.

Serving the greater San Francisco, CA area and beyond.


New Evolution Video

Our Company

New Evolution Video is headquartered in San Diego, California with offices in Los Angeles, California.

Our mission is to help companies produce profitable video to achieve their goals. New Evolution believes the power of video is the strongest marketing form of this age and will continue to grow. We want to help innovative companies like yours stay relevant and profitable by using the power of video marketing.

Serving the greater San Diego, California area and beyond.


Visual Birds – One of the leading Video Production Company in USA producing high performance videos that can attract the audience. Best services for voice over, audio
production in USA.


Media Stream is an award-winning Albany video production service providing video production to clients in Upstate New York.   We specialize in: Corporate video, Videos for websites, videos for trade shows, videos for training, videos for safety training, corporate compliance, crowd funding and product demonstration videos, video tutorials, infomercials and TV commercials. Our video services include scripting, casting, editing, video streaming and on-site corporate video production. Our professional experience with today’s ever changing technology allows us to deliver creative digital media solutions for your website and all other applications including broadcast and web streaming. Media Stream will work with you to get your company’s message across by creating concepts that both inform and engage your audience.  Media Stream believes that this collaborative approach combined with our professional commitment and video experience will deliver the best results for your company.

Website: mediastreamvideo.com

Serving the greater Albany, New York area and beyond.


Vitascope Arts is a full service commercial and corporate video production company that specializes in helping businesses tell the world about their products.


Step 1 — Plan every detail

After working with you to define the concept, we write a detailed script and storyboard with things like sets and characters. If you like what you see, we start locking down locations, actors, and equipment.

Step 2 — Shoot everything in sight

Once we build a shot list, we move into full production where we’ll spend anywhere from 1 to 5 days filming. We’re perfectionists, so we take time to make sure we get everything we need.

Step 3 — Make it perfect



Serving the greater Los Angeles, CA area and beyond.


BLACK STREET ENTERTAINMENT specializes in curating innovative, thought-provoking, and trendsetting pieces, producing projects ranging from commercials and music videos to film and television. Made up of a group of diverse, accomplished team-players, our company is dedicated to creating groundbreaking, unparalleled content that inspires and impacts society.


Here at Black Street we pride ourselves in delivering projects on time and above expectations. Our content has garnered hundreds of millions of views online and continues to gain hundreds of thousands everyday.

Serving the greater Los Angeles, California area and beyond.


We believe in Mavericks. People who push industries, human thought, and technology so far forward that it stirs the zeitgeist. These individuals give a pulse to our economy and our generation. They’re mavericks because thinking beyond conventional boundaries brings a new perspective to an obstacle in life and shatters the barriers that slow humans from evolving.

We are so inspired by these people’s stories that we bring the same level of thinking and dedication to each video production project that a maverick would bring to a challenge. I


It doesn’t always require a blockbuster budget to tell that story, but it does require a creative and dedicated video production team to create that spark. We’re honored that our clients in Los Angeles and around the world trust us to get that job done.

Serving the greater Los Angeles, Van Nuys, CA area and beyond.



Think of us as an extension of your internal team. We work direct-to-brand offering script-to-screen capabilities.

We are full service,
script-to-screen, nuts-to-bolts,
the whole shebang…

We pride ourselves not only on creating great work but making it an enjoyable experience. A strong collaboration between our teams is where the process begins. Together we’ll identify how we can best support your project, program and/or campaign – strategizing, developing and producing ideas that genuinely relate to your audience.

It all starts with a conversation.


Motion & Animation
Brand ID Design
Sound Design & Audio Mix
Stills Retouching
Color Grading

Serving the greater San Francisco, California area and beyond.


As one of the leading full service video production and digital media companies in San Francisco and Miami, what sets us apart is Purposeful Films and Digital Media has worked with clients across the globe for over 18 years. Video production companies traditionally just handled the production: pre-production, production and post-production. But in with today’s fast moving complex digital media environment, video creativity is not enough. To be effective today video and digital media content must be grounded in creativity, strategic thinking and analytics and optimization.



Our reviews as one of the leading video production and digital media companies in San Francisco and Miami show our in-house team can produce with our video production expertise: high quality explainer web video commercials, corporate videos, broadcast television commercials or TV shows, cinema commercials, and animated online video and digital media content to suit your needs and budget, and our customers are satisfied.

Serving the greater San Francisco and Miami, California area and beyond.

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Corporate Video Production Company: Crafting Your Brand’s Story

Crafting Your Brand’s Story

In the digital age, the power of video is undeniable. Whether you want to engage your target audience, educate your employees, or showcase your products and services, corporate video production is the key to unlocking your brand’s potential. A Corporate Video Production Company is your strategic partner in creating compelling video content that resonates with your audience. Let’s explore what these companies do and how they can help your business shine in the crowded online landscape.


Free Young multiracial concentrated business partners talking about new strategy of project together in office in daytime Stock Photo

The Importance of Corporate Video

Elevating Your Brand

Your brand is unique, and a well-crafted corporate video can amplify your story. It’s not just about selling; it’s about creating an emotional connection with your audience. A video can convey your values, mission, and personality better than any other medium.

Boosting Engagement

In a world dominated by short attention spans, video is king. Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Engaging video content can keep your audience captivated.

Telling Complex Stories

Certain messages are intricate and require more than a simple explanation. Corporate videos are versatile and can break down complex concepts into understandable, relatable content.

Corporate Video Production Services

What Do They Offer?

Corporate video production companies offer a wide range of services to meet your unique needs. Here are some key offerings:

  • Video Production: This includes concept development, scriptwriting, shooting, and editing. The entire process is managed by professionals who understand how to translate your vision into compelling visuals.
  • Animation: Animated videos are perfect for explaining intricate ideas or simplifying complex processes. They capture attention and are memorable.
  • Training Videos: For internal use, corporate training videos are indispensable. They ensure that your employees receive consistent and effective training.
  • Promotional Videos: Promote your products, services, or events with engaging promotional videos. These can be shared across various platforms for maximum reach.
  • Event Coverage: Capture your corporate events, seminars, and conferences to share with a broader audience, and to promote future events.

Benefits of Professional Services

Hiring a professional corporate video production company brings several advantages:

  • High-Quality Output: With the latest equipment and a team of experts, you can expect superior video quality that reflects positively on your brand.
  • Time and Cost-Efficiency: Professionals work efficiently, ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget.
  • Creative Expertise: These companies understand how to craft compelling narratives and visuals that resonate with your audience.
  • Technical Know-How: They have the skills and knowledge to handle all technical aspects, including sound, lighting, and post-production.
  • Distribution Strategy: Many corporate video production companies can assist in planning your video distribution strategy, ensuring your content reaches the right audience.

Finding the Right Partner

When searching for the ideal corporate video production company, keep these factors in mind:

  1. Experience: Look for a company with a track record of successful projects.
  2. Portfolio: Review their previous work to gauge their creative and technical abilities.
  3. Testimonials: Feedback from previous clients can offer valuable insights into their professionalism and work ethic.
  4. Customization: Ensure they can tailor their services to meet your specific needs.
  5. Budget: Discuss your budget upfront to ensure it aligns with your expectations.

Final Thoughts

Corporate video production companies play a pivotal role in shaping your brand’s identity and reaching your target audience effectively. Through engaging video content, they help you tell your story, share your values, and connect with your audience on a deeper level. As you venture into the world of corporate video, partnering with a reputable company can be the key to your brand’s success.

Corporate Video Production Services: Shaping Your Business Narrative

In a world where information moves at the speed of light, Corporate Video Production Services have emerged as a critical tool for businesses looking to make an impact. These services are the catalyst that transforms ideas and visions into captivating video content. In this article, we will explore the essential role that corporate video production services play in shaping your business narrative.

Free People Having a Meeting at an Office Stock Photo

Unveiling the World of Corporate Video

A Visual Storytelling Powerhouse

The power of corporate video lies in its ability to engage, educate, and entertain your audience. It’s more than just a marketing strategy; it’s a form of storytelling that allows you to connect with your viewers on a personal level. Here’s why corporate video services are indispensable:

Diverse Applications

  • Corporate Training Videos: These are invaluable for onboarding new employees, teaching new skills, and ensuring consistent training methods across your organization.
  • Promotional Videos: Showcase your products, services, or upcoming events in an enticing manner. It’s a great way to boost your brand’s visibility.
  • Event Coverage: Extend the reach of your corporate events, seminars, and conferences to a broader audience, creating a lasting impression.
  • Explainer Videos: Simplify complex ideas or processes and make them easy to understand through animation or live-action videos.

Crafting Your Business Narrative

The Process of Creation

When you enlist the services of a professional corporate video production company, you embark on a journey to craft a compelling narrative. Here are the key steps involved:

  1. Concept Development: The process begins with brainstorming and conceptualization. What story do you want to tell, and how can it be told most effectively?
  2. Scriptwriting: A well-crafted script is the foundation of any great video. It outlines the dialogue, narration, and overall structure.
  3. Shooting: The production team handles the actual filming, ensuring that the scenes are captured to perfection.
  4. Editing: Post-production is where the magic happens. The raw footage is transformed into a polished, engaging video.

Professional Advantages

Collaborating with a corporate video production service brings numerous benefits to your business:

  • Quality Assurance: Professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the highest quality video.
  • Cost-Efficiency: They work within your budget while delivering exceptional results.
  • Creative Expertise: Seasoned professionals understand how to convey your message effectively and engagingly.
  • Technical Mastery: Handling everything from lighting to sound, they take care of all technical aspects of video production.
  • Strategic Distribution: Many companies also offer guidance on how to distribute your video content effectively.

Selecting the Right Partner

When choosing a corporate video production service, consider the following factors:

  • Experience: Opt for a company with a proven track record and a portfolio that aligns with your goals.
  • Client Testimonials: Feedback from previous clients is a valuable resource in gauging their professionalism and quality of work.
  • Customization: Ensure they can adapt their services to meet your unique requirements.
  • Budget Alignment: Discuss your budget openly to ensure it matches your expectations.

The Final Takeaway

Corporate video production services are your gateway to creating meaningful connections with your audience. They help you tell your brand’s story, educate your employees, and showcase your products and services. By partnering with the right service, you’re not just producing videos; you’re crafting your business narrative in a way that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart in the competitive market.

  • Featured Snippet Takeaways:
    • Corporate video production is essential for elevating your brand and boosting engagement.
    • It’s a versatile tool for telling complex stories and explaining intricate ideas.
    • Professional corporate video production services offer video production, animation, training videos, promotional videos, and event coverage.
    • Benefits of hiring professionals include high-quality output, time and cost efficiency, creative expertise, technical know-how, and distribution strategy.
    • When choosing a partner, consider experience, portfolio, client testimonials, customization, and budget alignment.
    • Corporate videos are a potent means of visual storytelling that engage, educate, and entertain your audience.
    • They have diverse applications, from corporate training videos to promotional videos and event coverage.
    • The process involves concept development, scriptwriting, shooting, and editing.
    • Professional advantages include quality assurance, cost-efficiency, creative expertise, technical mastery, and strategic distribution.
    • Collaborating with the right corporate video production service allows you to craft a compelling business narrative.
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Top Video Production Companies, Agency 2023 Reviews

2023 Reviews – Best Video Production Companies USA

“Top Video Production Agencies” UPDATED Sep 14, 2023

Can’t afford a top-tier agency? Unlock Affordable Visual Storytelling Partners – Jump to Local Results:

Woman with coffee cup

Video Companies, the Ultimate Brand Catalyst

Video is your key to cultivating brand resonance and informing your audience. Crafted by video production experts, it serves as the ultimate brand tool. Whether you crave compelling ads, product explainers, or engaging social content, these skilled agencies deliver your vision.

Meet the Visionary Best Video Production Companies

Delve into the realm of video production, where creativity and technology converge. Our handpicked list showcases top firms with the expertise, resources, and artistic flair to bring your video aspirations to life.

Why is it important to choose one of the top Video Production Companies?

  1. Brand Alchemy: Videos breathe life into your brand, unveiling its essence and offerings.
  2. Educate and Connect: They simplify complexity, educating and connecting with your audience.
  3. Social Dominance: Video rules on social media, forging lasting connections.
  4. Advertising Brilliance: Memorable ads set you apart in crowded markets.

