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Our process


Our team of creatives will help you share your story through a humanist lens. With each of our clients, we forge a unique relationship and tailor our approach accordingly. We will work with you to find your voice and to capture the soul of your brand. 


Storytelling goes far beyond words. It is about voice, tone, music, visuals. For us, it’s all important: the senses, the shots, the angles, the lighting, the sounds, the cuts, the NARRATIVE.


Filmmaking is a multidimensional form of storytelling. We aim for our form to reflect the content. 



On all of our shoots, we send a Director of Photography (DP), a second camera operator, an Art Director and a Production Assistant – in addition to the talent you will cast alongside us. 



From here, our top-notch editor takes the reigns, along with the vision of our entire creative team, and you of course. We offer you multiple cuts until your story is ready to be shared with the world.



Styles we Play With:



Scripted/Commercial/Branded – By scripted, we aren’t talking about some robotic radio voiceover listing off product features, but instead, meaningful exposition that gets to the heart of what makes experiences unique. Our stories are well-crafted using a storyboard and archetypal narratives arcs that resonate.


Documentary – Telling stories of real people having real experiences. Mixture of well-produced sit-down interviews, in the moment scenes, dialogue and voiceover narration.


VeritaeNatural and true to life. Going into the environment and finding the beauty and grit that is there.

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    Developing an effective story for your video

    Whеn уоu make а startup explainer video, you hope to рrоvіdе vіеwеrѕ wіth аn іnѕіdе look аt a соmрlеx рrоduсt

  • 2

    Shotlist development and film day logistics

    Eсоnоmісаl live action vіdео plan, imagery thаt wіll аѕѕіѕt you tо grоw the visual scope of your buѕіnеѕѕ to grow your impact

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    Performance Editing and Fast Turnaround

    An оrіgіnаl рrоduсtіоn ѕtуlе, modern, and detailed соntеnt to еnѕurе уоur vіdеоѕ аrе rеmеmbеrеd and shared.

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    Marketing consulting and professional support

    Distribution and viewership are complicated. Let us show you the way to make sure your audience perks up

Video + Fundraising strategy for your world-changing idea.

Our mission: Empower business owners, companies, and startups  to drive funding with an awesome video impact.

We can bring your story to life in a way, because our production process influences the market for better promotion, fundraising, retention, you name it.. If you are ready to go public with your video marketing campaign, let’s partner and implement a cohesive visual scope to motivate a community around your epic brand.

Need video to raise money for your company? We can help.

In addition to commercial video production, our process is specifically designed to help you along in a kickstarter, indiegogo, or other crowdfunding fundraising project…





Fundraising“My company, Greenheart Creative, has hired StartMotionMEDIA as our video producers for three consecutive years at the Wanderlust FestivalThey have been responsible for in-depth shooting and developing the creative. All their staff perform well in the video production environment. Their team confidently does what needs to be done to help every story succeed. They take extremely good care of clients and others on a personal and professional level, and thus seem to manage stressful situations with grace. They communicate with compassion, and are very clear and organized. I have hired StartMotionMEDIA 3 straight years, and plan to bring them on board again next year, right when our annual marketing budget is released. I think they are key players for any video production project: they really care about continual improvements in success metrics, and are some of the best at making great videos, always learning from each experience.”

“StartMotionMEDIA was able to help CODEPINK Women for Peace work toward our 10th anniversary gala event for investors and shareholders by creating a short video documenting inspiring work from the past decade of peace activism. Their company was thoughtful, organized, and worked quickly to meet our project launch deadline. His company accommodated our needs and feedback quickly. I would highly recommend engaging the pre-production brainstorming sessions regarding video content and storyline with StartMotionMEDIA, who, in addition to having the technical skills necessary for a production, have a lot of wisdom on effective and persuasive narrative development as well.”
– Rae

“StartMotionMedia helped our vision get rooted in reality, and our video production work kept moving in the right direction. To all your staff pre-production and videographers and editors: I appreciate your willingness and commitment to understanding more about my project than I even did, doing what is needed to make things happen, and your clarity about the creative storytelling that would convert. Everyone on your team is smart, kind, caring, talented. I will recommend you to people who need help launching their next marketing campaign, and who see the value in an amazing video. Thanks for everything!”
– Robert, Inspiration Campaign

