After launching hundreds of projects, and completing video production for a various set of fundraising and emerging brands clients, we are happy to say that all of our projects have successfully generated a more engagement for their companies. Whether it was to convert new customers on the sales page, or to tell the stories of the founders, we’ve done it every time, and as a Kickstarter video production company, we pride ourselves in reducing the risk often inherent and creative investment, by using a format that as well regarded, effective, and repeatable.   Situated in Northern California, we make amazing video content for business people everywhere on the world. We have some expertise in Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding video creation and business marking plugs that moves crowds to activity. Be that as it may… we are not your normal videographers. We are movie producers turned web advertisers. ↳ This implies pay us once, and we’ll make you a film that pays you for quite a long time to come. ↵ We’ve by and by dispatched our own administrations, programming projects, internet business items, automated revenue creating advanced downloads and online courses. We understand the stuff to take your image to a higher level through video. Each convincing Kickstarter video creation begins with the informing. We should recount an enthralling story together. Pull in your optimal client and outwardly impart to them why you do what you do through video. Crowdfunding stages like Kickstarter have changed how we reserve our future objectives. Allow us to band together with you and speed up your objectives through video creation and promoting ability. Watch models underneath and get a statement inside the space of minutes at the lower part of this page. Kickstarter Video Production Without the Hassle You’ve gone through months, possibly years, idealizing your item. You’ve brought forth a thought. You’ve made something that works. Something that individuals will cherish. Something that will change the world, or possibly one little corner of it. Be that as it may, you’ve additionally got an issue. As you plan your Kickstarter, plot out your stretch objectives, change your business duplicate, and put the wide range of various final details on your crowdfunding effort—one piece of the riddle actually escapes you: the ideal video. Indeed, you know your crowd. You know precisely how to arrive at your optimal sponsor. You’ve made something that will tackle the very issue that is destroying them this exact instant. However, you likely don’t think a lot about Kickstarter video creation… And keeping in mind that you could go through a long time attempting to sort everything out—prearranging, projecting, shooting, area, props, after creation, also leasing all the gear—that is time and cash that could be better put resources into what you excel at. That is the place where Double Jump Media comes in. We help new businesses, business people, visionaries, and visionaries like you recount their story with master Kickstarter video creation administrations. We’ve worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes—from nearby smaller than expected fairways to large names like Forbes and AT&T We live and inhale video creation. We realize that excellent, custom video content is basic to exhibiting your plan to sponsor and extending the span of your mission. So let us get the mystery from you and convey an expert Kickstarter video to you in only 30-45 days. WE BRING YOUR STORY TO LIFE Your Kickstarter page recounts a story. Each piece of it, from the copywriting to the vow names, gives your supporters a picture of what your identity is and what you have to bring to the table. Your video gives an opportunity to rejuvenate that story like nothing else on the page. In any case, it takes in excess of an iPhone to make the ideal crowdfunding video. It takes a narrator. At Double Jump Media, as a matter of first importance, we are narrators. From origination to culmination, we center around rejuvenating your vision so your sponsor will trust in your fantasy however much you do. Set originators, scholars, video creation experts, editors, and that’s just the beginning—we put a whole group of experienced experts to your administration making splendid, successful, and incredible recordings that drive shopper commitment and fabricate your image. Kickstarter WE MAKE KICKSTARTER VIDEO PRODUCTION EASY How we make a crowdfunding video At the point when you’re dispatching another crowdfunding effort, you’re now up to your eyeballs in activities. That is the reason our main goal is to give you a basic, simple way to a dazzling Kickstarter video in only 30-45 days. ● Step 1: Ideation – The enchantment begins when you round out the structure beneath and we plan a revelation call. We’ll learn all that we can about your image, your item, and your story so our innovative group can assemble the contents that you need to prevail on Kickstarter. ● Step 2: Decision–We’ll pitch three distinct choices to you that our group considers are an extraordinary qualified for your crowdfunding effort. At that point, you’ll pick the one that best matches your image and your spending plan. ● Step 3: Pre-Production – This is the place where we truly begin to accomplish the difficult work for you. We arrange the entirety of the subtleties so you don’t need to—prearranging, projecting, area exploring, and that’s just the beginning. ● Step 4: Production – Once you give the last endorsement, we plan the shoot, accumulate the imaginative resources, and start rejuvenating your story on film. ● Step 5: Post Production – The dull, terrifying altering room is the place where our video creation wizards empty the last enchantment into your video before you at last will perceive how wonderful it is. WHY OUR CLIENTS LOVE Start Motion MEDIA ● Transparency. From our forthright estimating to our reasonable correspondence at each progression of the video creation measure, we keep you on the up and up consistently. No insider facts. Never. ● Empathy. We’ve been positioned in the eFactory for quite a long time, one of the top business hatcheries in the country. We’ve worked for and close by business people and new companies, so we have a profound comprehension of what they need and how they work. ● Expertise. We are experts of video with the goal that you don’t need to be. Our customers pick Double Jump for video creation over and over with the goal that they can tackle their work while we do our own. Forthright KICKSTARTER VIDEO PRICING Our video bundles mean to give each business person and pioneer something inside their compass. We need to see your vision wake up however much you do, so pick the arrangement that meets your requirements. Not certain what you’re searching for? Try not to worry. We can make custom bundles to really convey whatever video creation benefits your Kickstarter crusade needs. Timetable YOUR FREE CONSULTATION TODAY Twofold Jump Media is focused on straightforwardness. That is the reason we offer a 100% free 30-minute discussion to assist you with finding what your Kickstarter video should be fruitful. No secret expenses or hard offers, only thirty minutes of tuning in to your vision and sharing how proficient video administrations fit into your arrangement. So round out the structure underneath to realize why so numerous thought creators very much like you have decided for their video creation needs. On the off chance that you do decide to push ahead, we’ll give you a thorough, direct front value quote and an unmistakable timetable to show you how quick you can get your hands on an expert, top notch Kickstarter video. So round out the structure underneath to realize why so numerous thought creators actually like you have decided for their video creation needs.