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Baubax - The Kickstarter Campaign that raised $9 Million

Hiral Sanghavi needed $20,000 on Kickstarter to fund his BauBax travel jacket. He smashed that target and raised a whopping $9 million.

The crowdfunding campaign for the jacket with 15 built-in features was launched on July 7. Sanghavi had 58 days to meet the goal, but got there in just five hours.

The jacket quickly became the most-funded clothing campaign “not just on Kickstarter but in the history of crowdfunding,” said Sanghavi.

It wasn’t only the most-funded clothing campaign.

The BauBax jacket drive, which ended Thursday, also became Kickstarter’s fourth-most funded campaign ever after the two Pebble Smart Watches and the multi-purpose Coolest Cooler box.

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“I knew we had a great idea, that we’d maybe get a million or two, but never $9 million,” said Sanghavi.

The travel jacket comes in four styles and is designed with multiple hidden functions to make commuting more comfortable and hands-free.

Those include a neck pillow that inflates in two seconds, an insulated cupholder pocket and gloves concealed in each sleeve.

Above quote from CNN Money

The road from Kickstarter campaign launch to ordering the first 80,000 jackets has been nothing short of a sprint for Sanghavi and his team. But the inspiration to keep moving forward from one challenge to the next has come in unexpected places.

“We have gotten so many emails on LinkedIn and direct mail from our customers and readers around the world who say, ‘Your story has inspired me and my wife to take the plunge into entrepreneurship and start something of our own.’ And that is so, so humbling. And feels great,” says Sanghavi. “We were just doing our thing. We were living our dream. Our dream was to launch this product and in that course we ended up inspiring so many people. That feels really nice. That is the moment of success for me. Money is fine, but the fact that we can inspire someone through our work, that is exciting and humbling.”

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Baubax - The Kickstarter Campaign that raised $9 Million

From 2015:
StartMotionMEDIA is happy to announce that Baubax, our video & strategy project now is the 4th most funded project in Kickstarter history. Our film & strategy team worked hard to create a compelling commercial-style story depicting the multi uses of their product, and sure enough, we pulled it off! BAUBAX received more than $9 Million worth of pre-orders when their campaign ended.We helped create an amazing video inside an airplane at Air Hollywood, and it ultimately generated over 232,000 views on youtube, not counting their viewers on kickstarter, and they followed exactly our grassroots branding strategies that helped get all their friends and family involved from the start.

BAUBAX – The worlds best travel jacket San Francisco Los Angeles

We filmed and produced this in Los Angeles at an airplane facility known as Air Hollywood. After getting the right lighting grips and talent for the Southern California area, we were set to begin filming!

We helped create an amazing video inside an airplane, and it ultimately generated over 232,000 views on youtube, not counting their viewers on kickstarter, and they followed exactly our grassroots branding strategies that helped get all their friends and family involved from the start.

Baubax didn’t really need most of our other crowdfunding tips. Because he ended up choosing the best of all crowdfunding service providers. Even after utilizing our crowdfunding guide, and a chance for us to review how he was describing the perks for backers in his donation-based project, our fundraising tips didn’t end up meaning much. After going through our crowdfunding training classes he went ahead and selected one of the best crowdfunding marketing companies, whose crowdfunding tactics with advertising are a great complement to our things to write about. After reading one indiegogo review about his partnership, I saw that in addition to a great video, they were one of the best resources for reward crowdfunding.

Ecommerce Case Study: BauBax

Hailed by Business Insider as the most highly funded piece of clothing in crowdfunding history, Baubax is the 6th most successful kickstarter ever. Baubax’s multi-feature travel jackets attracted over 55,000 backers in total and raised over $11.5 million before even launching. Husband and wife team, Hiral Sanghavi and Yoganshi Shah, noticed a gap in the market for economical and efficiently designed travel jackets, and strove to create a product that addresses the many inconveniences that travelers face.


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The BauBax Travel Jacket Review

BauBax travel coat audit – highlights

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Here at Start Motion Media, we love to travel with as little luggage as possible. Things that fill different needs or make it so our stuff occupies less room can be excessively useful. Nowadays numerous carriers are getting stricter about portable bags, leaving a considerable lot of us searching for better approaches to pack carry-on as it were. So when a few individuals from the #HPLWorld Facebook bunch began discussing the BauBax travel coat, we needed to find out additional.

BauBax travel coat survey – highlights

The BauBax travel coat has numerous highlights

Highlights of the BauBax travel coat

BauBax makes four distinctive travel coats: an aircraft, a sweatshirt, a jacket, and an overcoat. They accompany numerous highlights intended to make travel simpler, similar to an implicit inflatable neck pad, an eye cover, and numerous pockets explicitly intended for things like your telephone, tablet, identification, and that’s just the beginning. It even has a beverage holder pocket. The coats come in male and female renditions.