Forge Creative Bonds

Begin your video production journey. These companies are storytellers and innovators, ready to elevate your brand’s narrative and impact.

videos that move the world forward
videos that move the world forward

Explore, Create, Connect – View the Best Video Agency List

1. Start Motion Media Production Company

Start Motion Media Production Company is a dynamic force in the world of multimedia storytelling. With a strong focus on creativity and innovation, they specialize in producing captivating videos, animations, and visual content that leave a lasting impact. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling makes them a go-to choice for businesses and brands looking to make a meaningful connection with their audience.

2. Tool of North America

Tool of North America is a pioneering company at the intersection of technology and creativity. Renowned for their cutting-edge approach to advertising and marketing, Tool of North America crafts immersive experiences that captivate and engage audiences. With a portfolio of groundbreaking projects, they continue to redefine the future of interactive media.

3. B–Reel

B–Reel is a global creative agency known for its imaginative storytelling and innovative digital solutions. Their diverse team of creatives, designers, and technologists collaborates to produce unique and memorable campaigns for brands across the globe. B–Reel’s work transcends boundaries, pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the digital realm.

4. m ss ng p eces

m ss ng p eces is a production company that thrives on pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. With a strong emphasis on creativity and originality, they craft compelling narratives through film, VR, and emerging media. m ss ng p eces’ portfolio is a testament to their commitment to artistry and innovation.

5. RSA Films

RSA Films is a legendary production company with a storied history of delivering iconic commercials, films, and content. Renowned for their artistic vision and storytelling prowess, RSA Films has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Their enduring impact on the world of visual media speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence.

6. Smuggler

Smuggler is an award-winning production company known for its fearless approach to storytelling. Their roster of talented directors and creatives consistently deliver boundary-pushing commercials, music videos, and branded content. Smuggler’s commitment to breaking conventions sets them apart in the industry.

7. Station Film

Station Film is a production company with a reputation for producing authentic and emotionally resonant content. With a diverse range of directors and a keen eye for storytelling, they excel in creating commercials and films that connect with audiences on a deep level. Station Film’s work reflects their passion for storytelling excellence.

8. The Corner Shop

The Corner Shop is a production company that excels in creating visually stunning and emotionally compelling content. With a focus on storytelling that tugs at the heartstrings, they have a track record of producing commercials and films that leave a lasting impression. The Corner Shop’s dedication to artistry and storytelling shines through in every project they undertake.

9. No budget at all? Your own phone, and canva.com

10. Hairspring budget? $5000 goes a long long way on craigslist.com

work. talent. renegades. 16
work. talent. renegades.
  1. Scenic Road
    • Description: Scenic Road, located in Roeland Park, KS, specializes in creating authentic brand connections through video production. With an 80% focus on video production, they excel in communication, quality, and meeting schedule expectations.
    • Website: Scenic Road
  2. CRFT Video
    • Description: CRFT Video, headquartered in New York, NY, is dedicated to building videos that drive results. With a 100% focus on video production, they are known for their superb communication, efficiency, and well-priced services.
    • Website: CRFT Video
  3. Commotion Engine
    • Description: Commotion Engine, located in Chamblee, GA, excels in simplifying complex ideas through animated videos. With a 60% focus on video production, they are known for their attentive approach to client needs.
    • Website: Commotion Engine
  4. Motion The Agency
    • Description: Motion The Agency, based in London, United Kingdom, specializes in motion UI, tech, and SaaS video production. With a 50% focus on video production, their exceptional quality of work consistently exceeds expectations.
    • Website: Motion The Agency
  5. Sparkhouse
    • Description: Sparkhouse, headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, is all about creating videos that accomplish their clients’ goals. With a 100% focus on video production, their team goes the extra mile to understand each client’s brand.
    • Website: Sparkhouse
    • Description: PIGEON STUDIO, located in Kraków, Poland, is dedicated to delivering messages with flying colors through video production. With a 60% focus on video production, they are known for their open and flexible approach to finding solutions.
    • Website: PIGEON STUDIO
  7. Slow Clap Productions
    • Description: Slow Clap Productions, based in Oakland, CA, focuses on authentic storytelling for brands and causes. With a 100% focus on video production, they impress clients with their communication, collaboration, and quality.
    • Website: Slow Clap Productions
  8. Blue Carrot
    • Description: Blue Carrot, headquartered in Kraków, Poland, specializes in animated videos for marketing and learning. With a 100% focus on video production, their customer service goes above and beyond, setting them apart.
    • Website: Blue Carrot
  9. Levitate Media
    • Description: Levitate Media, located in San Francisco, CA, produces live and animated videos for companies. With a 100% focus on video production, they consistently deliver quality output.
    • Website: Levitate Media
  10. Brandefy
    • Description: Brandefy, based in Santa Monica, CA, helps clients get results with video. With a 70% focus on video production, they take the time to deeply understand their clients’ products.
    • Website: Brandefy
    • curated a list of top video production agencies, both local and global, with an average rating of 4.9 based on 1,240 verified reviews. You can filter these agencies by budget, location, reviews, hourly rates, and team size to find the perfect partner for your video content needs
    • photo of people walking from escalator 1822657
      videos can take your brand further
      Start Motion Media Production Company
      Start Motion Media Production Company


      • Website: Clay
      • Location: San Francisco, California
      • Description: Clay is a leading UI/UX design, web design, and branding agency based in San Francisco. They specialize in creating exceptional digital products, websites, and brand identities for startups and Fortune 100 companies.
      • Top Services: Graphic Design, Corporate Video, Video Production
      1. Design In DC
        • Website: Design In DC
        • Location: Washington DC, Washington DC
        • Description: Design In DC is a forward-thinking digital agency that excels in creating customized websites and apps with a creative edge. They are committed to building solutions that are future-proof and scalable.
        • Top Services: Video Production, Integrated Marketing, Video Marketing
      2. fuze32 Marketing
        • Website: fuze32 Marketing
        • Location: Columbia, Missouri
        • Description: fuze32 Marketing is a team of passionate marketing experts dedicated to their clients’ success. They are known for their accountability, ROI-driven strategies, and their enjoyable collaboration style.
        • Top Services: Branding, Social Media Marketing, Video Production
      3. Baunfire
        • Website: Baunfire
        • Location: San Jose, California
        • Description: Baunfire is a digital agency based in Silicon Valley, specializing in crafting high-quality corporate websites for leading technology brands, B2B companies, and venture capital firms.
        • Top Services: Video Production, Content Marketing, Branded Video
      4. The Bureau Of Small Projects
        • Website: The Bureau Of Small Projects
        • Location: Los Angeles, California
        • Description: The Bureau Of Small Projects brings big brand and Fortune 500 experience to small businesses, startups, and nonprofits. Their team consists of top talent, including rocket scientists and brilliant creative minds.
        • Top Services: Advertising, Digital Marketing, Video Production
      5. Propaganda Creative
        • Website: Propaganda Creative
        • Location: Spokane, Washington
        • Description: Propaganda Creative is a full-service visual communication and marketing agency offering services such as branding, graphic design, website development, and digital advertising.
        • Top Services: Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Production
      6. Amsive
        • Website: Amsive
        • Location: New York City, New York
        • Description: Amsive is a data-driven performance marketing agency that specializes in enhancing marketing ROI through innovative customer acquisition and engagement solutions.
        • Top Services: Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Video Production
      7. Miceli Productions
        • Website: Miceli Productions
        • Location: Southington, Connecticut
        • Description: Miceli Productions is a comprehensive video production company in central Connecticut dedicated to delivering top-notch video services.
        • Top Services: Video Production, Content Marketing, Corporate Video
      8. eIMAGE Video Productions
        • Website: eIMAGE Video Productions
        • Location: San Francisco, California
        • Description: eIMAGE is a trusted provider of marketing, advertising, promotional, and documentary videos, serving corporate and medium-sized businesses.
        • Top Services: Video Marketing, Video Production, Documentary Video
      9. Video Parachute
        • Website: Video Parachute
        • Location: Chicago, Illinois
        • Description: Video Parachute is a team with over 100 years of collective experience in video production and editing. They provide seamless video production services.
        • Top Services: Video Marketing, Corporate Video, Video Production
  1. Runners Up

    Binary Pulse Studios

    Location: Irvine, CA

    Binary Pulse Studios is a premier video production firm with a stellar reputation. Their in-house studios are equipped to handle a wide range of video production needs, making them a top choice for businesses looking to create engaging video content. They are well-known for their expertise in social media marketing and video production, serving industries like IT software development, professional services, and arts & entertainment.

    Project Cost Range: $10K – $50K
    Retainer Range: $2K – $5K

    Faithful Dog Digital

    Location: Huntington, NY

    Faithful Dog Digital is a multidisciplinary video production company that excels in creating compelling video content. They cater to industries such as construction, finance & accounting, and retail, consumer goods & services. While their project costs are typically under $10K, they have garnered a solid reputation for their high-quality work.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer: Not enough reviews


    Location: Boston, MA

    Jukebooth is an award-winning video production agency that consistently delivers high-quality video content. They specialize in industries like arts & entertainment, hospitality, dining, event & travel, and IT software development. While specific project costs and retainers may not be available, their reputation for excellence speaks for itself.


    Location: Costa Mesa, CA

    Sparkhouse is a video production agency known for creating videos that achieve their clients’ goals. They offer creative video production services and are commonly reviewed in the arts & entertainment, retail, consumer goods & services, and finance & accounting sectors. Their retainers range from $250 to $500, making them an attractive choice for businesses with varying budgets.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $250 – $500

    Altered State Productions

    Location: Dallas, TX

    Altered State Productions is a marketing agency with a strong presence in Dallas, Vegas, and LA. Their services include advertising, content marketing, and creative solutions. They have gained recognition for their work in retail, consumer goods & services, arts & entertainment, and hospitality, dining, event & travel industries, with retainers starting at $5K+.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $5K+

    LocalEyes Video Production

    Location: Pasadena, CA

    LocalEyes Video Production is a California-based agency known for its high-quality video production services. They serve industries like retail, consumer goods & services, arts & entertainment, and IT software development. With project costs ranging from $10K to $50K and retainers exceeding $5K, they are well-equipped to handle diverse video production needs.

    Project Cost Range: $10K – $50K
    Retainer Range: $5K+

    Intero Digital

    Location: Colorado Springs, CO

    Intero Digital is the #1 rated digital marketing agency in the US. Their services encompass advertising, content marketing, and digital marketing solutions. They cater to industries such as IT software development, retail, consumer goods & services, and health & medicine. With retainers ranging from $1K to $2K, they offer cost-effective marketing strategies.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $1K – $2K


    Location: Canada

    BrandLume is a branding and digital marketing agency based in Canada. Their services include advertising, branding, and content marketing, with a focus on industries like retail, consumer goods & services, finance & accounting, and construction. They offer retainers starting at $5K+, making them a robust choice for comprehensive marketing solutions.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $5K+

    Kobe Digital

    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Kobe Digital offers well-rounded perspectives to achieve effective marketing outcomes. Their services encompass advertising, branding, and digital marketing. They serve industries such as retail, consumer goods & services, finance & accounting, and professional services. With retainers ranging from $2K to $5K, they provide tailored solutions for businesses.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $2K – $5K

    Red Spot Design

    Location: Dallas, TX

    Red Spot Design is a top-rated Dallas digital marketing and web design company. Their services include advertising, content marketing, and digital marketing. They serve industries like construction, retail, consumer goods & services, and health & medicine. With retainers starting at $250 to $500, they offer cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $250 – $500

    Edkent Media

    Location: Scarborough, Canada

    Edkent Media is a website design and content marketing company based in Canada. Their services include advertising, branding, and content marketing. They cater to industries such as retail, consumer goods & services, finance & accounting, and professional services. With retainers ranging from $2K to $5K, they offer comprehensive marketing and design solutions.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $2K – $5K

    Social Media 55

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    Social Media 55 is a digital marketing agency specializing in website design and SEO. Their services encompass advertising, branding, and content marketing. They serve industries like retail, consumer goods & services, health & medicine, and hospitality, dining, event & travel. With project costs ranging from $10K to $50K and retainers starting at $2K to $5K, they are a versatile choice for digital marketing solutions.

