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Production Services Near Me

Well Make It Better – Top Production Services near You

Top Production Services near You

Our full time creative directors manage and direct a network of the world’s most talented creatives, allowing us to curate the right talent for your project. The deep talent we manage means we can do pretty much everything, with that small-agency feel.

On average, 80% of potential conversions from advertising are lost due to poor strategy.

We can do better.

Top Production Services near You

Our best developments

Start Motion Media brings a modern approach to video development for companies and projects of all types. From boutique startup initiatives, to high end commercial branding projects, we’ve done it all. Browse our portfolio of solutions.

  • +Concepts

  • +Treatment

  • +Visual Scope

  • +Scripts

  • +Logistics

  • +Locations

  • +Casting

Top Production Services near You

Make something new. 

Next-generation marketing is built on experience – how, where, and when people connect with a brand.  At Start Motion Media, we keep your experience fresh and relevant to today’s culture, through cost-effective strategy, video design, and full-stack film production and post.

  • +Technology

  • +Education

  • +Health

  • +Food

  • +Travel

  • +Nonprofit

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Take The Audience With You – Start Motion Video Production

Creators of original, compelling video content

Start Motion Media is a collective of cinematographers, crowdfunding directors, and editors, that build brands with collaborative storytelling. 


We turn products, companies, startups, and nonprofits into real human brands. Over $XX have been made for emerging companies.

Your Problem:

Competing with noise. Your competitors are winning, and have better ads.  Your endless demo video you made isn’t working. It has a viewer retention rate of 5%. What to do?

Take the audience with you

The Solution: 

Clear culture, passionate voice. We know how to make messages that are unique, timely, and lasting. Our videos surpass industry benchmarks for engagement and conversion rate, drastically reducing our Clients advertising costs.  Good content = Cheaper ads, more engagement,  and a brand that viewers remember. 

Our Values and Passions:

            -Being Ambitious and Bold

            -Authentic Storytelling 

            -Projects that Nourish Creativity and Uniqueness


We are artists first, with a deep understanding of branding and marketing. 

The way you tell your story matters.  

Take the audience with you

B2b B2c Social Web

 We’ve been writing, directing, and creating original video content for brands, startups, and agencies in the United States, and serving an international roster of clients, since 2009.

Take the audience with you


Go bold

We do bold things.  Like quit our jobs to become artists then help other artists and entrepreneurs live their truths.  We go big and when we fail, we learn, get better, and go big again. We challenge our limits and then elevate each other to go beyond them.  


Viewers first

Our shared dedication to reach your viewers in unique ways defines and aligns our work and drives us to deliver. When you land with your customer, they’ll land with you. 


Best ideas win

Today’s leading brands use eloquent, adaptable language and characterization to exceed their viewer’s expectation across many channels and devices. 

Take the audience with you 

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