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26 Mar: News

Start Motion Media News: Latest Updates and Insights

Start Motion Media, known for its innovative approach to video production and marketing, consistently makes headlines with its cutting-edge projects and contributions to the industry. Here’s a roundup of the latest news, updates, and insights from Start Motion Media, showcasing their ongoing impact and developments in the field of video production.

Pioneering Projects and Collaborations

  • Innovative Campaign Launches: Start Motion Media has recently unveiled a series of groundbreaking video campaigns for various clients, pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling and visual communication.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Strengthening their network, Start Motion Media has entered into new collaborations with leading brands and creative agencies, expanding their reach and enhancing their service offerings.

Industry Recognition and Awards

  • Award-Winning Productions: The company’s commitment to excellence has been recognized once again, with several of their projects receiving accolades at prestigious industry awards, highlighting their creative and technical prowess.
  • Leadership in Sustainability: Start Motion Media’s ESG-focused video initiatives have gained attention, earning praise for their effective communication of environmental and social governance themes.

Technological Advancements and Expansion

  • Tech-Forward Solutions: Embracing the latest in video technology, Start Motion Media has upgraded its production capabilities, incorporating advanced filming equipment and post-production tools to deliver superior quality content.
  • Geographical Expansion: With a growing demand for their services, Start Motion Media has expanded its operational footprint, establishing new studios and offices to better serve clients across different regions.

Community and Industry Engagement

  • Educational Initiatives: Start Motion Media continues to contribute to the community with workshops, seminars, and training programs aimed at fostering the next generation of video production professionals.
  • Industry Thought Leadership: The company’s executives and creative team have been active on the speaking circuit, sharing insights and trends at various industry conferences and events, reinforcing their position as thought leaders in video marketing.

Looking Ahead: Future Endeavors

  • Innovative Project Teasers: Start Motion Media has hinted at upcoming projects that promise to be some of their most ambitious and creative works yet, generating anticipation and excitement in the industry.
  • Sustainable and Social Impact Goals: The company is deepening its commitment to sustainability and social impact, with plans to launch video campaigns that support global environmental and humanitarian causes.

Start Motion Media continues to lead and innovate in the video production industry, staying at the forefront of creative trends, technological advancements, and sustainable practices. Their ongoing efforts and achievements not only contribute to their growth but also shape the future of video marketing and production, making them a company to watch in the coming years.

29 Aug: From Lens to Click: 6 Strategies for Compelling Visual Merch...

From Lens to Click: 6 Strategies for Compelling Visual Merchandising

The art of visual merchandising has evolved from merely arranging products on shelves to crafting immersive and captivating shopping experiences. In an era where online shopping competes fiercely with brick-and-mortar stores, compelling visual merchandising has become a powerful tool to entice customers and drive sales. The journey from the initial concept to the final click-worthy arrangement involves careful planning, creativity, and an understanding of consumer psychology. 

1. Harnessing the Power of Color Psychology

Colors possess the remarkable ability to evoke emotions and influence buying behavior. By strategically incorporating colors that resonate with your brand and target audience, you can create a visually cohesive and emotionally resonant shopping environment. 

Looking into tips for taking photos can also help you gain more insight into which colors work best and the type of lighting to choose. For instance, warm tones like red and orange can stimulate appetite and impulse buying, making them ideal for food-related products. 

On the other hand, cool tones like blue and green exude calmness and trust, making them suitable for technology and health-related items. Understanding the psychology behind colors empowers you to curate an atmosphere that aligns with your brand’s identity and objectives.

2. The Art of Storytelling Through Displays

Humans are natural storytellers and respond deeply to narratives. Utilize this innate inclination by infusing storytelling into your visual displays. Craft displays that tell a story about your products, whether it’s their journey of creation, the problem they solve, or the lifestyle they enable. This not only piques curiosity but also creates an emotional connection between the customer and the product. For instance, a display showcasing outdoor camping gear could transport customers to an adventurous wilderness, sparking their desire to own the featured products and experience the depicted lifestyle.

3. Mastering the Rule of Three

The rule of three is a design principle that suggests that grouping items in three is visually appealing and memorable. When applied to visual merchandising, it involves arranging products in sets of three, creating a harmonious and balanced composition. This technique is particularly effective for highlighting key products or creating eye-catching focal points. Whether it’s a trio of handbags or a trio of skincare products, the rule of three guides the customer’s gaze and facilitates quick decision-making.

Mastering the Rule of Three not only enhances the aesthetic allure of your displays but also taps into fundamental cognitive patterns that humans find pleasing. Our brains are naturally drawn to patterns and symmetrical arrangements, and the rule of three capitalizes on this inclination. By strategically grouping products in threes, you create a rhythm that guides the viewer’s eye seamlessly from one element to another. This technique goes beyond mere aesthetics – it influences the way customers navigate your displays and absorb information.