    Project Cost Range: $10K – $50K
    Retainer Range: $2K – $5K

    Storm Brain

    Location: San Diego, CA

    Storm Brain is a digital brand and marketing agency offering services such as branding, digital marketing, and logo design. They serve industries like public, non-profit & religious organizations, IT software development, and retail, consumer goods & services. With project costs ranging from $10K to $50K and retainers starting at $2K to $5K, they provide comprehensive marketing solutions.

    Project Cost Range: $10K – $50K
    Retainer Range: $2K – $5K

    Daniel James Consulting

    Location: New York City, NY

    Daniel James Consulting is a business management and digital marketing company. Their services include advertising, branding, and content marketing. They cater to industries like construction, retail, consumer goods & services, and real estate. With project costs ranging from less than $10K and retainers starting at $250 to $500, they offer cost-effective marketing solutions.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $250 – $500

    M16 Marketing

    Location: Atlanta, GA

    M16 Marketing is an Atlanta-based web design and digital marketing agency. Their services encompass content marketing, digital marketing, and email marketing. They serve industries like education & learning, health & medicine, and construction. With project costs ranging from less than $10K and retainers starting at $1K to $2K, they provide tailored marketing solutions.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $1K – $2K

    Brand & Mortar

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    Brand & Mortar is a digital agency offering custom marketing solutions. Their services include advertising, branding, and content marketing. They cater to industries like arts & entertainment, finance & accounting, and retail, consumer goods & services. With project costs ranging from less than $10K and retainers starting at $250 to $500, they offer affordable marketing services.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $250 – $500

    MatchPoint Studio

    Location: Chicago, IL

    MatchPoint Studio is a video production agency that specializes in helping brands tell their stories. They serve industries like IT software development, health & medicine, and real estate. While specific project costs and retainers may not be available, they are known for their creative storytelling approach.

    Snowy Peak Films

    Location: Denver, CO

    Snowy Peak Films is an animation and video production company. Their services encompass advertising, branding, and digital marketing. They serve industries like arts & entertainment, IT software development, and professional services. While specific project costs and retainers may not be available, they excel in creating engaging animations and video content.

    Jives Media Marketing Agency

    Location: San Francisco, CA

    Jives Media Marketing Agency is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in business solutions. Their services include advertising, branding, and data analytics. They serve industries like IT software development, professional services, and retail, consumer goods & services. With project costs ranging from less than $10K and retainers starting at $250 to $500, they provide cost-effective marketing solutions.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $250 – $500

    Dsquared Media

    Location: West Palm Beach, FL

    Dsquared Media is a creative boutique specializing in multimedia marketing. Their services include advertising, branding, and digital marketing. They serve industries like health & medicine, retail, consumer goods & services, and construction. With project costs ranging from less than $10K and retainers starting at $250 to $500, they offer creative marketing solutions.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $250 – $500


    Location: San Diego, CA

    SMARTBOOST is a data-driven growth marketing agency in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their services encompass data analytics, digital marketing, and full-service digital solutions. They serve industries like hospitality, dining, event & travel, professional services, and real estate. With project costs ranging from less than $10K and retainers starting at $1K to $2K, they provide data-focused marketing strategies.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $1K – $2K

    The Miami Studio

    Location: Miami, FL

    The Miami Studio is a creative agency specializing in video production services. They serve industries like arts & entertainment and finance & accounting. While specific project costs and retainers may not be available, they are recognized for their creative video production services.

    Bold x Collective

    Location: Vaughan, Canada

    Bold x Collective is a digital marketing and creative agency catering to influential brands. Their services encompass advertising, branding, and content marketing. They serve industries like retail, consumer goods & services, arts & entertainment, and health & medicine. With project costs ranging from less than $10K and retainers starting at $500 to $1K, they offer customized marketing solutions for influential brands.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $500 – $1K

    The Media Captain

    Location: Columbus, OH

    The Media Captain is a digital marketing and web designing agency located in Ohio. Their services include advertising, content marketing, and digital marketing. They serve industries like construction, education & learning, and hospitality, dining, event & travel. With project costs ranging from less than $10K and retainers starting at $1K to $2K, they offer tailored marketing and web design solutions.

    Project Cost Range: Less than $10K
    Retainer Range: $1K – $2K

    Key West Video

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    Key West Video is a video production and corporation animation agency. They serve industries like education & learning, professional services, and public, non-profit & religious organizations. While specific project costs and retainers may not be available, they excel in producing captivating video content and animations.

  2. VeracityColab
    • Description: VeracityColab is a leading video production company with a passion for creating videos that work. Based in Covina, CA, they offer a wide range of video production services, from creating compelling advertisements to informative explainer videos. With a 25% focus on video production, they bring a breath of fresh air to every project, ensuring client satisfaction.
    • Website: VeracityColab
  3. Directive
    • Description: Directive is an Irvine, CA-based video production agency that specializes in performance marketing for tech companies. With a 10% focus on video production, they have a wealth of hands-on experience catering to companies of various sizes. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their results-driven approach.
    • Website: Directive
  4. Umault
    • Description: Umault, located in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, is your go-to agency for creating B2B videos that leave a lasting impact on your prospects. With a 100% focus on video production, their projects are worth their weight in gold, according to satisfied clients.
    • Website: Umault
  5. Testimonial Hero
    • Description: Testimonial Hero, based in Somerville, MA, specializes in creating customer and employee testimonial videos at scale. With a 100% focus on video production, they consistently deliver what they promise, making their clients look like heroes in the process.
    • Website: Testimonial Hero
  6. Gardner Productions
    • Description: Gardner Productions is a Toronto-based video production company that excels in producing top-notch video content. With a 100% focus on video production, they provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience for their clients.
    • Website: Gardner Productions
  7. Bottle Rocket Media
    • Description: Bottle Rocket Media, located in Chicago, IL, is your go-to agency for high-quality video content. With an 85% focus on video production, they are known for their incredible creativity, helping clients elevate their ideas into exceptional content.
    • Website: Bottle Rocket Media
  8. Synima
    • Description: Synima is a New York, NY-based agency dedicated to bringing your vision to life. With a 100% focus on video production, they are praised for providing realistic deliverables in the short term while setting ambitious targets for the long term.
    • Website: Synima
  9. 5:00 Films & Media
    • Description: 5:00 Films & Media, situated in Columbia, MD, specializes in mission-driven video production. With a 100% focus on video production, they have a reputation for knowing exactly what they’re doing, ensuring client satisfaction.
    • Website: 5:00 Films & Media
  10. Snowy Peak Films
    • Description: Snowy Peak Films in Castle Rock, CO, is committed to telling your story in a captivating way. With a 100% focus on video production, their team’s dedication to customer happiness sets them apart, always going above and beyond to deliver.
    • Website: Snowy Peak Films
  11. Digital Spark Studios
    • Description: Digital Spark Studios, based in Charlotte, NC, specializes in creating videos that deliver results. With a 75% focus on video production, they are known for their exceptional quality of work and their ability to see the bigger picture.
    • Website: Digital Spark Studios

Full Service Agencies we Recommend:

    1. Screen Shot 2023 09 06 at 9.43.41 AM
      A full service agency charges a monthly retainer to do marketing activities.


      • Description: Sociallyin is a dynamic social media agency that thrives on its commitment to the “social” aspect of its business. The agency harnesses the collective power of a diverse team of experts, including strategists, creatives, designers, writers, photographers, and social media gurus. They adopt a collaborative approach that empowers clients to actively participate in finding optimal solutions. Sociallyin specializes in creating engaged communities that provide real value to audiences while driving leads and revenue for businesses. They have a track record of working with renowned brands like Toyota, Friday’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Alfa Insurance, offering fresh marketing perspectives and result-oriented strategies.
      • Services: Creative & Production, Community Management, Social Media Strategy, Social Paid Advertising, Social Media Content Production, Paid Advertising Management, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Data Analysis & ROI Modeling, Social Selling Services
      • Website: Sociallyin
    2. Disruptive Advertising
      • Description: Disruptive Advertising, based in Utah, USA, is a digital advertising agency dedicated to becoming your long-term partner for exceptional results. They serve a diverse range of industries, including ecommerce, B2B, legal, home services, healthcare, finance, insurance, education, and enterprise companies. Clients such as Adobe, Death Wish Coffee, and Three Bird Nest have benefited from their services. Disruptive Advertising offers content creation, PPC management, email marketing, social media management, Facebook & Instagram advertising, website optimization, and more.
      • Services: Content Creation, PPC Management, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management, Facebook and Instagram Advertising, eCommerce, B2B, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Google Ads Management, Microsoft Ads Management, Paid Search, Website Optimization
      • Website: Disruptive Advertising
    3. SmartSites
      • Description: SmartSites has been a trusted partner for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies for over a decade, outsmarting competitors and delivering top-rated digital marketing services. Their reputation is built on responsiveness and value. They cater to industries such as B2B, automotive, and retail, with their award-winning team having generated over $100 million in sales for their clients. SmartSites excels in PPC advertising, SEO, website design, and CRO.
      • Services: PPC Advertising, SEO, Website Design, CRO
      • Website: SmartSites
    4. Moburst
      • Description: Moburst, initially an innovative app agency, has evolved into a full-service digital marketing agency powered by expert industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. They work with startups, small entrepreneurs, and global brands like Samsung, Discovery, Nielsen, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Deezer. Moburst offers comprehensive marketing strategies, including digital, mobile, social, and product strategies, data and analytics, organic awareness, social media management, app store assets, creatives, media buying, influencer marketing, email marketing, and OTT advertising.
      • Services: Marketing strategy, Data and analytics, Organic awareness, Social Media Management, App Store Assets, Creatives, Media Buying, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, OTT Advertising
      • Website: Moburst
    5. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
      • Description: Thrive Internet Marketing Agency operates with a focus on building strong relationships and delivering exceptional results in the highly competitive digital landscape. They employ a strategy-first approach to digital marketing, offering a full range of services, including digital marketing, SEO, PPC marketing, web design and development, social media marketing, online reputation management, eCommerce marketing, and Amazon marketing. Their client portfolio spans enterprises, large and small brands, with notable clients including Mood, BMS CAT, D&D Beyond, and more.
      • Services: Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC Management, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Reputation Management, eCommerce Web Design, eCommerce Marketing, Amazon SEO
      • Website: Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
    6. Fresh Content Society
      • Description: Fresh Content Society is a dedicated digital marketing agency committed to providing tailored content solutions. Their adaptability and ability to serve diverse brands, from startups to established enterprises, set them apart. In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, Fresh Content Society excels in staying ahead of trends, helping brands establish a robust online presence and expand strategically. Their services encompass content creation, social media marketing, SEO, website design, digital marketing consulting, strategy services, and training and resources support.
      • Services: Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Website Design, Digital Marketing Consulting, Strategy Services, Training and Resources Support
      • Website: Fresh Content Society
    7. Directive Consulting
      • Description: Directive is a top-tier digital marketing company that redefines client-agency partnerships. They offer a dedicated team of search marketing professionals who maintain regular communication and execute strategies on a weekly basis. Directive specializes in paid media, content & SEO, integrated strategy, lifecycle marketing, creative services, video production, and revenue prediction. Their unique selling point lies in their ability to predict revenue with LTV:CAC financial modeling, using 1st-party data and financial modeling to identify influential levers and construct foolproof strategies.
      • Services: Paid Media, Content & SEO, Integrated Strategy, Lifecycle Marketing, Creative Services, Video Production, Revenue Prediction
      • Website: Directive Consulting
    8. NinjaPromo
      • Description: NinjaPromo, with offices in New York and across the globe, is a leading name in digital marketing. They offer a comprehensive range of marketing services and cater to various industries, including crypto, B2B, and fintech. NinjaPromo starts by organizing a discovery session to understand your business, customizing digital marketing strategies, and tracking campaigns. Their services include email marketing, paid media, video production and marketing, branding, community management, mobile app development, social media, SEO, influencer marketing, and PR and outreach.
      • Services: Email Marketing, Paid Media, Video Production and Marketing, Branding, Community Management, Mobile App Development, Social Media, SEO, Influencer Marketing, PR and Outreach
      • Website: NinjaPromo
    9. Tilt Metrics
      • Description: Tilt Metrics is a powerhouse in B2B marketing, specializing in helping B2B software and service companies generate leads through paid search and social ad campaigns. Their client list includes industry leaders like Frogslayer, Astra, CloudApp, and Mojotech. Tilt Metrics excels in result-oriented approaches, as demonstrated by case studies where they generated thousands of signups for clients. They leverage various channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube, to create automated lead generation campaigns.
      • Services: Paid search and social ad campaigns, Lead generation, Building trust and authority, Conversion optimization
      • Website: Tilt Metrics
    10. Lyfe Marketing
      • Description: Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Lyfe Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in social media management and successful campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. They aim to maximize ROI by using strategies like social media, SEO, PPC, and other digital approaches to increase engagement and reduce CPA. Many clients have experienced significant growth in qualified leads, website traffic, and revenue through their services.
      • Services: Social media management, Social media advertising, Email and SMS marketing, PPC management, Video animation
      • Website: Lyfe Marketing
    11. Cleverly
      • Description: Cleverly is a LinkedIn-dedicated marketing agency headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They stand out by offering dedicated US-based account managers who proactively manage LinkedIn outreach to prevent account issues. Cleverly handles the entire LinkedIn lead generation pipeline, from identifying prospects to sending personalized outreach messages and nurturing leads. They also offer email, real-time chat, and phone support. Cleverly serves various industries, including software, legal services, technology startups, real estate, financial services, and small businesses. Their services include LinkedIn lead generation, paid advertising, profile optimization, content services, recruiting, cold email outreach, SEO content, and Google Ads management.
      • Services: LinkedIn Lead Generation, LinkedIn Paid Advertising, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, LinkedIn Content Services, LinkedIn Recruiting, Cold Email Outreach, SEO Content & Blog Writing, Google Ads Management
      • Website: Cleverly

