Why video web designing is an essential way to promote your business online

“You have a perfect website”, – Said no one ever.

The disappointment filled the bucket?

Well, that may be because you never paid attention to the website after its first launch or never knew the importance of a good website design and what wonders it can do for your business.

If that’s the case, you missed out on significant business opportunities despite making all the marketing and branding efforts so far. Your website is your biggest brand asset, and you can’t deny this as a fact!

It’s high time to either run to a good branding company or a specific website design company that understands your brand requirements and holds your hands till the end of perfection.

However, before you jump onto any of the creative agencies, it’s essential to understand what good it will do for your business and why you need it in real. 

Unless you aren’t aware of the benefits, you won’t be able to make suggestions or perceive what the experts are trying to propose for your brand as it’s your own idea or dream taking a visual shape, and none would know or imagine it better than you.

Keep the following benefits at the back of your mind while you make the final decision:

Add a touch of video professionalism to your brand

Have you met someone whom you introduced to your business, and the very next question was – ‘Oh! Can you share your website?’ You had no option but to deny it, saying it’s under construction because you were embarrassed enough by the design and layout?

Well, having a good website with decent design will make your business look more professional in front of the stakeholders, including a third-party person you just met at a gathering too; as it represents you are serious about your business affairs and made efforts to take it online for your target audience to know, understand and interact.

Next time you meet any business professional or an entrepreneur interested to know your business, just showcase your well-designed website and flaunt it high! We are sure the deal will be all done right there at the right time.

Acts as your online video office space

Consider your website just like an offline office and restructure your thoughts around what my customers would observe when they enter the office for the first time. Office ambiance, cleanliness, easy direction towards your products placement rack or service providing space or cabins, the response time of seller or office staff, etc., and further on this line.

Online business is no different! It works on the same principles; however, just the customers get a virtual platform to go through the entire experience.

If you wish to enhance your customer’s buying journey experience, engage in deeper engagements with your target audience, and make them your loyal fan throughout, it’s no harm in paying a little more attention to the website designing spectrum and getting it sorted! Unfortunately, negligence can cause a little more damage than imagined.

We have researched statistics by Little Big Red Dot right in front to help you be aware of the alarming numbers:

I hope you don’t wish to repeat the mistakes of others and take a learning lesson here! The reality check is high here.

Showcase your culture and thought process behind the brand

We underestimate the importance of auxiliaries like logo, mission and vision statement, about us section, website themes, mood boards, fonts used, etc., in promoting our brand to the world. However, half of the work is done by those side standers that are there as cheerleaders for your brand.

For instance, imagine – a good well structured, and clean website with readable fonts written in decent attention-grabbing yet soothing to the eyes, colors reflecting a clear vision and goal of the brand, which won’t have a home in the audience’s heart right there and remember you first when they require a similar product or service? Of course, you can’t deny this reality!

Make your readers just do that by keeping your designs up to the mark!

Trust us – Your sales targets will be halfway flourished, done, and dusted right there!

Good designs can pitch as a competitive advantage for your brand

Imagine it’s Christmas time, and you are out to buy sweets and gifts for your loved ones – there is shop A with just a typical ambiance like every day, and then there is Shop B where the owner has decorated the whole premise and has presented the sweets and gifts in the form of a beautiful hamper in attractive color papers with ribbons on the top (without asking for the extra bucks)

The sweets served at Shop A and Shop B are both the same – in taste, shape, and price!

Which one will you go for?

Without a second thought Shop B? Who doesn’t like to be pampered and taken care of?

Here, the Shop B owner knows exactly what my target customers like and how my presentation skills will change the game for me with a little extra effort.

As you did, your customers would select the same website where they get a better shopping experience, hassle-free product navigation, the core knowledge regarding your service in a clean screen ambiance, etc., and more!

A good website design will put you ahead of your competitors and help you build a loyal customer base for your brand.

Enhanced customer satisfaction  

‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness – and this statement never goes out of style irrespective of the context.

If you take this statement seriously and adopt this concept sincerely, it will work wonders for your audience.

A clean interface will not only attract the right customers and stay longer on your website but also make it easy for the web crawlers to navigate to the right place within less time, allowing you to save the crawl budget effectively and spend it on required pages.

Alongside, a well-designed website also saves you from answering a lot of callers asking about basics like the address, working hours, opening time, customer support email address, and so on. A clean and organized website delivers the audience all the needed information with the best visibility. This not only saves their time from calling and waiting for someone to answer but saves their time as well and increases productivity. Such transparency boosts the audience’s experience toward a positive one.

