Award-Winning Video Company Comes From Humble Beginnings –

Bradley Jansen and Stephen Panaggio started making videos 11 years ago in their parents’ basement. DLSR cameras helped them change the way wedding stories were being told. Voyage Pictures now creates videos for nonprofit and for-profit clients. The company went from a basement setting to having a core team that worked in an actual office.

Jansen and Panaggio will close down Bradley Productions later this year. For the past five years, wedding video comprised only about 5% of their combined work. In 2016, the team decided to spin off into a sister company, Voyage Pictures. Impact Burundi, a nonprofit supporting development efforts, was one of their recent clients. According to the organization, more than 80% of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day. Burundi needed a video to tell its story so Dusabe wouldn’t have to be in 50 places at once trying to raise funds. We can’t tell a 45-year story. We have to bring it around to be compelling to an audience in four minutes, Avery said.

Voyage Pictures earned an award for a 30-minute video for Impact Burundi during COVID-19. The video won Voyage an award because the team was able to film the whole segment and obtain international footage. “Most people would say that’s impossible,” executive producer Kate Panaggio said. Earlier this year, Voyage earned an Emmy for a TV pilot about the history of the Berlin Wall intended for an international audience.

Award-winning video company comes from humble beginnings – – [item_source]