Honorable Mention:

  1. Screen Shot 2023 08 18 at 12.31.04 PM
    Mobile video is fast becoming the preferred format.


    • URL: webdew
    • Description: webdew is a renowned video production company that boasts a team of highly skilled professionals specializing in producing a wide range of videos. They offer comprehensive video production services, starting from conceptualization to post-production. With a strong focus on quality, webdew is a go-to choice for businesses seeking top-notch video content.
  2. Alconost Video Production
    • URL: Alconost Video Production
    • Description: Alconost Video Production is known for its clear storytelling, meaningful animations, and transparent pricing. They are experts in 2-D and 3-D animation and excel at creating compelling business videos. Whether you’re a developer or marketer, Alconost can help you create eye-catching video content that stands out.
  3. Content Beta
    • URL: Content Beta
    • Description: Content Beta offers a unique approach to video production, providing an on-demand Creative Crew for businesses. They cover everything from motion design to video production. With a special focus on cost-effectiveness, Content Beta helps businesses ship campaigns and build their brand with creative content.
  4. Testimonial Hero
    • URL: Testimonial Hero
    • Description: Testimonial Hero specializes in creating strategic video testimonials that help businesses build trust with their audiences and close deals faster. Their global reach and expertise in video testimonials make them a valuable partner for companies looking to enhance their credibility.
  5. Pocket Creatives
    • URL: Pocket Creatives
    • Description: Pocket Creatives is a growing video production and photography team that operates across various sectors. With a team of 10 creatives, they offer a wide range of services. They have been providing top-notch video production and photography services since 2017, making them a reliable choice for businesses.
  6. Video Explainers
    • URL: Video Explainers
    • Description: Video Explainers brings nearly a decade of experience to the table, with a mission to empower individuals and businesses through video. They offer a range of services, including animation, and have offices in Tempe, Arizona, and New York City. Their expertise lies in creating engaging videos for various purposes.
  7. Bambassadors
    • URL: Bambassadors
    • Description: Bambassadors offers a unique service by sourcing scroll-stopping UGC creatives for companies’ ad campaigns. They simplify the process by finding the best creators to match your brand and create engaging content. If you’re looking for fresh and captivating ad content, Bambassadors is worth considering.
  8. Case Study Buddy
    • URL: Case Study Buddy
    • Description: Case Study Buddy specializes in helping B2B companies capture, share, and scale their customer success stories through video. Their team of interviewers, writers, videographers, and more ensures that your case studies are professionally produced and impactful.
  9. Next Day Animations
    • URL: Next Day Animations
    • Description: Next Day Animations is an award-winning animation team with expertise in animation, voiceover, and illustration. With offices across the U.S., they offer animation services that captivate audiences and deliver messages effectively.
  10. iShoot.direct
    • URL: iShoot.direct
    • Description: iShoot.direct offers a straightforward and affordable alternative for video production. They pair a live online director with the subject’s own device or laptop to generate high-quality HD videos. It’s a convenient choice for businesses seeking cost-effective video solutions.

Mountain West


  1. Rocket House Pictures Description: Rocket House Pictures is a cutting-edge video production company known for its innovative approach to storytelling. With a team of creative visionaries and technical experts, they craft captivating narratives that leave a lasting impact. Explore their portfolio at www.rockethousepictures.com.
  2. Manmade Media Description: Manmade Media is a versatile video production house that specializes in creating visually stunning content across various genres. From commercials to documentaries, they have a knack for transforming ideas into cinematic masterpieces. Visit their website: www.manmademedia.com.
  3. Reel Creative Productions Description: Reel Creative Productions is a trusted name in the industry, celebrated for their artistic flair and attention to detail. They excel in crafting videos that resonate with audiences emotionally, making them a top choice for businesses and brands. Discover their work at www.reelcreativeproductions.com.
  4. Z-Channel Films Description: Z-Channel Films is a dynamic video production company that thrives on pushing boundaries. They specialize in creating high-energy content that engages viewers and elevates brand presence. Dive into their world of creativity at www.zchannelfilms.com.
  5. Oswego Creative Description: Oswego Creative is dedicated to crafting visually striking videos that tell compelling stories. Their team of skilled professionals is passionate about delivering exceptional results, making them a reliable partner for any project. Explore their portfolio at www.oswegocreative.com.
  6. Telideo Productions Description: Telideo Productions is a forward-thinking video agency renowned for their strategic approach to video marketing. They collaborate closely with clients to produce videos that align perfectly with their brand objectives. Visit them online: www.telideoproductions.com.
  7. One Floor Up Description: One Floor Up is a boutique video production company that excels in producing cinematic experiences. Their commitment to storytelling and craftsmanship shines through in every project they undertake. Learn more about them at www.onefloorupdenver.com.
  8. James Drake Films Description: James Drake Films is a seasoned video production company with a rich history of delivering top-notch content. They combine technical expertise with artistic finesse, resulting in videos that leave a lasting impression. Discover their work at www.jamesdrakefilms.com.
  9. Zerosun Pictures Description: Zerosun Pictures is a video production powerhouse known for their diverse range of services. From commercials to music videos, they bring a fresh perspective to every project, making them a sought-after creative partner. Explore their offerings at www.zerosunpictures.com.
  10. Otherworldly Productions Description: Otherworldly Productions is a video production company that specializes in creating immersive and unique visual experiences. Their passion for pushing creative boundaries sets them apart, making them a go-to choice for innovative projects. Visit them online: www.otherworldlyproductions.com.

New York:


  1. Melty Cone Video Website: www.meltycone.comDescription: Melty Cone Video is a cutting-edge video production company based in New York City. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to visual excellence, Melty Cone Video consistently delivers captivating and memorable video content. Their team of creative professionals works closely with clients to transform ideas into compelling videos that engage and resonate with audiences.
  2. Indigo Productions NYC Website: www.indigoprod.comDescription: Indigo Productions NYC is an industry-leading video production company known for its innovative approach to storytelling. Their talented team specializes in producing high-quality videos across various genres, from commercials to documentaries. With a dedication to craftsmanship and creativity, Indigo Productions NYC has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional visual content.
  3. Top Notch Cinema NYC Website: www.topnotchcinema.comDescription: Top Notch Cinema NYC is a dynamic video production company that thrives on pushing creative boundaries. They excel in crafting visually stunning and emotionally resonant videos that leave a lasting impact. With a portfolio spanning from corporate videos to music videos, Top Notch Cinema NYC consistently elevates the art of storytelling through video.
  4. ReelSmart Productions Website: www.reelsmartproductions.comDescription: ReelSmart Productions is your go-to source for top-tier video production services. Based on their extensive experience and technical expertise, they deliver exceptional video content that exceeds expectations. Whether it’s a corporate presentation or a promotional video, ReelSmart Productions ensures your message is conveyed effectively through the power of video.
  5. NuStream Marketing NYC Website: www.nustreammarketing.comDescription: NuStream Marketing NYC seamlessly integrates video production with marketing expertise. Their team specializes in creating videos that not only captivate but also drive results. Whether it’s a product launch or a brand story, NuStream Marketing NYC harnesses the persuasive potential of video to enhance your marketing strategies.
  6. MultiVision Digital NYC Website: www.multivisiondigital.comDescription: MultiVision Digital NYC is a video production company with a unique focus on generating leads and conversions through video content. Their innovative approach combines creative storytelling with data-driven marketing strategies, resulting in videos that engage audiences and deliver measurable ROI.
  7. Flow Production and Post Website: www.flowproductionandpost.comDescription: Flow Production and Post is a versatile video production company that excels in both the creation and post-production phases. Their holistic approach ensures seamless execution from concept to final edit. Flow Production and Post’s commitment to technical precision and creative flair results in visually stunning videos for a wide range of clients.

West Coast:

Best Video Production Companies Near Me (2023 Video Awards – Los Angeles)

1. Start Motion Media Production Company

Start Motion Media is an award-winning hybrid studio based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and New York. They specialize in creating videos that drive cultural conversations and offer radical engagement with brands through the work of top directors. This video marketing studio transforms international brands into media stars with national video production services. They provide multiple edits and powerful publishing tools to ensure fresh, compelling, and newsworthy content.

2. Zane Productions

Zane Productions is an award-winning full-service video production company located in Los Angeles, California. They are dedicated to delivering intriguing visuals that meet their clients’ goals effectively. Zane Productions works on various projects, including TV commercial videos, music videos, promotional videos, branded web content, and corporate videos. They prioritize creating appealing, entertaining, and effective videos.

3. Kasra Design

Kasra Design is an award-winning animation company that specializes in producing 2D and 3D explainer videos and motion graphics. They focus on creating videos that educate and entertain viewers by simplifying complex ideas, promoting products, and raising awareness about special causes. Kasra Design helps organizations and businesses plan successful YouTube video campaigns and more.

4. Vitascope Arts

Vitascope Arts is a full-service commercial and corporate video production company. They specialize in helping businesses showcase their products effectively through videos. The company’s process involves detailed planning, thorough production, and perfecting the final product. Vitascope Arts is dedicated to serving the greater Los Angeles, California area and beyond.


BLACK STREET ENTERTAINMENT is known for curating innovative, thought-provoking, and trendsetting content. They produce a wide range of projects, including commercials, music videos, films, and television. The company is made up of a diverse and accomplished team dedicated to creating groundbreaking content that inspires and impacts society. BLACK STREET ENTERTAINMENT delivers projects on time and consistently exceeds expectations.

6. JMaverick Studios

JMaverick Studios believes in pushing boundaries and thinking beyond conventional limits. They bring the same level of creativity and dedication to their video production projects as mavericks do to their challenges. The company serves clients in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, CA, and beyond, providing creative and dedicated video production services.

7. Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse is an Orange County-based video marketing, advertising, and production company. They fuse expertise in filmmaking with a grasp of the digital world to create branded films and commercials. Sparkhouse emphasizes bold storytelling, cinematic production value, and innovation in their projects. They are considered one of the top video production companies in Southern California.


GoDRTV specializes in Direct-Response video production, aiming to create immediate action from prospects. They focus on lowering the Cost Per Lead (CPL) and increasing the Conversion Rate for their clients. GoDRTV has successfully achieved results for a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, startups, PR firms, ad agencies, non-profits, and government agencies worldwide.

9. Brandefy | Top Ranked Video Production Company

Brandefy is a top-ranked Los Angeles video production company that offers affordable results with video. They specialize in producing high-quality videos for various purposes, including corporate videos, commercials, and more. Brandefy provides top-notch video production services and invites clients to set up a free consultation.

