1. Capture our attention and help us “get it” in the first 10 seconds
  2. Show us the why and the background of the project
  3. Explore the solution features and the insights that customers receive
  4. End with a distinct and actionable request: your call to action should include a active statement, like “back us now!” 
  5. Kickstarter can accept 1080p and 4k video files, however 4k files sometimes have weird frame issues.  We recommend 24p framerate; it looks much more cinematic – 60p is not really a production framrate as it actually makes things look fake – we use 60p only when we plan to slow it down in post production.  Encode it to h264 . 


Kickstarter video size and other kickstarter video tips.


Since we kicked her video depends on how complex her product is, but in general a two minute length should be sufficient. Research is suggesting that anything longer than that and your viewers are being asked to commit to much time, it’s most likely that someone will give us your project within the first three minutes, or not at all.


Kickstarter can handle both HD 1080 and 4K sizes, but even more important than the video size, as well as pictures inside of it. Make sure to use a nice camera with advanced lenses, so your work appears to be at a professional level, phone recordings might seem convenient, but because everything is so sharp, people will know you recorded it on the phone and that will lose trust for the project. The best size for a kick starter project is one client span between five and $10k usd to bring a professional production company and to support it


It is safe to say that you are Struggling to Upload Your Kickstarter Video Because it Isn’t in the Right Format?

It is safe to say that you are hoping to make a Kickstarter video and need to be arranged?

We have the appropriate response, in any case:

Your Kickstarter video design should be in MOV, WMV, or MP4 to be transferred to your mission. MP4 is suggested in light of the fact that it will give preferred video quality over WMV and more flexibility than MOV.

There are two speedy approaches to transform your Kickstarter video design into a MP4 document. One way is finished with YouTube, and the alternate way should be possible with Adobe Media Encoder.

Here is the means by which to change your video design utilizing YouTube:

To begin with, open your YouTube account. In the event that you didn’t as of now have a clue, you ought to have a YouTube Channel that is connected to your Google account email address. Basically go to YouTube.com and you ought to naturally be endorsed into your record.

Transfer your video to YouTube and change the view from “Public” to “Private”.

Then, click on “Video Manager” as found in the base right-hand corner.

At that point, select the drop-down button close to “alter” and click “Download MP4.

Youtube is a simple and helpful approach to change the Kickstarter Video Format. At the point when you download a video from YouTube, it will consequently make your video adequately little to be transferred to Kickstarter. Try not to stress over losing quality by minimizing the record size. Kickstarter will have to do this in any case to make the experience more proficient for watchers. Your video will in any case glance incredible in your watchers’ eyes as long as the recording is clear, in any case.

Then, here is the manner by which to change your video design utilizing Audio Media Encoder:

To begin with, open Audio Media Encoder and select your video.

At that point select where it says “F4V” to open the Export Settings.

Snap the drop-down menu close to “Organization,” and look down to where it says “H.264”. This is the arrangement you need.

The Kickstarter video organization should now be in MP4. You can twofold check by taking a gander at the “Source” data under the “Rundown” segment. It should say “Clasp, ‘videoname.mp4′”

You are currently prepared to transfer your video to Kickstarter.

Also, on the off chance that you haven’t made your video at this point, we post a lot of assets here on our blog. On the off chance that you would prefer not to need to stress over learning the entirety of the subtleties, Funded Today can assist you with your video and page creation also. Allow us to deal with everything for you!

Supported Today comprehends crowdfunding Videos better than any other person since we’ve chipped away at a larger number of missions than some other organization.

Kickstarter Video Format

Recordings should be 250MB or less, and can be transferred as MOV, MP4, or WMV documents. In case you’re interested about tech specs, Kickstarter takes all record transfers and makes a 640 x 360 (16:9 proportion) rendition to show on your undertaking page. You can likewise insert a video facilitated on YouTube or Vimeo, in the event that you don’t really want to transfer straightforwardly to Kickstarter.

In case you’re including gifs or sound clasps in your pitch, Kickstarter suggests holding these records under 5MB so they’re effectively shareable. Kickstarter additionally gives you the alternative to add captions and inscribing to your primary video project. Simply save your transferred video, select the language you’re adding captions or inscribing in, and click “Add Track” to begin.

Kickstarter Video Length

The reality: keep it quick and painless. The objective of the video is to get potential supporters energized enough to peruse on. The video ought to be three minutes in length or less. Keep in mind, the crowdfunding video is only one piece of your entire mission, you can utilize the remainder of your page or profile to dive into the subtleties! The more limited the video, the more probable individuals are to make it as far as possible – and to your source of inspiration.

Fruitful Crowdfunding Video Examples

3Doodler 3D Pen: Raised $2,344,134

In this video, the organizers hold their pitch under 3 minutes. The crowdfunding effort video works really hard of displaying the 3D doodling pen item. They lead with its advantages, its uniqueness, and by depicting who might appreciate utilizing a 3D printing pen. At that point, the originators incorporate somewhat about their own story, including how far along the item is and what their crowdfunding effort plans to achieve. The pitch is clear, brief, and amazing!

Snuggle + Kind sew dolls that help feed youngsters: Raised $446,170

Discussion about moving! This video centers around the organizer’s story, featuring the second they were roused to begin the task. The rich symbolism emphatically exhibits the lovable, hand-made dolls. Then, the moving story includes a few close-ups of children snuggling the dolls, compared with kids eating suppers gave through the mission. The mission video is effective in light of the fact that it makes a moving story that makes the watcher need to be a piece of something that simply feels better.

Flula and the Making of Johnny Fist: Raised $37,881

This is peculiar, however surely successful. YouTube star Flula Borg’s pitch video is overflowing with energy and great fun: you can’t turn away from this quick pitch for a film inside a film (or something?). Flula dispatches into his first-individual point of view pitch while running down the road, just to uncover there’s a camera team likewise recording. He vigorously clarifies the task while exchanging between these two points of view, offering a sample of what the last undertaking could resemble should Flula arrive at his subsidizing objectives (and he did!)

Crowdfunding Video Made

With Biteable

Crowdfunding Introduction – Alan Payne

Here’s an incredible illustration of a client made, Biteable crowdfunding video. It’s a smart thought, clarified well, it looks great, and scarcely cost anything to deliver. You could even make one for nothing with Biteable, look at the free formats segment here!

Regardless of what crowdfunding stage you pick, remember this guide while making your mission video. Allow your item the best opportunity at progress by ensuring you recount your story with heart, keeping it short and straightforward, and reminding individuals how to get included toward the end. At that point sit back, and watch patrons run to your page!