StartMotionMEDIA is the trusted leader in video production.

With casting, cinematography, editing, and color grading, we empower organizations to have authentic conversations at scale.

Cut through the noise with StartMotionMEDIA

Video Marketing works because people view and respond to videos—and to brands that feel more human.

Simple and Flexible

Our service options include introductory budgets that are attainable for any size.  Only the services you need, with the perfection and polish of a commercial grade video studio.

Truly Social

Video production is more engaging, and more personal. A beautiful video makes people more inclined to listen.  This year, 70% of internet traffic is video. Join the era of video marketing.

A Smarter Solution

Most video production companies provide an over-priced video that feels stale and corporate.  Our lean and efficient production model was designed from the ground up to serve the modern world, with pricing and cinema technique that makes our clients happy. Save 50% on video studio costs when working with StartMotionMEDIA.

Success at Scale

With a fully loaded commerce, social media, or fundraising video at your fingertips, you’ll have engaging content that lasts for years. Our clients make hundreds of sales within the first 6 weeks of having their video, and on average they can drive 10X-15X their production cost in revenue for their company.

Ready to start the conversation?

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Why choose Start Motion Media VIDEO PRODUCTIOn?

We’re going to show you how to work smarter, not harder.

You’ll see some amazing outcomes in your project.

As you go through the process of building your amazing business, and the story behind it.

You have the opportunity to meet a creative video development team, and bringing on technical marketing experience to help your project – we’re going to help you go through that evaluation phase and take your next major marketing step in your business.

For building a video that actually reflects the extra special thing about your business that no one else can do.

Everything we focus on is about how your business solves the biggest problems for the world.

We want to find a way to GIVE back to our clients, all the way. We take full responsibility for our clients well being, and we are doing everything that is in their best interest.

The Game plan:
Start Motion Media is a 4-6 Week Video Content development program. We show you exactly how we create an optimized video plan, so that we can create awesome videos at the right price, consistently.

This program is designed to upgrade every visual, story, and content aspect of your marketing.

Our process:
1. You’ll get clarity on your offer, and something that is your way of describing your project
2. We’ll show you how to do some activating sales and enrollment conversations with your warm network to enroll new customers using the video
3. You’ll get to dial in all your marketing – the way you use Video, Images, and Text to describe your project

What you can expect

If you already have momentum as a business and existing customers, it’s very likely that you’ll start converting more customers fast.

If you don’t, we’ll consult with you as you build that network.

You’ll be able to use video and images to build a base of fans who really love your product.

We’ll show you how to plan and shoot a video. This is “done with you” – it’s really hands on and you have tons of support, we’ll need you to fully share all the creative ideas and examples you have for your video, make important suggestions for how our video plan can happen.

Make marketing content your customers love.

When you focus only on victory, you succeed.

Having a clear idea about who you are and what you are all about, is a good place to start.