10. Garlic Media Group

Garlic Media Group believes in the power of high-quality video with great messaging and thoughtful implementation. They have extensive experience, with over 1500 video productions under their belt. Based in Denver, Colorado, they work with clients nationwide, offering impactful content creation. Garlic Media Group helps bring companies to life and provides valuable suggestions for success.

11. Paramount Studios

Paramount Studios is a renowned film production studio located in San Diego. They offer state-of-the-art facilities, soundstages, and equipment for filmmakers looking to make their mark in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a producer, director, writer, or actor, Paramount Studios provides the resources and expertise needed to create Hollywood-caliber films.

12. Sony Pictures | Columbia Pictures

San Diego Hollywood Films is a prominent video production company in San Diego. With over 20 years of experience, they have produced high-quality videos for various industries, including corporate videos, music videos, and feature films. San Diego Hollywood Films is known for delivering superior quality at an affordable price and offers a wide range of services to meet clients’ unique needs.

These video production companies offer diverse expertise and services to cater to the needs of businesses and individuals seeking exceptional video content.”

Northern California:

  1. Portal A
    • Website: https://www.portal-a.com/ Portal A is a trailblazing video production company that specializes in creating engaging and innovative content. Their team is known for their unique storytelling and cutting-edge visual effects, making them a go-to choice for brands looking to make a lasting impact through video.
  2. 90 Seconds
    • Website: https://www.90seconds.com/ 90 Seconds is a global video production platform that connects businesses with a vast network of talented videographers. They offer a streamlined approach to video creation, making it easier than ever for companies to tell their stories through compelling visuals.
  3. Studio B Films
    • Website: https://studiobfilms.com/ Studio B Films is a boutique video production company known for their passion for storytelling. They excel in crafting narratives that resonate with audiences, helping brands connect with their customers on a deeper level.
  4. The Hive Studios
    • Website: https://www.thehivestudios.com/ The Hive Studios is a creative powerhouse in the world of video production. They specialize in creating visually stunning videos that captivate viewers. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, they bring visions to life.
  5. Start Motion Media
    • Website: https://www.startmotionmedia.com/ Start Motion Media is a company that thrives on the art of stop-motion animation. Their unique approach to video production adds a touch of nostalgia and charm to every project, making them a standout choice for brands seeking something truly distinctive.
  6. Caruso Company
    • Website: https://www.carusocompany.com/ Caruso Company is a dynamic video production firm renowned for its versatility. They have a knack for tailoring their creative approach to suit the specific needs of each project, ensuring that every video they produce is truly one-of-a-kind.
  7. Madnomad Films
    • Website: https://www.madnomadfilms.com/ Madnomad Films is an adventurous video production company that specializes in capturing the essence of exploration and discovery. Their portfolio is a testament to their commitment to taking viewers on extraordinary journeys through their videos.
  8. Vibrant Films
    • Website: https://www.vibrantfilms.com/ Vibrant Films is all about infusing energy and life into every frame they shoot. They excel in creating high-energy videos that leave a lasting impression. Their work is characterized by its vibrancy and dynamism.
  9. Polar Productions
    • Website: https://www.polarproductions.com/ Polar Productions is a video production company that specializes in crafting visually stunning videos with a focus on nature and the environment. Their commitment to sustainability shines through in their work.
  10. MarketMe
    • Website: https://www.marketme.com/ MarketMe is a marketing-focused video production company that understands the power of storytelling in branding. They create videos that not only entertain but also drive results, helping businesses thrive in the digital age.
  11. H2 Video
    • Website: https://www.h2video.com/ H2 Video is a company with a penchant for creating videos that immerse viewers in captivating narratives. Their expertise lies in crafting emotionally resonant stories that leave a lasting impact.
  12. Flip 2 Media
    • Website: https://www.flip2media.com/ Flip 2 Media is a versatile video production company known for its creative approach to storytelling. They have a knack for transforming ideas into visually compelling content that engages audiences across platforms.
  13. Flying Moose Pictures
    • Website: https://www.flyingmoosepictures.com/ Flying Moose Pictures is a company that soars above the rest with its innovative video production techniques. Their work combines creativity with technical excellence to deliver videos that are both visually stunning and emotionally moving.
  14. Crushpix Video Production Company
    • Website: https://www.crushpix.com/ Crushpix Video Production Company is a creative force in the industry, specializing in producing videos that captivate and inspire. They bring a fresh perspective to every project, resulting in videos that stand out from the crowd.
  15. Click to Play Media
Award winning video, Corporate Video, Best Corporate Videos, award winning corporate videos, award winning videos, best corporate video, best corporate videos 2021, best corporate videos of all time, Company Video Production, corporate video awards, corporate video maker

Corporate Video Awards: 17 Best Award-Winning Corporate Videos

The Best 17 Award-Winning Corporate Videos Ever Made

Find an Award Winning Corporate Video Producer: Video corporate gigs made with ease, so your Company Video can suceed.

This article features 17 of the best corporate videos ever made, featuring awardwinning videos from some of the world‘s top company video makers. When it comes to media production companies, the most effective videos creatively combine storytelling, visuals, and sound to create powerful and memorable stories. Find out which videos made the list and how you can use them as inspiration for your own projects. A corporate video is the catalyst that will take your business to the next level. Through well-crafted visual storytelling, you can effectively convey ideas, introduce offerings, increase brand awareness, and showcase your products.

Why are corporate videos so effective for your company?

In our digital age, video content takes preference because it is easy to consume and readily accessible. Businesses that invest in visual content report that they are able to more easily connect with a wider audience and drive sales.


Corporate videos are a powerful way to:


  • Spark excitement with a media production company for your product or service
  • Concisely share information about your corporate video brand
  • Showcase accomplishments to company video investors, and use our corporate video maker to connect with new audiences.
  • We can provide educational and corporate videography job training for employees
  • Boost your company’s website traffic

Visual content is an essential tool for marketing your business or organization. Contacts us to make professional quality visual content.


Ready to get started but need some inspiration first? We’ve gathered some of our favorite corporate videos for you to check out.

This video is a great example of how businesses can use humor to keep their audience engaged and entertained. The script is both funny and relevant at the same time. When making a corporate video, the best strategy you can take to increase viewership is to write a witty script and have fun while filming. If you enjoyed creating your video, it will translate to the content and come through to your audience.


Schedule a free consultation with a producer here (link). 


What are the qualities of an award winning corporate video? 


  • Well-crafted, engaging script

An award winning corporate video will have a well-crafted script that is precise, educational and entertaining. In the pre-production phase, focus on how to bring a personalized touch to your video that will engage the audience in a direct and personable way.


  • High production quality

Invest in producing a high quality video because the more polished you can make your video, the more your audience will trust that your brand has high standards and strives for excellence.


  • Authenticity

Whether you’re seeking to make an inspiring video, or hoping to get a laugh from your audience, make sure that the message your video delivers is authentic to your brand. Be yourself and showcase the best that your company or service has to offer.

Best Business YouTube Videos: Why Should You Have a Corporate Video Made?

Do you want more information on how to make a great corporate video, or do you just need some help choosing which company is right for you and your project? Let’s talk about that now.

Video Marketing Services | Facebook Ads | Youtube Ads | Kickstarter Videos | Social Media Content | TV Ads | Script Development

Best Corporate Videos 2021

This is one of the most amazing collection of Best Corporate Videos ever.

Video: it has become one of the most effective ways to promote products and services online. In fact, according to research conducted by eMarketer, nearly 80% of all Internet users watch videos every month. This means that almost 2 billion people view videos each month. With such numbers, it makes sense that businesses are starting to realize the importance of producing high-quality content. However, many companies still struggle to find time to create their own videos. As a result, they turn to professional videographers to produce videos for them.

Corporate Video Production Tips: How Do I Choose The Right Company?

Should My Brand Be in It Too?

Notwithstanding, it is important to note that even if you have an established brand and your company has been around for years, there may be times when you need to create new content. This could include creating a video about how your product or service can help customers solve problems they face every day. Or perhaps you want to highlight some of your most recent achievements with clients. Whatever the case, having a well-produced video will give potential customers more information about who you are as a business. And this will make them feel like they know what to expect from working with you.

Ready To Make A Corporate Video Of Your Own? Why Are They Called “Corporate” Videos?

Top 5 Reasons Companies Use Corporate Videos

In addition, it helps companies build trust among their customers and potential clients. When people see a professionally produced video they tend to think that the content was created by experts. This makes them believe that the product/service being offered has value and is worth paying attention to.

A corporate video gives businesses credibility because it shows that they take themselves seriously. People often look up to successful corporations and follow their lead. By producing a professional corporate video, your organization becomes one of those respected brands.

When done correctly, a corporate video can increase sales dramatically.

Ways Corporations Benefit From Using Top Corporate Videos

Plus, it allows you to create a memorable experience for your audience. In fact, according to research conducted by eMarketer, nearly half of consumers say they prefer watching online videos over reading text.

It provides a way to connect with current and prospective customers through different mediums such as email, websites, blogs, etc.

When used effectively, a corporate video can provide valuable insight into your products and services. For example, many organizations use corporate videos to explain new features, show testimonials, highlight key messages, introduce employees, promote events, showcase awards, and much more.

 Benefits of Creating a Corporate Video

Furthermore, it’s important to note that most small businesses do not have the budget or resources needed to produce high-quality corporate videos on their own. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options available in order to help make sure your company gets its message across.

For instance, some of the best solutions include:

1) Online Services – These types of platforms allow users to upload files directly onto the site without needing to download anything. It’s easy to set up and requires no technical knowledge whatsoever. Plus, all editing tools are included.

Things Every Corporate Videographer Must Know About Their Clients

Nevertheless, when choosing an option like this, be careful about what type of file format you choose. Some sites only accept.avi, while other will work with both Windows Media and Flash, still others can do .mp4 or .mov. You should always check before uploading so you don’t waste time trying to find out later that your chosen platform doesn’t support certain formats.

2) Software – There are several software programs available today which offer free versions along with paid ones. However, we recommend using the paid version since it offers better quality than the free alternatives.

3) Professional Editing Tools – Many


Steps to Create Great Content for Your Client’s Next Award Winning Corporate Video

Today marks a revolutionary moment in the world of digital advertising. Start Motion Media, a leader in digital video ad solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new services. The company is expanding its suite of solutions to include powerful, creative and highly tailored video ad campaigns with cutting edge analytics and targeted results.

Screen Shot 2023 02 21 at 12.22.50 PM

Start Motion Media has been in the digital advertising industry for over six years, innovating and advancing the way companies, organizations and brands create amazing video ads. The company has consistently provided the highest quality video ad campaigns for clients that span a wide range of industries, and now aims to offer even more innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of these clients. The new solutions include an array of cutting edge features to help customers take their video ads to the next level.

Start Motion Media combines its best-in-class analytics and optimization platform, with expert video production and creative direction, to make sure each video ad captures the audience’s attention and resonates with their audience. The new services also offer customers the ability to build custom campaigns from the ground up, ensuring that each video ad specifically delivers on their marketing strategy.

This includes the ability to track, analyze, and optimize each ad campaign in real-time, as well as offering options to customize the delivery of the video ad across multiple digital platforms. Start Motion Media’s suite of services is designed to ensure that each video ad resonates with the audience, and provides the maximum return on investment. The company’s powerful analytics and optimization platform enables customers to track, analyze and optimize the performance of their video ads on a per-platform basis.

Start Motion Media also provides creative direction, production, and editing to make sure each video ad is as effective and tailored to each client’s needs as possible. The team of experienced video production professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating video ads that are both visually stunning and emotionally engaging. The new services from Start Motion Media provide clients with the ability to create, monitor and optimize their video ad campaigns at a fraction of the cost of other digital advertising services.

The company’s suite of solutions also enables customers to tap into the ever-growing online video advertising marketplace and get the best return on investment. Start Motion Media’s new services are the perfect way for organizations, brands, and companies to reach their desired audiences with the perfect video ad campaign. Whether the goal is to increase sales, promote brand awareness, or simply create engaging content, Start Motion Media’s new services provide the capabilities to make that goal a reality.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful, creative and highly tailored video ad campaign, you know who to turn to: Start Motion Media. With its cutting edge analytics, expert video production, custom campaigns, and real-time optimization, Start Motion Media is the premier choice for all your digital video advertising needs.


