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Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR – Kickstarter Mar...

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

produce an inspiring video pitch on time

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

use Video marketing for conversations

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

your orders line gets some new leads and sales

Visual content production for fundraising

award winning creatives on a mission for better stories

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Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency


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Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

our storytelling process

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding PR - Kickstarter Marketing Agency

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ErgoDriven – Topo Mat for Standing Desks


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What Does 2021 Mean For Your Kickstarter Video?

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Since 2009 we've been supporting everywhere with video production as well as crowdfunding pr. We offer so you can relax and succeed with your project. If your need and campaign strategy assistance, you can discover more about our crowdfunding services. Alternatively, you can view recent projects, or learn more about StartMotionMEDIA's Fundraising and Marketing mission.

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Cocoon Cam Smart Baby Monitor Palo Alto


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Apparel Startup Business: Abbey Post Mountain View Palo Alto


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Here’s What I Know About Fundraising Ideas for Nonprof...

Follow up & get response: activate your inner circle

Okay, so you are on your third day in public.  How is it going? Hopefully the people you've been connecting with followed up on their word. But the truth is, it's probably less than 20% of the people on your list that actually gave.  That's okay.  It's totally normal.  It turns out that people are really really busy, and you need to keep showing up as someone who is inspirational.

The absolute key is that right here you don't do the thin that most inexperienced crowdfunding people start to do: begin.  Don't come off as desperate in the slightest – actually, you need to prove that you are more excited by your project than ever, andyour connection to how close you really are for this being a reality needs to become clear.

So here's what you do.  On day three, do a list cleanup – subtract anyone who became a backer, and anyone who didn't respond at all to any of your pre-launch messages.  And what you are left with is people who demonstrated some response to you in the past, but still have not become backers.

The Ultimate Strategy to Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

Your ideas have to be unique and be in a position to rally a next. A couple of your ideas are certain to be greator at least worth testing out... Read More

The Best Fundraising Sites for your Kickstarter

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E commerce videos
E commerce videos

What You Don't Know About The Best Fundraising Sites

1. Fundly
2. Indiegogo

Fundly's crowdfunding platform allows people (and nonprofits!) To raise money for almost any cause, project or event without increasing requirements or upfront fees.

This platform allows users to tell campaign stories, post updates, add photos and videos, and share your page on social media. For example, Images of Two Veils “Saving Lives 1 Click at a Time” is a successful fundraising campaign hosted on Fundly.


[Image: Meet the successful crowdfunding campaign Dos Velos Images Saving Lives 1 Click at to Time]

This fundraising platform helps nonprofits easily raise more money by allowing their donors to send matching gift requests to employees. It is important to note that Double the Donation is not a crowdfunding tool like GoFundMe. It is included in this list because it is a valuable service built into almost all GoFundMe alternatives.

If you are a nonprofit organization with a large number of donors who donate directly through your organization's... Read More

Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Kickstarter...

core teaching 1 – Start where you are at

 kickstarter vs indiegogo traffic

Reaching out to your loved ones can be the most rewarding, comforting experience you will have, and if you do it right, your crowdfunding campaign can be a huge coming out for you, a right of passage.  People who run crowdfunding before their communities have seen so much growth, .  So if you are feeling a bit nervous about crowdfunding, I'm calling upon every one of you to know that I see and I support you, and I realize what a huge leap this can be.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Kickstarter Tips

Fundraising for entrepreneurs: You can't be reluctant to request money when doing this! You are going to be focused on getting the money, but you have to be aware of their standpoint, too. With the rising cost of living today, the main thing people keep thinking about is the best way to conserve money and the way to earn it. When you get started making enough money with your very first report it is possible to make several similar kind of reports in distinct niches. You may get money absolutely free of charge and this money can lift your . Together with these, you're able to also think about raising funds for your enterprise – but it can be a hard road unless you explore a training course on crowdfunding.

The Hidden... Read More

Kickstarter Video Production – Tools for the Cut

Tools for video editing and the way to build your cut

When you go to promote crowdfunding campaign there are so many crowdfunding marketing services that will want to sell you a training coarse but aside from getting noticed by unaccredited investors and crowdfunding hacks, the only equity-based way to succeed is to really nail down your definition of perk for indiegogog so that all these crowd funding tips actually end up working for you to giveforward.

Now I'm going to discuss video editing and what to do to ensure the best piece.

The first place to start is audio – you probably have several sound files from the microphone, and now it's time to make it the right volume.  I recommend ableton live for audio editing, you can get a free trial of ableton live lite right here.  Just drag your sound files in, select all and click “warp” to make sure that they are not warped (ableton is a music program and it defaults to changing the files to line up with a rhythm, but for you you'll want to uncheck this option.

Now look at the audio level.  Is it very full with lots of black lines, or very thin?  Use the slider to increase it to a useable level. Usually if you recorded with your mic a medium sensitivity, then you will need to att 10 db of gain to the audio.  Next, go over to effects, and drag eq3 and... Read More

Strategic Partners and Affiliates for Crowdfunding

Intro to affiliate / Strategic partners

Okay so affiliates and strategic partners are some of the most important people you can put in place to maximize your launch day.  They are like bloggers but they put their posts out via email and social media.  They are what drives most successful fundraising, and if you don't at least have a few strategic partners in place for your launch, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

When I consider fundraisers for nonprofit organizations, and which is better indiegogo or kickstarter, I always start with online training courses to help me get more from kickstarter or indiegogo. The thing about crowdfunding training classes is that they provide crowdfunding resources that are rewards-based so that when you launch you are most likely to get an indiegogo review and to have launch profits like the best fundraising consultants.

here's how it works: Ideally you know a owner or someone who has their own following, either on social media or via email.  And even better if they servie the community of people who would benefit from your project.  You can look for student groups, meetups, associations, foundations, and businesses that serve your market but aren't direct comptetoris – this means that your solution can benefit their customers without threatening their own market share.  Do a researchh project and use google to find... Read More

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