4. Dynamic Visuals Through Lighting and Texture

Lighting and texture are two often underestimated elements in visual merchandising that can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience. Well-designed lighting can highlight specific areas, and products, or even create a mood within your store. Meanwhile, incorporating textures – whether through tactile displays or textured backdrops – adds depth and intrigue to your visual arrangements. Consider how the interplay of light and texture can elevate your store’s ambiance and make your products more alluring.

5. Engaging Senses Beyond Sight

While visual elements take the forefront in merchandising, engaging multiple senses can create a holistic and memorable shopping experience. Incorporating auditory and tactile stimuli can leave a lasting impression on customers. For instance, playing soft, relevant background music can set the mood and influence the pace at which shoppers move through the store. 

Additionally, allowing customers to touch and feel products through interactive displays provides a sense of involvement and connection. Combining sensory experiences with visual aesthetics creates a rich environment that encourages customers to linger, explore, and make meaningful purchasing decisions.

6. Rotating Themes and Seasonal Displays

To keep your visual merchandising fresh and aligned with the changing seasons, incorporating rotating themes and seasonal displays is crucial. Adapt your displays to coincide with holidays, festivities, or even seasonal shifts in fashion and trends. This dynamic approach not only showcases your adaptability but also gives customers a reason to return regularly. It sparks curiosity about what’s new and encourages repeat visits. 

By staying attuned to the pulse of the seasons and trends, you can create a sense of anticipation and excitement, fostering a sense of community and engagement among your customers.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with choices, mastering the art of compelling visual merchandising is a powerful way to stand out and create an unforgettable brand experience. From the strategic use of colors that resonate with emotions to weaving captivating narratives through displays, each technique discussed in this post serves as a brushstroke on the canvas of an immersive shopping journey. By incorporating the rule of three for balanced compositions and playing with lighting, texture, and sensory engagement, you can create an experience that extends beyond mere shopping. 


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07 Mar: Team

Award-winning creatives on a quest for better stories. LA | SF | DEN | AUS | NYC

Michael Zeligs, MST is the founder of Start Motion Media. Based in Silicon Valley, and staying at the leading edge of video advertising, his style is a beacon of innovation in the product marketing world.  His work, having millions of views on customer landing pages, on, youtube, and in private screenings, has consistently supported the client’s sales and revenue success. Michael is creating new categories of viewer engagement, offering video assets tailored to today’s needs.

Zeligs’ strategic vision has elevated the brand’s visibility and engagement, showcases the value of visual marketing for creating expansive reach for startups, brands, and companies.

To discover more about the transformative product stories crafted at Start Motion Media, visit www.StartMotionMedia.com.

Michael Zeligs, MST
CEO - Michael Zeligs
Michael Zeligs, MST. Stanford-Trained Marketing Manager and communications specialist. Managing Producer and Director (Creative Services), guiding teams to create breakthrough ideas that drive cultural conversation. Designing and executing motion-digital and film ad initiatives with 12 years experience in product launch and product marketing. Michael creates stylistic and modern external communications, demonstrating return on investment, with in-house product marketing videos. Background in inter-media video research, unconventional marketing strategy, visual strategy, and media engineering. Education: BA 2010: Media, Science, and Technology (MST, @CCRMA, Stanford University), certifications in DOP, Technical Direction, Interactive Video, A/V Engineering, Screenwriting, and Post-Production.
+1 (415) 409-8075
5e0bb902 caroline gallagher
CMO - Caroline Alicia
Caroline Gallagher. Post Editor. Caroline has over 30 years experience editing for short formats and long form work. After studying film she cut her teeth as an high volume editor in news, most notably at CNN, Los Angeles bureau.  While in LA she edited content for dailies and broadcast episodes at Black Entertainment Tv (BET), Lifetime Television, and Media Home Entertainment (trailers). She then worked with GTE on corporate videos, and ultimately transitioned to freelancing in commercial video production as an editor in Boston. After finding Start Motion Media in 2016, she quickly became head of post-production, and spent the last several years producing and editing our videos for technology, fitness, and product promotion, as well as crafting business profiles and lifestyle/human interest stories.
+1 415 409 8075
Screen Shot 2020 12 30 at 2.29.06 PM
CTO - William Ewart
Producer. William has a bachelor's of Arts with a double major in Photography and Video - Digital Media, and a Minor in Journalism.  As our senior cinematographer and remote creative producer William strives to show excellence in all of his work, and his skills in writing media (pre-and-post-production) help our variety of projects run smoothly.
+1 415 409 8075
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Start Motion Media is the first and only strategic messaging partner, who focuses on creating more undreamed of possibilities for your brand.

An experience that is effortless and personal

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A new look for your emerging brand.

Our development and testing initiatives helps you achieve higher than normal conversion metrics, and we’ve made video production into an art and a science.

Live Action Corporate Video Commercials, with a Cinematic and Uplifting flair.