Firstly, decide if you want to hire someone else to edit your video or if you would rather learn how to edit yourself. If you’re going to go down the route of hiring another person, then you’ll need to consider who exactly you’d like to collaborate with. Do you want to get a friend from college together with a local videographer? Or perhaps you’d like to team up with a well known production house? Either way, once you’ve decided upon whom you’d like to partner with, you’ll need to figure out where you want to shoot your video.

Then, once you’ve decided upon a service provider, here are steps to ensure that you get great results from your next project:

1) Research & Plan Ahead – Before starting any job, it’s essential to know exactly who you’re working with. Make sure you understand how long each step takes and whether or not you’ll need someone else involved. Also, consider if you want to hire a freelance videographer or go with a full-time employee. If you decide to go with a freelancer, ask him or her questions regarding his or her background and portfolio.


Questions to Ask When Choosing a Corporate Video Agency

1. How many years has he/she been doing business as a professional videographer?

2. What is his/her experience level ?

3. Does he/she specialize in one particular area such as weddings, events, etc.?

4. Will I receive a detailed proposal outlining my specific needs?

5. Is he/she willing to provide references?

6. Can I see samples of previous work?

7. Are there additional fees associated with adding music or sound effects?

8. Who will be responsible for post-production services

Top Reasons to Get a Corporate Video Made

1. Choose a company that specializes in corporate videos. This ensures that they have extensive experience producing them.

Find a company that provides good customer service. They must respond quickly to emails and phone calls.

Be clear on what kind of content you require. For example, does your client need a promotional piece or something more formal?

Understand their budget. A cheap price may mean low quality footage.

Ensure that you review the contract carefully. Read everything thoroughly and make sure that you agree to every clause.


2. Choose a company that specializes in corporate videos. This ensures that they have extensive experience producing them.

Find out their pricing structure beforehand. Most companies charge by the hour but some may also include equipment rental costs.

Determine if you want to use a freelance videographer or employ a staff member.

Understand the process thoroughly. For example, does the company require you to sign contracts? And, if yes, make sure you read through everything carefully.

Be clear on what kind of content you want produced.


10 of the Best Corporate Videos Ever Why Shouldn’t Everyone Have One?

Does Anyone Need a Corporate Video?

What’s more, it has become one of the most effective ways to market yourself online. In fact, according to research conducted by Google, people spend over 2 hours per day watching content on their smartphones and tablets. This means that if you aren’t producing high-quality content regularly, you could be missing out on tons of potential customers.

So, whether you own a small business or run a large corporation, chances are you’ll eventually find yourself needing a corporate video. But, where do you start? Here are five things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you really need a corporate video.


Get More Info & Pricing

What are Corporate Videos Used For? Why Would Someone Want a Corporate Video?


How Much Does it Cost to Produce a Corporate Video? How Long Do You Plan On Keeping It Around? What Kinds of Uses Will People Be Able to Put This Video Into?

Check out our breakdown of corporate video costs. 

What are the Goals for Your Corporate Video? | The Ultimate Guide

Accordingly, in order to make sure that every customer gets exactly what he or she wants, companies must understand their customers’ requirements better than anyone else. In addition, businesses need to provide services and products which meet those specific demands. Therefore, it becomes important for companies to develop strategies that help them achieve success in meeting all kinds of different customer expectations.

In fact, many people believe that understanding how to reach out to potential clients is just half of the battle won. After all, even though it might seem obvious, it still takes time and effort to actually do things right.

Free Downloads for 30,000 of the Best Business Videos (Stock)


Licensed Video Agencies in 2021:










What is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is any non-advertisement video commissioned by a business, company, corporation, or organisation.

What Are Corporate Videos?

The most common are: Staff training videos Safety videos Investor and shareholder relations videos Content strategy overview videos Product or service explanation videos Executive proposal videos The 2 most common types are:

What is a brand video?

A brand video is a high-quality clip that promotes your business by embodying its message and ethos without overtly selling the viewer a specific product or service.

How much does corporate brand video cost?

The general industry standard for producing a good corporate brand video starts at about £10,000.

Why Are Corporate Videos Important?

Corporate videos have become increasingly important in recent years because, as one HubSpot study found, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support!

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short clip that, more often than not, uses a narrator to concisely explain anything about your company, product or service.

How much does a corporate explainer video cost?

The general industry standard for producing a good corporate explainer video starts at about $5,000.


Can You Make Money With Video?

No matter what your own industry or brand represents, you too can make an incredible corporate video, but only if you really believe in the power of providing value to your consumers by making it and not just because you have some money leftover in your marketing budget.

What is the Corporate Video?

In that case, the corporate video of Shopify could be a great example you can follow.

How to create corporate videos?

Moreover, this video’s branding is a perfect example of how you can create memorable corporate videos for your audience.

What is the message behind this video?

This corporate video gives the subliminal message that modern-day advertising needs to be done in an altogether different way, one which customers are looking to engage with like cat content, which has gone so viral till now.

What is the Corporate Video by AirBnB?

No fancy graphics, no heavy voiceovers, no nothing, just a simplistic video showing montages of real AirBnB hosts telling about their experiences with the service and how it has benefitted them.

What was the video about?

The video which focuses on “Catvertising” is one of the most humorous corporate videos out there, but don’t think that there are only humor and no information in there.

Why Corporate Videos?

When a business uses corporate videos in its marketing strategy, it can help it achieve up to a 49% increase in the amount of revenue it generates annually.

What is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video should eschew your company’s culture and the way you work, making others become more willing to work with you.

What Are the Best Corporate Videos Ever Made?

Following this idea, you can make killer corporate videos for your next brand campaign with the assistance of your corporate video production company and if you want inspiration for it, then here are the 10 best examples of corporate videos made by brands from across the world: If we had to declare a winner for the “Best corporate videos ever made” category, then we would put DollarShaveClub.com at the top of the roost.

What is the Unsung Hero?

Thai Life Insurance’s main aim behind this video was to show how their products embodied care and growth for their customers and how exactly, everyone was a part of a larger family.

What was the video about?

Titled the “Unsung Hero”, this is not your conventional corporate video.


What quality do you need?

Especially in B2B, you need some level of filming & editing quality to stay professional.

What is the Best B2B Video Marketing?

There’s always room for improvement, but the best B2B videos should get most of them right:

What is the most important aspect of a video?

No video works without grabbing the attention of its target audience and using their interests and concerns to hold on tight.

What is structure?

That can be something as emotive as a story, or something as simple as a series of logical points.

What’s the video?

You’re watching a corporate B2B video It features shots of the exterior of some offices.

What are the best B2B videos?

These are 9 of the best B2B videos I’ve ever seen.


What is the documentary style?

In this corporate video from Google , the videographers utilize an observational documentary style.

What are the benefits of corporate videos?

Some companies have managed push the form to a higher level, leading to better brand engagement.

What is the video?

The video (seen below) proves that you can convey what you need even when shooting on an iPhone as long as you compose your shots accordingly and utilize your edits appropriately.

What is aximizing engagement?

This video maximizes engagement due to its movement and exploration of the workspace.

How does it work?

The comedy on display in this video from Twitter combines some of the most popular comedic approaches of the last decade; it’s Tim and Eric Community The Office and it totally works.

Research has shown that storytelling videos have a significant impact:

  • Video can increase sales by up to 32%.
  • Descriptive videos are widely used in internal company communications
  • (27% of companies use video for HR messages and 29% of companies use video to cover operational and office messages).
  • 53% of companies believe video will help them raise awareness.
  • For 49% of jobs, video helped increase engagement.
  • 52% of companies say video helps build trust.

This video has a wholesome and heartwarming emotional tone which gives testimony to the company’s values. The viewer follows the young girl as she dances through her home, a symbol to inspire trust and security for the audience as they become familiar with this brand. The writers of this script took a creative and artistic approach and combined it with a high quality video, which shows audiences that the company commits to high standards.

This corporate video by Cadillac was featured in the commercials for the 2021 Super Bowl. It references the classic movie Edward Scissorhands to bring about a sense of familiarity and connection with the viewer. Its comical side keeps the audience engaged and curious. This is a great corporate video because it’s memorable, endearing, and lighthearted.


What qualifies as an award winning corporate video?

A corporate video is a powerful and versatile tool that companies use to share information about their business, introduce a service or product, market their brand, and provide educational training for employees.


What are the top 5 reasons why companies create corporate videos?


Educate customers and build brand awareness. Video content allows for your audience to easily consume information about your product or service. Video can serve to educate your viewers in a quick manner and allow for information to be shared concisely and effectively.

Increase sales and conversion rates. After watching a promotional video, viewers are more likely to ask and eventually purchase your product or service than if they were just looking at a print or digital advertisement.

Demonstrate your product or service easily. Video is the best way to easily explain how your product works or how a customer might benefit from your company’s services. Once a customer understands your product or service, they are more likely to purchase it.

Drive traffic to your website. 75% of viewers will visit a company’s website after watching their video. Businesses have the opportunity to drive traffic to their site by using this excellent tool in their marketing strategy.

Highlight your successes and improve your credibility. When you use video to tell your company’s story, your message is much more likely to land in a compelling way than if you were only using text or still graphics. Video allows for you to showcase your product or service in a unique and personal way and this can help create an emotional connection between your company and the audience it intends to serve.


What are the different types of corporate videos?

There are many different types of corporate videos depending on your objective. Here are a few common categories of corporate videos:


  • Company Profile and Branding
  • Promotional and Brand
  • Explainer
  • Product Demos
  • Recruiting, Training and How-To
  • Testimonials


What should my business keep in mind when making our corporate video? 


When making your corporate video, you’ll want to brainstorm on a main objective and message that you hope to get across. Then, you’ll want to decide on an emotional tone. Do you want your video to be funny, serious, touching, or inspiring? Think clearly about what kind of impression you intend to make with your audience. Craft a compelling story that will keep your audience engaged and entertained. Be concise, specific, and authentic!


How do I choose the right award-winning corporate video production company? 


The right production company will help you craft a compelling story for your brand and develop a video that will keep audiences interested and engaged. When looking for a production company to work with, you’ll want to do your research first.


When looking for the best video production company in your area, here’s a checklist of things to keep in mind:

  • Study their video portfolio. Do they have experience creating videos similar to the style and vision you have in mind?
  • Read client testimonials and customer reviews.
  • Ask about their rates. How does their price compare to similar video production companies in your area?


At Start Motion Media, we love to uplift businesses and entrepreneurs through creating visual stories. We know you have an inspiring tale – let us help you bring it to life.


    This is an awesome case of how to utilize movement designs and voiceover in your video. This video fortifies the advantages of Rhapsody through a blend of striking on-screen content and voice over. This is joined with dynamic film of sprinters utilizing the application, set to a fiery drum beat. In only 60 seconds, you know all that you have to think about Rhapsody

    Ford Focus

    This video is effortlessly a standout amongst the most enhance recordings. It claims to the two groups of onlookers Honda is endeavoring to achieve: adrenaline junkies and the family driver. The intelligent component was totally unique at the time.

    This is exceptional as in it puts the purchaser 100% responsible for what they watch. Shockingly, the host site never again exists for this battle, yet you can see the crusade trailer beneath:


    Stressed that the recordings above are excessively entangled, escalated, or costly? Bluehost has discovered the arrangement. They shot and altered this video throughout a solitary day. It is an extraordinary illustration that your video does not need to be convoluted to be powerful.

    Amid the video, Bluehost demonstrates their workspace (which incorporates a winding slide), their worker benefits, (for example, free lunch) and the general energy and camaraderie of the organization. A advertisement, conversion optimized enrolling video is an awesome device to draw in new, similarly invested individuals to your organization.

    University College

    This video, from the University College, is a fantastic case of an instructive limited time video. They know their intended interest group and advance themselves as an inventive and dynamic college. The understudies enlighten you concerning the school, and show you around the grounds at the same time. It has humor, it is novel, and it targets a quite certain market.

