Crowdrise is an online fundraising platform dedicated to backing charitable causes. Founded in 2010 by a group of two film industry celebrities (Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson) and the founders of an outdoor equipment retailer, the platform uses a unique incentivization to encourage donations: there’s a rewards program for donations given.


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Crowdrise also boasts a number of well-known organizations in their clientele (including the Red Cross and the Boston Marathon), and makes it simple to offer donations to the cause of your choice. The platform seeks to keep things lighthearted with an irreverent tone, points system, and celebrity endorsement. Anyone can create a campaign however, regardless of celebrity status. If you have a charitable or personal cause you wish to get funded, Crowdrise offers a keep-what-you-earn model funding, tech support, and 3% guarantee pricing.


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Moreso than other platforms, Crowdrise desires to be a lifestyle platform where giving to charity is a trendy activity that people share with their community. This platform might be right for your campaign if you desire a sleek interface, low fees, and have a network of backers desiring to make a real difference.