“StartMotionMEDIA created an inspiring crowdfunding video to support our project. And they walked us hand in hand through the peer-to-peer crowdfunding launch. Their consulting was everything we needed, and only what we needed. Thank god I chose to go ahead with Agency quality –  we we’re successfully funded, and then some! Their eye for capturing the human spirit made our message so much more compelling and inspiring. With deep appreciation,”
– Magalie, Dancing without Borders


“The most helpful services were storyline creation, production logistics, visual creative development, and of course awesome shooting (their director knew how to get the human spirit back in our actors), and the speedy editing, and ultimate video creation. StartMotionMEDIA is thorough, organized, they pay attention to detail, they are prompt, open-minded, and patient. From the first call to shooting day, everything was well thought out. And if I knew ahead of time the advanced camera rigs they had, or the hollywood quality color grading they did, the other “low budget” people I was considering would have paled by comparison. They do what they need to learn about the project and the company behind the project. On the day of our shoot, went through all the sequences and visual shots we needed to capture. The production team was very strict on the production day despite me wanting to add things that were not discussed – I liked that aspect as it would have thrown us off schedule and off track…their director kept us together. I am very happy with the video.”
– Adrian, Slick Athletics

StartMotionMEDIA offers professional Video quality, with added Fundraising Consulting.

Your video and end fundraiser product deserves the highest quality starting point. Our lenses, video, and audio recording devices are the best in their field. They produce a color depth and sharpness that allows your project to stand out, and because of that we know your project will have an impact. Get better-looking HD video production at an affordable price. When you combine our equipment with creative videography from years of experience, you can see why we guarantee persuasive, and reliable results in our videos.

Digital Marketing Branding Social Motion Media Production

Contact us to explore our talent, capabilities, and creative resources.

Immersive video experiences that inspire culture

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    Story-rich branded content

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    The entertainment industry's greatest collection of Directors

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    Seed, Angel, and Series-A video pitches

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    For brands, platforms, agencies, and studios.

Millions of newsletters, billions of display ads are produced each year. Countless agencies will turn ideas and insights into a new set of marketing assets. You have many choices, and we are aware that Start Motion Media (SMM) is only one of many social trend, holistic assets creative marketing production companies. But that is where the similarity ends.

Start Motion Media is the gateway to your marketing advantage.

Start Motion Media can become a seamless creative asset and motion media extension for your marketing department, to leverage stragic insights, improve ad quality, saving you money, and earning more customers.

As the highest quality small, rapid-development national marketing agency, we make your marketing plan per your requirements. We measure success by the enhanced  advantage we build with you, for you.

When does heightened marketing advantage matter? If your conversion requirements are for emerging tech, or impact product stories that aren’t simple, then these complex, emerging storytelling narratives are probably creating stress and friction in your product marketing team. Do you need a web designer or video guy, or do you need a direct response social video expert, sitting next to a brand strategist?

Turn urgent and inspiring ideas, into impact-focused motion digital content.

From product advocacy, to TV ads, to reels, newsletters and live events. We even specialize in demand generation and account-based marketing, to help you focus on creating polished assets for only the highest-value prospects.

With sustainable storytelling and inspiring brand transformations at our core, SMM gives you a conversion edge, with faster TTL and better quality than ever thought possible.

Problem solving. Artistic storytelling. Building world-class motion digital for the modern age.


1. Turn your idea into an orchestral masterpiece

Finding the solutions to messaging problems, harmonizing differing voices, and developing the new way to talk to your customers so that they are motivated by warmth, love, and joy – these are our greatest talents, and they are at your service, from our directors to our writers, designers, cinematograpers, and editors.  As a heart-centered company, there is so much more magic which enters the scene.

2. Use the latest agile tools to be more effective.

Transform your Brand
Seamless Intake
Craft Your Identity
Realize the Unimagined
Create Real Value
Your Brand Comes to Life
Reach New Horizons

3.Tell a complex product story, with simplicity poise

Arrive to the vista of your own new horizon.