    You may see that Pitney Bowes doesn’t specify anything about their administrations, yet incorporates their logo toward the end. When you have an intense and critical video, this procedure can work to attract thoughtfulness regarding your organization by being ‘shareable’. Video works best when it’s streamlined to accomplish a solitary objective, as opposed to endeavoring to hit different targets.



    Powerful and Motivational Videos


    What’s In A Work From Home Wellness Box?

    How Incredibly Successful People THINK Brendon Buchard is a New York Times Best Selling Author and motivational speaker. If you haven’t read Brendon’s book The Charge, I highly recommend it. This is one of my favorite clips on his YouTube channel, which talks about the difference in mindset between a successful person and an unsuccessful person.

    Quote of the day from this video:  

    “Success has been figured out – it’s a mindset game.” “Successful people say ‘I want to do that, but I don’t know how to do that’, but instead of stopping they say ‘then my job is to go learn that’. They take their current limitation and they put it on their agenda as a job to do”.

    Are you looking for great team building videos? Dan Pink’s awesome TED Talk above is something that every leader and manager on your team needs to watch. It will challenge your understanding of what motivates people, especially in the workplace.

    Quote of the day from this video:

    “There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does.” “That new operating system for our businesses revolves around three elements: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.” There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does Click To Tweet Why Do We Fall Failure is inevitable in both personal and professional life. What matters isn’t IF you fail… it’s how you respond to that failure. Do you learn from your failures and move forward, or does failure become an excuse to give up entirely?


    Quote of the day from this video:

    “A lot of people go to work everyday miserable, and all they do is just talk about is how miserable they are. But they don’t do anything about it.” “You’ve got remind yourself that you’ve got powers within you, talents within you, that you haven’t even reached for yet.” You’ve got to remind yourself that you’ve got powers within you Click To Tweet The Happiness Advantage One of my absolute favorite videos on what happiness truly means. I’ve watched this video at least 10 times and it’s still as impactful as the first time I watched it. Shawn is an amazing storyteller and his light-hearted humor is very engaging.

    Quote of the day from this video:

    “If happiness is on the opposite side of success, your brain never gets there.” “We’re finding it’s not necessarily the reality that shapes us, but the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality. And if we can change the lens, not only can we change your happiness, we can change every single educational and business outcome at the same time.” “What we found is that only 25% of job successes are predicted by I.Q. 75% of job successes are predicted by your optimism levels, your social support, and your ability to see stress as a challenge instead of as a threat.” If happiness is on the opposite side of success, your brain never gets there Click To Tweet Prove Them Wrong

    If you’ve ever had someone tell you that you can’t do something, that your dreams are unrealistic, or that your goals are too high then this video will strike a chord with you. Are you and your team willing to fail over and over again to get to the next level? To be better tomorrow than you are today? Some teamwork videos for employees are just fluff – this one is not.

    Quote of the day from this video:

    “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better Click To Tweet A Pep Talk From Kid President to You

    If you can watch this video without cracking a smile, you might be a robot. There are a lot of good lessons and laughs in this one. Enjoy!

    Quote of the day from this video:

    “Boring is easy, everybody can be boring. But you’re gooder than that.” “It’s like that dude Journey said, don’t stop believing, unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream.” Boring is easy, everybody can be boring Click To Tweet How Bad Do You Want It?

    We all claim to want success, but how much are we really willing to sacrifice to achieve it? This one is a staple for our Sales Team an amazing team motivation video.

    Quote of the day from this video:

    “Most of you say you want to be successful, but you don’t want it bad. You just kind of want it. You don’t want it badder than you want to party, you don’t want it is as much as you want to be cool. Most of you don’t want success as much as you want to sleep.” “If you’re going to be successful, you’ve got to be willing to give up sleep.”

    How we rated our corporate video awards

    video production helps you build your brand and create content so that you can thrive. We’ve produced these tips for success so that you can take your video production seriously. This arena breaks down the best tips for success when picking corporate video production services.

    What is corporate video production?

    It refers to any production from internal communications or training, culture, or as a marketing or recruiting methods. A commercial video would be the ideal investment for a corporation if they are willing to see the benefits of commercial videography


    This video from Foursquare positively has a one of a kind approach: to make the best ‘most exceedingly terrible video’. We think they’ve succeeded. This corporate video demonstrates every one of the things you would prefer not to do in a video: from the storyline, the distance to appalling impacts, this video truly has everything. Twitter adjusts a barely recognizable difference between an aggregate tumble and interesting spoof.

    Do you need your own particular corporate video? We would love to visit. Round out the contact frame or call us 415 409 8075

    What’s the history of video production companies?

    Well, video commercials have been around for a while, in fact they start in 1941 to place ads during the early TV. The purpose of commercial videos is to make sure your communications are done in the absolute best way possible. The kinds of commercial videos include testimonial videos, product explainer videos, annual recap videos, as wells as TV commercials and video ads. The thing about advertising video production. In human resources you might use if for recruiting videos or for orientation or company culture, or for training and or safety, as well as your company announcements.

    Most commercial video production companies dream of an iconic advertisement to help transform their industry, we build off of principles to make sure things go best.

    Why make a video?

    Discovering the ROI of Video

    Well, it’s proven that brand video production is the most effective way to provide ROI to your company. The business base for your creative video productions comes to helping you predict what the effects of your marketing experience will be.

    For your executives, 59% would rather learn from a video than read text, and 4 out of 5 shoppers feel that demo videos are helpful. And the numbers for revenue growth are sounding – it turns out that you can fro your revenue on average 49% faster that non video marketers.

    So the best and most important part of pitching a video production agency to you corporate leads are that you can develop and estimated ROI, and find someone who has the right budget for your advertising video production.

    With regards to drawing in new clients, it bodes well that video content is viable. It joins visual symbolism, sound, and additional items like impacts or content headings to illustrate your idea than any one part alone. Furthermore, since video is dynamic, it catches eye superior to static pictures or dividers of content.

    So as to draw in new clients, this blend of eye catching media and an obviously clarified idea is critical, settling on video an incredible decision. Video frequently implies that watchers can see your item or administration in real life, preemptively addressing inquiries they may have had and showing genuine applications. This is incredible for driving buys.

    The measurements underneath shed some light on the best way to utilize video to catch consideration, gain brand mindfulness, drive buys, and impact your general deals pipe.

    Does video content catch consideration in a significant manner?

    85% of advertisers state that video is a successful method to get consideration on the web. ( Animoto )

    Watchers guarantee they hold 95% of a message when gotten through video. ( Social Media Week )

    The normal video holds 37% of watchers right to the finish of the video. ( Hubspot )

    The normal standard for dependability of customized recordings is 35% higher than non-customized recordings. ( Hubspot )

    Is video content successful in picking up brand mindfulness?

    Video advertisements were the #1 way shoppers found a brand they later obtained from. ( Animoto )

    • 94% of video advertisers state video has helped increment client comprehension of their item or administration. ( Wyzowl )
    • 30% of portable customers state video is the best vehicle for finding new items. ( Facebook )
    • 96% of individuals state they’ve viewed an explainer video to get familiar with an item or administration. ( Wyzowl )

    Is video content compelling in driving buys?

    • 93% of brands got another client on account of a video via web-based networking media. ( Animoto )
    • 79% of individuals state a brand’s video has persuaded them to purchase a bit of programming or application. ( Wyzowl )
    • 92% of versatile clients report offering recordings to other people. ( Social Media Week )

    Does video content influence the business channel?

    • 84% of advertisers state video has helped them increment traffic to their site. ( Wyzowl )
    • 81% of advertisers state video has helped them produce leads. ( Wyzowl )
    • 80% of advertisers state video has expanded harp time on their site. ( Wyzowl )
    • 41% of advertisers state that video has helped them lessen bolster calls. ( Wyzowl )

    Channels for Distributing Video Content

    Since we’ve secured the effect that video substance can have on shopper brand mindfulness and buy plan, we’re going to plunge into the choices you have for sharing your video content.

    We’ll concentrate mostly via web-based networking media stages since there are such huge numbers of social channels to browse, yet there are other extraordinary channel alternatives outside of social also. The details underneath can help point you the correct way with regards to where to share your video content.

    While this is extraordinary for the individuals who produce recordings, it likewise shows that soon you will have more challenge around there than any time in recent memory. Similarly as the expanded utilization of email as a showcasing channel is making it harder to be seen in swarmed inboxes, just as be seen as valuable to clients, advertisers will probably battle to get commitment from recordings as the business gets immersed.

    This implies it is indispensable that advertisers remain in front of the challenge so as to convey the following enormous video type at the opportune time. Guaranteeing you utilize the most recent strategies or spotlight on the correct zones can assist you with continueing to see comes back from your video content.

    To this end, we’ve investigated a portion of the large video promoting patterns for 2020, which you can use to advise your advanced showcasing procedure. Here are a portion of the patterns that we and industry specialists trust you ought to be considering in front of the new year:

    Is utilizing video content via web-based networking media significant?

    • 58% of shoppers visit a brand’s online life pages before visiting their site. ( Animoto )
    • 24% of shoppers are making more buys because of promotions via web-based networking media than they did a year ago. ( Animoto )
    • 60% of customers who made a buy from a brand got some answers concerning them via web-based networking media. ( Animoto )
      The main 3 buy driving stages are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. ( Animoto )
    • Would it be advisable for me to utilize video content on Instagram?
    • 77% of advertisers have posted a video on IGTV. ( Animoto )
    • 41% of advertisers state that Instagram Stories has gotten progressively significant over the most recent a year. ( Animoto )
    • 1 of every 4 shoppers made a buy subsequent to seeing a story on Instagram. ( Animoto )

    Would it be advisable for me to utilize video content on Twitter?

    93% of Twitter video sees occur on portable. ( Twitter )

    Recordings with negligible Tweet duplicate have a 13% higher brand and message review and in general view time than recordings with longer Tweet duplicate. ( Twitter )

    Discover what video showcasing patterns you should know about for 2020 so as to all the more likely shape your advanced advertising system and convey results.

    Online life, the ascent of Stories and the manner by which individuals devour media have all added to making video more significant than any time in recent memory, which means it pays to know about the video showcasing patterns for 2020. Truth be told, 83% of advertisers accept that video is getting progressively significant, which flag the beginning of more brands utilizing them as a feature of their computerized promoting systems.

    It is evaluated that individuals will spend all the more day by day minutes watching video throughout the following not many years than any time in recent memory, bringing about more promoters putting resources into online video advertisements so as to drive commitment.

    Customized recordings

    Personalization is a gigantic popular expression at this moment and is something that advertisers need to pay attention to as well as need to get right. Not exclusively do 72% of buyers state they will now just connect with advertising messages that are customized, 60% of advertisers believe personalization to be a key procedure for improving the nature of their leads.

    Past these measurements, personalization crosswise over advertising enables you to assemble an association with your crowd by giving them encounters that are custom-made to them. This encourages you to stand apart from the group, giving buyers motivation to buy and tending to their necessities and torment focuses.

    Through personalization, you’re ready to give exceptionally focused on answers for buyers’ needs, adequately sparing them opportunity with regards to scanning for those arrangements and settling on a buy choice. You’ll additionally turn into significantly progressively essential, which is significant as over 90% of shoppers are bound to shop brands who they perceive and who give pertinent offers and proposals.

    Over this, 48% of customers state that they need recordings to mirror the items/administrations they’re keen on with regards to illuminating their basic leadership. Strangely, a further 43% said they need recordings to be intelligent so as to enable them to choose what data they need to see and when, which could be the following stage to video personalization.

    While customized recordings have been around for a couple of years – much like site personalization – the expanded significance being put on personalization in general by shoppers implies that it is probably going to take off in 2020 and in light of current circumstances.

    Brands that have utilized personalization in the past have seen extraordinary outcomes, for example, Cadbury, which propelled a customized video in 2014. This video consolidated watchers’ own substance (when they had consented to associate with the brand) to naturally produce a video that spoke straightforwardly to them. This crusade brought about an active visitor clicking percentage of 65% and a change pace of 33.6%. While this is a more established model, despite everything it shows the power that personalization inside video can have.

    “Customized video is an under-used device and worth testing. From our experience, crusades often produce 50%+ email open rates and 40%+ CTRs. The outcomes represent themselves.”

