The 10 Styles of Commercial Product Videos (and when to use them)

Choosing the right video style can make all the difference in how you get your message across. Live action is one of the best ways to create an emotional bond with viewers. We’ll tell you when and where to use a certain type and give you the tools to help you create them. Sales videos benefit from live action because it adds more layers to your marketing. On YouTube, videos and tutorials with real people work very well because seeing a real person creates empathy and understanding in your audience. To make live action videos, you’ll need equipment that can capture live action, and that means a camera.

Here are the types of commercial video styles and where to use them

  1. Live Action Video Production
  2. Animation
  3. Whiteboard Videos
  4. Motion Graphics Videos
  5. Typography Videos
  6. Screencast Videos
  7. Live Action Screencast
  8. Live Streaming
  9. Photo Montage
  10. 3d Animated Product Render

There are three animation styles: 2D, 3D and stop-motion. Biteable helps you create easy, affordable, studio-quality animations. The chalkboard animation tells a creative story with pictures drawn on a chalkboard. How-to videos show the details of your product or service in an easy-to-digest way. Whiteboard videos are great for presentations with a large number of numbers because they make it easy to get into a good rhythm when alternating between speaking and writing. Motion graphics effectively communicate complicated ideas in an easy-to-digest way. Moving text or kinetic typography is an animation technique that combines movement and words to express ideas. Powtoon helps you create eye-catching and eye-catching motion graphics videos that fit your brand. Typography is a great technique when you have a simple concept or sentiment to share.

When you want to include information in a short period of time, quick typography is a great option. Kinetic typography can “talk” and accumulate tons of energy without making a sound. Screencasts are probably the most efficient way to explain how a particular app works. Live action screencast is perfect for YouTube demo videos and video blog posts. Live streaming is great when you want to take your audience into a current and intimate experience. Photomontages or slideshows combine photos with music and voiceovers to tell a story. These are great for recapping events, especially milestones like anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. There are no hard and fast rules, but some styles tend to fit better than others. Do you want to create an audience by entertaining people? Do you need to teach potential customers how to do something? Watch the whiteboard video. Live action can be expensive if you have a lot of actors and locations.

Both animation and motion graphics require graphic designers and animators. There are nine different styles of marketing videos and when to use them. Find a style that works for you and brainstorm with your team. If you have a brand for kids with a pet, but you market with live action video, your audience may not understand it. Or vice versa, if you are a “in the world” business, but post a lot of videos on the whiteboard, people may not pay attention.