We are a leading production company based out of San Francisco, Denver, Austin,  San Diego and New York. Over the years we have partnered with Companies who are making content for Kickstarter, TV, Streaming, and Social media. Our specialty is working on creating never-before seen brands with inspired inventors, and we have a great track record in helping International brands reach the US market.

Our proprietary creative development and film making process is the reason why we can produce exceptional content while maintaining ultra competitive pricing for your marketing. Ready to save 30% and still work with the best? Contact us.

Soulful stories that inspire

Cut to the chase. Get to the heart of it. Find the core and show it through video content first. Learn your true colors.

A unique voice is where story meets a greater commercial creation purpose.  Let us help you find it.

Helping product design people with their video content marketing is what we do best. We support new video production initiatives on tv advertising, private equity fundraising, kickstarter, shopify, and change.org.

Commercial Video Styles
Strategic branded video commercials for your social marketing, youtube ads, or kickstarter.
Our video production services are designed to address multi-tiered, cross-functional marketing initiatives, so that your story can achieve more viewership and higher levels of engagement.
company testimonials commercials branded videos          video series

A trusted leader in commercial video production.

With casting, cinematography, editing, and color grading, we empower organizations to have authentic conversations at scale.

Cut through the noise with StartMotionMEDIA

Video Marketing works because people view and respond to videos—and to brands that feel more human.

Simple and Flexible

Our service options include introductory budgets that are attainable for any business size. Only the services you need, with the perfection and polish of a commercial grade video studio.

c121f899 startmotion startup video kickstarter video production company

A next-generation media consulting company.

We’ve worked hard to make things easy on our clients.

We support our clients to visually + verbally clearly + powerfully communicate their idea to the world through video.

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Our company, Start Motion USA Video Production, is the premier USA video production firm. Since our founding in 2016, weve established ourselves as the preeminent provider of highquality video production services for clients worldwide. Were proud to provide a full range of video production services, from concept to postproduction. Were based in the United States and our staff is

located in all of the key creative cities, such as San Francisco, Austin, New York, Denver, San Diego, Miami, and Seattle.


This allows us to provide services to clients in any of these areas at a fraction of the cost of working with a local production company. We specialize in creating videos for corporate and organizational clients, as well as producing promotional videos and advertisements.

Our team has many years of experience in the video production industry and understands the importance of creating videos that will capture the attention of viewers.

When businesses or organizations are looking for a video production company in USA, theyre looking for a team with experience, reliability, and the technical knowledge to create their desired project. At US Video Production, were dedicated to providing our clients with topnotch video production services. Weve worked with numerous clients in a variety of industries, from corporate to government. We understand the importance of delivering projects that meet our clients expectations and that stand out from the competition.

Our team will work closely with clients from start to finish, ensuring that our video production services meet their needs and expectations. At US Video Production we offer a wide variety of services, from fullscale postproduction to storyboard and art direction. We also provide editing, sound design, color correction, and motion graphics. Our team is wellversed in all the latest production technologies, including 4K and 8K video capture, and we specialize in digital video production. We have a large selection of cameras to choose from and can accommodate a variety of budget sizes.

We understand that creating a great video is both an art and a science. We provide our clients with great service and use cuttingedge technology to create stunning visuals and captivating stories. Our team is passionate about capturing the best moments and creating videos that will impress and engage viewers.

At Start Motion Media Production Company, we are the goto choice for businesses and organizations looking for a video production company in the USA. We provide a comprehensive suite of services for all types of video production, from concept to postproduction. With our experience, knowledge, and dedication to customer service, we guarantee our clients that their projects will be high quality and delivered on time. Contact us today to get started on your next video production project!

In commercial production you will usually see Executive and Line Producers who are in charge of separate departments (finance, development, etc.). A 1st Assistant Director (1st AD) is brought in as an assistant to the Director. They make sure filming is on schedule, keep the crew organized and keep all production activity on track. Camera Op – Controls the camera and framing during filming. This role can be performed by the Director of Photography in certain situations.

Director of Photography (DP, ASC) – A stylized look such as black and white or high saturation levels are achieved in post – accentuated through the camera during filming. our Photographer is a Gimbal Op – Camera Op that controls jib arm for capturing elevated and large motion shots. Script Supervisor – Their notes detail every shot and include prop locations and scene blocking to ensure continuity both on set during filming and later in post-production.

Production Designer Art Director Art Dept. Coordinator

“Executive Producer” is a catch-all term that represents authority and respect without any specific film crew jobs or tasks. Some executive producers may have had a direct hand in financing a film, while others may have been awarded the title as additional incentive for some other contribution. The salaries of any principal cast members represent the most typical above-the-line costs in any feature film or TV show’s budget.

The casting director is in charge of finding the right performers for a given project. They operate entirely outside of the day-to-day film crew hierarchy. While many above the line film crew positions are very important and do carry a great deal of power, they are not inherently “better” than the rest of their film crew family.