    Jon Mowat – Author and MD of Hurricane.

    An information first approach

    As we’re seeing crosswise over advertising in general, the one-size-fits-all methodology is never again conveying. An information first approach can guarantee you’re focusing on the correct crowd with the correct informing at the opportune time so as to build commitment and change. This is the reason this methodology will be applied more to video showcasing in 2020.

    Download our Individual Member Resource – Video and YouTube advertising guide

    Our manual for video showcasing will assist you with developing your business internet utilizing video substance and video stages.

    Access the Video and YouTube advertising guide

    Video is Twitter’s quickest developing promoting instrument. ( Twitter )

    There are more than 2 billion video sees on Twitter every day, which is 67% development over a year ago. ( Twitter )

    Tweets with video draw in 10x a bigger number of commitment than Tweets without video.

    Advanced Tweets with recordings spare over half on cost-per-commitment.

    Would it be a good idea for me to utilize video content on Facebook?

    • Facebook is the #1 stage where advertisers intend to put resources into the following a year.)
    • 33% of advertisers have utilized Facebook Live as a channel.
    • On Facebook, 1 of every 5 recordings is a live communicated
      Would it be a good idea for me to utilize video content on LinkedIn?
    • 80% of video sees on LinkedIn happen with no stable.
    • Content on LinkedIn intended for quiet survey is 70% bound to be observed completely all the way to the finish. ( LinkedIn )
    • Would it be advisable for me to utilize video content on YouTube?
    • YouTube supplanted Facebook as the #1 stage that influences shopper conduct.YouTube is the #1 buy driver on social.
    • YouTube has 1 billion clients, which is nearly ⅓ of the Internet.
    • Over 70% of YouTube watchtime originates from versatile substance.
    • Consistently, individuals watch over a billion hours of video on YouTube.
    • 83% of purchasers overall lean toward YouTube to watch video content.
      Would it be a good idea for me to utilize different channels for video content?
    • 41% of video advertisers have utilized online course as a channel.
    • 11% of video advertisers have utilized augmented simulation as a channel.
    • Cisco predicts that live Internet video will represent 17% of Internet video traffic by 2022.

    Video Marketing Industry Trends?

    Since you know where you should post your video content, you may be considering how different organizations are moving toward video showcasing. Is video showcasing developing? Do organizations see the video showcasing as significant? These measurements shed some light on general patterns in the showcasing space and where the business may be moving in the coming years.

    Is video content being utilized by different organizations?

    • 70% of organizations state they’re making more recordings presently contrasted with a similar time a year ago.
    • 96% of advertisers have put promotion spend on record.
    • 87% of organizations currently use video as a showcasing instrument.
    • 91% of video advertisers think about video as a significant piece of their showcasing system.
    • 84% of advertisers rank video creation aptitudes substantial when procuring for another promoting position.
    • 18 is the average number of recordings distributed by organizations every month.
    • 52% of little and medium-sized organizations utilize a blend of in-house and redistributed assets for video creation.
    • Cutting-edge and expert administrations organizations make the newest recordings every year.

    Is video going to keep on developing?

    • By 2020, the number of recordings crossing the Internet every subsequent will move toward 1 million.
    • 99% of advertisers guarantee they will keep on utilizing video in their methodology.
    • 88% of advertisers are focused on giving more dollars to video battles later on.

    Customer Preferences for Video Content

    At this point, you can most likely tell that video content is viable and significant, yet do purchasers appreciate drawing in with them? The simultaneous measurements answer this inquiry and feature some particular inclinations shoppers have for video content. Look at them for subtleties on video length, arrangement, and shopper seeing propensities.

    Do individuals like watching recordings?

    • 78% of individuals report watching recordings online every week, with 55% of those viewing consistently.
    • 68% of individuals state they’d most want to find out about another item or administration by watching a short video.
    • 54% surprisingly need advertisers to put out more video content.

    Is video position significant?

    • The four most normal video types are explainers, item demos, how-tos, and tributes. 86% of the business-related video sees you occur on work area programs.
    • 82% of individuals think that it’s irritating to watch recordings with a “dark bar” where the videographer hasn’t adequately seen the video to show in their picked direction.
    • When seeing recordings, 75% of individuals like to observe on a level plane.)
    • 60% of clients film content on a level plane. (This methodology gives marks a superior comprehension of what works with regards to their recordings, including the best stage, who they have to target, and the substance of their recordings – among different elements. This data can be gigantically valuable with regards to returns, improving your video promoting ROI.

    Various enormous brands are presently utilizing information to drive video imagination, and it is delivering profits. PepsiCo is one case of information gone video promoting conveying results. The organization needed to re-arrange the brand Quaker in the UK and utilized the knowledge to advise its video content, bringing about a business lift of 4.25%. Sometimes it was 2x the elevate seen with their nonexclusive methodology.

    [gem_fullwidth background_parallax=”1″ background_image=”12334″ padding_top=”100″ padding_bottom=”130″][gem_testimonials set=”dummy” image_size=”size-medium” fullwidth=”1″ text_color=”#ffffff”][/gem_fullwidth]


    a24c4b58 man in plush jacket
    Corporate Videos, Video Production, Video Animation Production, company story video, Corporate Video, Corporate Video Company, Corpoate Training Video, corporate video styles

    What is the best corporate video production company?

    When a company employs corporate videos as part of its marketing plan, it may increase annual revenue by up to 49%. So, if a company isn’t actively creating corporate videos, it’s missing out on a powerful conversion tool.

    Corporate videos were once deemed to be too uninteresting to engage users or consumers in any meaningful sense. But that is no longer the case, as many companies are producing high-quality corporate videos that are not only going viral but also bringing in concrete conversions for their well-known brands.

    A corporate video is a marketing tool that may help your company, brand, product, or service be recognized, used, and acknowledged.

    Let’s take a look at some of the best corporate videos we’ve seen.

    1. OnRobot 

    This OnRobot corporate video example does a fantastic job of showcasing all of the features of the OnRobot Sander by demonstrating its capabilities in a variety of scenarios. Robots are becoming more advanced as technology advances each year, allowing them to do increasingly complex jobs. This video succeeds in showcasing the OnRobot Sander’s ability to do complicated jobs and demonstrating how it may benefit various enterprises.

    1. Schur 

    For all organizations across industries to remain competitive, a long-term plan has become increasingly vital. Consumers nowadays demand businesses to be transparent, thus many businesses are attempting to establish a long-term plan.

    Schur, a business that offers packaging, packaging machinery, and packaging systems, saw an opportunity to show that innovation and sustainability can coexist. They demonstrate their eco-friendly bag options in this business video, which are mainly comprised of recyclable or degradable materials.

    Best Small Business Video Conferencing Tools

    Zoom is indeed one of the finest small business video conferencing tools because you can’t match the free option you receive with Zoom, one of the highest-rated video conferencing tools accessible, if you’re on a limited budget. The tool has good audio with background noise reduction, the ability to share your screen, and a recording capability for those who are unable to attend the conference.

    Best Animated Corporate Videos

    There are lots of brand animation corporate video examples out there, depending on your business aims, such as Blockdaemon, Slack, and MMC.

    How To Make A Good Corporate Video?

    1. Think about the main message you want to convey

    The corporate video’s major purpose is to be a valuable asset to the company by allowing it to grow its value via excellent effective communication. Keep it simple, stupid! Your message must be basic and contain no extraneous information. Only include information like how many awards you’ve received if it’s part of a larger, human story.

    1. Don’t try too hard.

    Concentrate on one objective: draft your script and then trim it down to the basics; you don’t want an unnaturally structured plot. The phrase “don’t strive too hard” also applies to visual effects that aren’t essential. They will only serve to detract from the facts you are attempting to deliver to your audience. If you look excessively eager, your viewers will think you’re fake.

    c81aeb6d 34b9b9e6 1115644068 1280 1000x563
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    Mobovida – Style and Pacing Los Angeles

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    What Does 2021 Mean For Your Kickstarter Video?

    Since 2009 we’ve been supporting startups everywhere with video production as well as crowdfunding pr. We offer crowdfunding help so you can relax and succeed with your project. If your need video production and campaign strategy assistance, you can discover more about our crowdfunding services. Alternatively, you can view recent projects, or learn more about StartMotionMEDIA’s Fundraising and Marketing mission.

    Want to discuss your project?

    Email Us or call (415) 409-8075

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    Design your Kickstarter Video

    Online Donations Case Study – How Much do people actually give?

    During the beginning of crowdfunding, Blackbaud wrote a report in 2013, which explored that in the US, online giving grew 11% on a year-over-year basis. The percentage of total fundraising that comes from online giving was about 7% in 2012, and has grown considerably. This was an increase from 6% in 2011 and is nearing the record level of 8% from 2010 when online giving spiked in response to Haitian earthquake relief efforts. Steve MacLaughlin notes in the report that “the Internet has now become the first-response channel of choice for donors during disasters and other emergency events.”

    During the beginning of crowdfunding, Blackbaud wrote a report in 2013, which explored that in the US, online giving grew 11% on a year-over-year basis. This was an increase from 6% in 2011 and is nearing the record level of 8% from 2010 when online giving spiked in response to Haitian earthquake relief efforts.

    Charity Donation Statistics

    • Giving to all nine major types of charitable organizations increased in 2016.
    • Education giving saw relatively slower growth (3.6 percent) compared to the strong growth rates experienced in most post-recession years. In each of the years 2014 and 2015 education giving grew by more than 8 percent.
    • Giving to international affairs, human services and public-society benefit organizations all grew. This growth is in spite of relatively few widely publicized natural disasters, which often increase contributions to these types of organizations.
    • Environment and animals charities; arts, culture and humanities organizations; international affairs nonprofits; and health causes experienced the largest jumps in contributions.

    Online Giving For Churches

    • 49% of all church giving transactions are made with a card.
    • 8/10 people who give to churches have zero credit debt.
    • 60% are willing to give to their church digitally.
    • Tithers make up only 10-25 percent of a normal congregation.
    • Churches that accept tithing online increase overall donations by 32%.
    • Only 5% tithe, and 80% of Americans only give 2% of their income.
    • Christians are giving at 2.5% of income; during the Great Depression it was 3.3%.
    • Only 3-5% of Americans who give to their local church do so through regular tithing.
    • When surveyed, 17% of Americans state that they regularly tithe.
    • For families making $75k+, 1% of them gave at least 10% in tithing.
    • 3 out of 4 people who don’t go to church make donations to nonprofit organizations.
    • The average giving by adults who attend US Protestant churches is about $17 a week.
    • 37% of regular church attendees and Evangelicals don’t give money to church.
    • 17% of American families have reduced the amount that they give to their local church.
    • 7% of church goers have dropped regular giving by 20% or more.
    • About 10 million tithers in the US donate $50 billion yearly to church & non-profits.
    • 77% of those who tithe give 11%–20% or more of their income, far more than the baseline of 10%.
    • 7 out of 10 tithers do so based on their gross and not their net income.

    Volunteering Statistics & Trends

    • Approximately 63 million Americans — 25% of the adult population — volunteer their time, talents, and energy to making a difference.
    • The 2016 national value of volunteer time is $24.14 per hour. In other words, Americans contribute $193 billion of their time to our communities.
    • The volunteer rate declined by 0.4% to 24.9% in 2016.
    • Women volunteer at higher rates (27.8%) than men (21.8%).
    • People aged 35-44 and 45-54 are most likely to volunteer (28.9% and 28% respectively) while 20-24 year olds have the lowest rates (18.4%).
    • On average, people spend an average of 52 hours per year volunteering their time.
    • 72% of volunteers are involved with only one organization, while 18.3% are involved with two.
    • The top four national volunteer activities are food collection or distribution (24.2%), fundraising or selling items to raise money (23.9%), general labor or transportation (18.8%), and tutoring or teaching (17.9%).
    • The top four volunteer areas are for religious (34.1%), educational (26%), social service (14.9%), and health (7.3%) organizations.
    • 42.1% of people became volunteers with their main organization after being asked to volunteer.

    When it comes to crowdsourcing sites, the best crowdfunding websites are those that allow you to crowdfund with flexibility, and also a chance for your project to get discovered outside your main network. Project creators who raise money on Kickstarter have the immense benefit that []