The scope of your vision just got bigger. Connect with story, add lifestyle scenes and turn your static product into a living brand that fans can play forever in the heart of your store.

4. All the agency,
without the BS

A simpler and more meaningful way to get a comprehensive omni-channel plan, along with all the imaging and video content that you desperately need, in order to launch your product.


Health & Fitness
Home Security
Product Design
Travel Accessories
Food & Culture
Content Publishing

Where a little goes a long way.

Entertain your customers and help them open to new vistas.

Join 400+ other clients who launched a new brand or product.

Only 15 minutes could save you 50% or more on agency costs*

Deep Rooted on the West Coast. With our NYC and DEN directors standing by.

Understanding your video requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique and modern final product. Not to mention using the latest cameras and color scopes available.

Make the world a better experience.

We can tell the story of your entire company: in an effective, moving, 90 second explainer video, or a nurturing email sequence, or a high performing digital ad..

Our mission: Empower business owners, companies, and startups  to drive sales with an awesome impact.

If you are ready to go in-depth with your targeted marketing campaign, let’s partner and implement a cohesive product message, to motivate prospects around your epic company.

Affordable Explainer Video Production Company

Cutting edge solutions

To be unforgettable, you have to be different.

Technology trends

The reason explainer videos are impactful and famous

Industry experts

StartMotionMEDIA provides project creators the maximum support

Premium Video Production

Sоmеthіng соmрlеtеlу nеw and dіffеrеnt

Affordable Explainer Video Production Company. Grow your company, reach customers, and get investment

How do you do it? With a decade of video experience, StartMotionMEDIA is able to help you bridge the gap and get a tailored video for your growth stage. Our work includes video strategy and marketing, and we handle all the internal communications and promotional goals you have with ease. So that you can go on growing.
Our startup promotional videos are the result of in-depth insights and the step-by-step process we use to help our clients triumph and win every time. Whether it's a new audience, a key investor pitch, or a way to connect with your existing customers, we've got the training for videos to get them onboard.

Your startup story is unique. A video can:


How can you make sure that your video is meaningful to the people that matter? Our persuasive communication modes always ring true


By learning how your audience makes decisions, we can make a targeted ad to swiftly move people


Once you've made a lead into a customer, you have to retain them. We'll help research your audience and develop explainer videos to enroll them deeper

Trying to make an “okay looking” video with your in-house team? Failing at it?

Our startup work helps you move the needle without wasting precious time

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    Develop an Effective Strategy

    We gather unique info about your project, and present you with a comprehensive production document. In general, from your first meeting, we can generate the concept and be on the ground filming in 2-3 weeks.

  • 2

    Implement the Film Day

    The latest cameras. Lenses only a pro would know about. Experienced cinematography directors who can draw out human emotion. The camera stabilizers that Hollywood uses. All at your office. Whenever you want them.

  • 3

    Edit, Revise, and Test your Video

    We know you are data-driven. So are we. We can help you A/B test your video edits to discover which cuts convert best, so that your campaign is build on more than just a gut feeling. Off the whiteboard, and into the field.

Better than expected results,
at a fraction of the cost.

Make your marketing pop with explainer videos and your next startup profile video. We'll bring to you the best in scalable design thinking for video, so that you can stay focused on product and customers (or getting your next investor).

Start Up Videos

Although our business video production services are affordable, they are also strong on the key components: experience, story, cinematography, and pacing.

Basic video productions are similar to affordable video production, but when it comes to your startup, startup video production should be in a totally different category.

Oftentimes when you need to get your startup fundraising done, what you need is an explainer video production company or demo video to show your investor prospects. And couple that with a firm that also offers landing page video production, your demo video production and video content production will blow your mind.

The thing about business explainer videos are that many folks want animations of motion graphics. That's where our animated explainer videos come in:

Want to work together?

Whether its for angel investors, or your next lead generation campaign, we know our way around the startup video pitch, and would love to lend you a hand. Give us your contact and we'll set up a 20 minute call to discuss your business, and on the call we can discuss more about our process and pricing.

Learn about Start Up Video

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