Aid to lead generation strategy

Website design is predicted to be one of the main reasons for campaign failures. The simple reason is the website’s poor aesthetics which frustrates the buyers and leaves the website early, ultimately increasing the bounce rates. On the other hand, it hypes up the marketing cost as the entire budget spent on acquiring customers goes waste when a potential buyer lands on the website and leaves before making the purchase or exploring the services.

A good website design and structure aim to give a cakewalk user experience, allowing them to make quicker decisions and end up in the checkout section, thus succeeding in the lead generation strategy.

It adds brand consistency

Have you bought anything from a brand that you know nothing about? I know you are popping your eyes out as it’s obvious, NO! So, how do you expect a person to make a purchase knowing zero about your brand? That’s why you need brand consistency. 

For attracting new customers, brand consistency is essential. Not every visitor that runs their eye over your website is going to make a purchase at their very visit. But, with brand consistency, you can create such an existence and image of the brand that whenever the user feels like getting the product, they land straight on your website, ignoring all your competitors. 

Having the same font, style, and layout across all web pages makes it easy for the audience to recognize you. It makes you look attentive, professional, and a reliable brand. If your website is not consistent, there is a high probability that most of your visitors will bounce off in a few seconds. Your website should be perfect to indicate that all your services and products are perfect. 

Assist optimization efforts

Do you often feel that even after consistent SEO efforts, your website is not ranking on the first page of Google? The reason must be – a not up-to-the-mark website design that would not impress the user as per their expectations.

An attractive and plain-sailing website design will be a helping hand in keeping the audience hooked to your website, and the SEO efforts will start to show up more effectively.

Now you know the reason why it’s essential for your business promotion and have decided to revamp your website with a good design, here are a few points you should keep in mind and discuss with the designer before the start of the execution process:

Pay attention to human psychology

Humans are attracted to things that appeal to their eyes. Therefore, it’s advisable to prepare a buyer persona of your target audience in advance through research and understand their mindset, likings, and preferences before proceeding to create a website for them. As per the research, a good color palette plays a massive role in hooking the audience’s attention span within the first few seconds of their visit to the website.

Keep it accessible for the bots

If it is easy for your audience but difficult for the bots to read, your website will never appear at the top. For more people to notice you, it’s important to keep it bot friendly. Preparing a proper sitemap for the website is of great help for the bots to crawl through the pages efficiently.

Follow a 3-in-1 strategy 

Ensure all your service pages, blogs, and contact information are three clicks away from the homepage to keep it easy to navigate. If your audience comes to your website to find specific information and they have to dig deep to get there, it will force them to leave your website earlier than expected, ending up losing a potential customer.

Make them fall for the letters & words

Fonts have a significant role in keeping the audience on the website, as readability is a big factor. If it’s hard on their eyes, they won’t like to stress and give it a further read. Therefore, keep the fonts clear and appealing. Alongside fonts, try not to use complicated words just to look fancy. You will engage your audience when they understand you. Using simple words that are easy to understand makes it easy to connect. 

A visitor is on your site to get important information. And, to provide the right information in the right tone and using the right words, you need to have quality copywriting. As the visitor engages with your content, the on-page time increases. The content of your website is similarly important as the design. 

Responsive Design

Above 50% of total traffic is directed from mobile devices and over $1.36 trillion of the total digital sales acquired by mobile visitors, mobile responsive design IS a must! Audiences can access your website via mobile phones, desktops, tablets, etc. and, to engage them and convert, you need to provide an excellent and uniform experience across all devices. 

Call-to-action Buttons(CTA)

The call-to-action button is the key element that drives your website visitors to perform an action. A well-designed, visible, and easily usable CTA can increase the conversion rate and lead you toward your business goal. The best practice is to make it look a little unique from the other elements of the page so it’s easily visible to the visitor to make an action. 

It’s your portfolio – don’t forget!

Imagine your website to be like an exhibition hall where you showcase your products in front of your target audience in real. Similarly, you can exhibit your best work so far and testimonials of your past work on your website to attract new customers. It acts like a portfolio of your work and adds goodwill to your overall business.

The above points, when executed correctly, will raise no complaints further.

“You have a perfect website” – everyone will ALWAYS say!

And none else will be happiest about it!

Happy revamping!

 Author Bio: Brijesh Jakharia 

Brijesh Jakharia co-founded SPINX Digital in 2005 and takes great pride in crafting web and mobile marketing solutions for mid-market businesses to enterprises. Marketing is his passion and the thrill to build a brand from the ground up has helped him craft successful brand stories for world-class clients. While not at work, he loves to spend his time on research and reading digital content stories.

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