As a long time Kickstarter video creator, start motion media uses the best in class technology, and advanced writing systems, to help ensure higher converting video products. In terms of video creation for Kickstarter, we walked clients step-by-step the whole way, So that creating a kick starter video is fast and seamless. Even though it’s not instantaneous, or a kickstart or online tool that you can use, he usually ends up looking much more cinematic and commercially viable, that something you can do in the house. We all know you can spend four weeks fiddling with your phone to make a video for no cost, but is that really where you want to invest your time or energy? I figure affordable Kickstarter video creators are in short supply, so we wanted to make sure you know the best and most direct method for Kickstarter video creation.   I’m east coast – what can I do if I need kickstarter video production new york or toronto?   We offer a satellite services in New York and Toronto to produce Kickstarter videos     You can easily make a video on Kickstarter-you introduce your product to us -> we provide 3 scenarios -> you choose the one you like -> we will take care of the rest. It took years to perfect your product. You have an idea. You did something useful. Something that people will like. Something that will change the world, or at least a small corner of the world. But you have one more thing: when you plan Kickstarter, set ambitious goals, customize your ad copy, and add the finishing touches to the crowdfunding campaign. He still missed a problem: the perfect video. They know exactly how to find the ideal sponsor.You have created something that can solve the problem that will tear you apart. But you may not know much about Kickstarter video production… Although you can spend a few hours figuring out all this Finished: script, cast, filming, location, props, post-production, not to mention renting all equipment. This is time and money, and you can better invest in what you are good at. This is where Double Jump Media appears. We help start-ups, entrepreneurs, dreamers and visionaries like you to tell their stories through professional video production services provided by Kickstarter.We work with large and small companies, from local mini golf courses to well-known companies like Forbes and AT&T, providing live and live video production. We know that high-quality, personalized video content is essential to promote your ideas to sponsors and expand the coverage of your campaign. It only takes 30-45 days to get a professional Kickstarter video without any extra guesswork. We bring your story to life. Your Kickstarter page tells a story.     Watch our recommended video and see what we can do for you. Your video gives you the opportunity to bring this story to life like everything else on the page. However, making a perfect crowdfunding video requires more than just an iPhone. People who need storytellers. At Double Jump Media, we are the primary storyteller. From conception to completion, we strive to turn your vision into reality so that your sponsors believe in your dream as much as you. Looking for designers, screenwriters, video production professionals, editors, etc., we have a complete set of experienced professionals for you to use to create outstanding, effective projects and high-performance videos to drive consumer participation and enhance your brand . Kickstarter video sharing becomes easy. When starting a new crowdfunding campaign, you already have several things to do. This is why our mission is to provide you with an easy and convenient way to watch wonderful Kickstarter videos in just 30-45 days.   Step 1: Idea-When you fill out the form below and arrange a discovery call, the magic begins. We will fully understand your brand, product and story to show our creativity. The team can write the scripts needed to successfully start Kickstarter. Step 2: Solution: We will introduce you to three different options that our team thinks are very suitable for its crowdfunding campaign. Then choose the product that best suits your brand and budget. Step 3: Prepare for production-this is where we really start to do the hard work for you. We collect all the detailed information, so you don’t have to: scripts, casts, scouts, etc. Step 4: Production: After obtaining the final approval, we plan to shoot, collect creative resources and start telling your story. Step 5: Post-production is a dark and intimidating editing room, and our video production masters apply the ultimate magic to your video before you finally understand its content.   From our initial pricing to being able to communicate clearly at every stage of the video production process, we will always provide you with the latest information. No secrets never. ● Empathy. We have been working at eFactory (one of the largest business incubators in the country) for many years. We have served entrepreneurs and startups and worked with them, so we have advertising