BauBax Travel Jacket Features:

Neck cushion

Drink pocket

Microfiber material

Sunglass pocket

Tablet pocket

Handwarming pockets

Headphone holder

Eye Mask

Identification pocket

Telephone pocket

Pen + Stylus

Charger pocket

Cover pocket


Be that as it may, we needed to get notification from individuals who have really utilized a BauBax coat. This is what two or three our perusers needed to state.

The BauBax Sweatshirt Jacket

Aggie possesses the sweatshirt and mentioned to me what she enjoys and doesn’t care for about it.

BauBax travel sweatshirt survey

Aggie cherishes the pockets on her BauBax travel sweatshirt

What do you like about the Baubax sweatshirt?

I love that it has such a significant number of pockets to store things and I don’t generally need to convey a tote/shoulder sack around. Since I’m a movement blogger and day by day sketcher, I convey a movement estimated sketch unit which incorporates a pocket measured sketchbook, water shading paint palette and a pen and water brush. The coat has a lot of extra room to hold those things without it being and looking excessively cumbersome.

I additionally love the enormous inside pocket, the eyeglass cleaner that is joined to within pocket, and the appended pen.

What don’t you like about the sweatshirt?

The pockets which you can slip your hands in to keep warm don’t zoom up. I tend to place my handbag in those pockets in any coat so to realize that anything that I put in the pocket could be zoomed up securely would be incredible. Additionally those hand warming pockets (as I call them) are not profound so placing anything in there without the zip can undoubtedly drop out.

I additionally don’t care for how substantial the coat is. I’d very much want a lighter coat. In winter it’s an incredible coat to keep me warm and toasty, yet I feel that I heat up too rapidly wearing this coat.

Has the BauBax sweatshirt made it simpler for you to go with carry-on as it were?

Not excessively simpler. Despite the fact that it has a great deal of pockets, since I consider this specific model that I have excessively substantial, I tend not to go with it much. It’s helpful to have however I surmise the cumbersomeness and the way that I over warmth in it makes it more outlandish for me to need to go with it. Perhaps I ought to have acquired the one of the others.

Anyway both my better half and adolescent child love their BauBax coats and wear them in simply day by day life and particularly for movement.

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OK prescribe this coat to other female voyagers?

Likely not the specific model I have for movement, on the grounds that as I referenced before it’s excessively substantial and massive for my enjoying (I’m just 4′ 11′). I don’t go through the blow neck pad at all and have never gone with it (again it’s excessively substantial, my family feel the equivalent about the neck cushion). On the off chance that they made a lighter rendition like ScottEVest do, with zoom up hand pockets I would get one however I possibly ever wear mine when it’s virus at home and around yet not for movement.

BauBax Bomber and Sweatshirt

Natalie claims both the aircraft and the sweatshirt, so she responded to my inquiries in view of the two things.

BauBax travel plane coat survey

Notwithstanding the sweatshirt, Natalie additionally possesses a BauBax plane coat

What do you like about the BauBax aircraft and sweatshirt?

I love every one of the pockets in these coats. I additionally truly love the inherent eye cover on the main release coats. My plane was requested through the Kickstarter so it has the first eye veil, and it is marvelous for resting on flights. The cushion is excessively comfortable also.

The plane is exceptionally warm, I had the option to wear it as my essential coat in Iceland on a cold December day. The plane additionally is by all accounts water safe in the middle zone, however not on the arms. I love the stretch and adaptability of the sweatshirt. I wear it constantly, in any event, when I’m not voyaging.

What don’t you like about the plane and sweatshirt?

The plane coat is extremely firm, so I can perceive how it’d be awkward for some to wear on a long flight or outing. I requested the sweatshirt through BauBax after the Kickstarter finished so it might be a second or third version of the coat. It doesn’t have a similar eye cover as my plane coat and I quite abhor it. The cover isn’t completely associated with the hood of the coat like in the main release coats so it’s extremely simply like an arbitrary little fold. It scarcely covers the eyes the whole distance and allows in a lot of light.

>>See what to pack to assist you with dozing on planes.

I like the pen/stylus, yet I am very distrustful about losing it, so I withdraw it from the zipper and simply leave it in whatever handbag I’m going with at the time.

Have the Baubax coats made it simpler for you to go with carry-on as it were?

Indeed, it has made it simpler to travel continue as it were. Notwithstanding doing continue just, I likewise just travel with a little cross body pack, so I have even less space for in-flight basics. I’ve never needed to stress over having the option to get to every one of my basics while going with this coat. I likewise never feel impeded when I’m utilizing this coat.

A portion of the highlights like the would holder be able to take I don’t use in that specific way for the most part since I believe it’s somewhat senseless to walk/lounge around with an open can in your front pocket. Perhaps that is simply me.

OK prescribe BauBax to other female explorers?

I would prescribe this coat to other female voyagers. It’s a solid, all around made coat, and regardless of whether you don’t utilize every one of the highlights, it’s decent looking and agreeable. My aircraft coat functioned as a coat in Iceland and London in December climate and was decent enough for me to wear to the auditorium in London in numerous events.

Do you possess a BauBax travel coat? What’s your opinion about it?

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