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Definition of Explainer Video Production Company: What is the Screenwriting Process?

Explainer videos have become the go-to marketing tool for companies of all sizes in the digital age. With their ability to quickly and effectively convey complex concepts to viewers, explainer videos are the perfect way to quickly introduce your business to potential customers.

But, with so many explainer video production companies out there, it’s important to make sure you understand exactly what questions you need to ask when looking for the perfect explainer video producer for your business. That’s why we spoke with the owner of an explainer video production company to get their insights into the questions that make up the screenwriting process for explainer videos.

What is an Explainer Video Production Company? An explainer video production company is a business that specializes in producing explainer videos. Explainer videos are short videos that use animation, graphics, visuals, and a voice-over to quickly explain a business, product, or service to potential customers.

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These videos are usually one to three minutes long and are the perfect way to break down complex concepts into easily digestible pieces that have a polished and professional look. Explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool, and by hiring an experienced explainer video production company, businesses are able to capitalize on the power of video marketing to promote their products and services. An explainer video production company has the experience and expertise to create high quality explainer videos that effectively communicate your message and engage customers.

What Questions are Included in an Explainer Video Production Company’s Screenwriting Process?

When working with an explainer video production company, the first step of the process is the planning and writing stage. This stage includes a number of questions that will help the video production company understand the needs and goals of your business and how to best communicate your message in an explainer video.

Questions that might be asked during the screenwriting process include:

• What is the goal of the explainer video?

• Who is the target audience?

• What do you want viewers to know about your business?

• What is special or unique about your business?

• What solutions does your business offer?

• What message do you want to convey with the explainer video?

Once the explainer video production company has the answers to these questions, they will begin to craft a script for the explainer video, incorporating the information from the questions above. This script will become the foundation for the explainer video and will guide the storyboard, visuals, and other elements of the finished explainer video.

What are the Services Included in an Explainer Video Production Company?

The services included in an explainer video production company depend on the specific needs of the business, but typically include: • Script writing • Storyboarding • Animation • Visuals • Voice-overs • Editing • Music selection and sound design The explainer video production company can help businesses create the perfect explainer video to capture the attention of viewers and effectively communicate their message. They will work with businesses to develop a script and storyboard, produce visuals and animation, select music, and help with casting for voice-overs.

Explainer videos have become a powerful marketing tool for many businesses, and working with an explainer video production company can ensure that businesses get the most out of their explainer videos. With their expertise and knowledge of the industry, explainer video production companies can help businesses create visually engaging, professional explainer videos that will capture the attention of viewers and effectively communicate their message. We hope this has helped define the explainer video production company industry and the services they provide. For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out and reach out to a local explainer video production company.

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Make an Impact: Your Creative Services Video Workflow

Creative Services Video for Global Brands

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Our training video production services focus on creating content that brings to life, engages and educates your target audience. Services include concept development, script writing, storyboarding, pre-interviews, location scouting, marketing strategy and programming. Successful training videos also ensure consistency, reduce errors, and should be easily accessible on mobile devices.


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