Tap Strap

Tap systems wanted an in depth story about their wearable technology.  We filmed it at a unique coworking space in palo alto, and also got some nice biking shots up near the dish recreation area near stanford.  The most important components was applying persuasive technology to the way we wrote the coporate video, and also using the latest video stabilizer to get ultra smooth footage of the biking scene.

Together their corporate views has garnered over 4,000 youtube subscribers, and over 300,000 views.

And they were so happy with our work, they we were hired for a second video production product based on their updated commercial product:

Investing in a corporate video that is crafted beautifully, showcasing your company, is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your potential customers all throughout the world and create a ‘digital buzz’ for your brand. Videos that are created with a sense of purpose, bring a human touch to your marketing by telling a persuasive story about your brand in a concise manner. After a wider range of clients and customers, a good corporate video has the ability to make or break the impression of your brand and products. Hence, it is crucially imperative for you to carefully inspect and do your research thoroughly by reaching out to companies that provide demo video production, so that you can make an informed decision. No matter how good or valuable your product is, if you fail to market them in front of the right public, then you might risk seeing your products simply pile up in your inventory stock. Marketing plays a crucial role to promote your brand and products so that the people become aware of its existence. Once the fundamental aspect is covered, which portrays that your product exists, then comes the vital step of captivating your audience with the aid of the best corporate video production.

  1. The necessity of having the right camera

In pursuance of handling a myriad of shots, it is crucially imperative to have the right camera. While introducing a newly launched product, it is only obvious that you would have to showcase yourself talking to the audience and that would require a variety of close and medium range shots, portraying the specification of your product in a detailed manner. It is also necessary for you to keep the preferred shots intact during the video’s duration.

  1. Having a good script for your video

Although, a plethora of businesses understand the importance of demo video production for the promotion of their brand and products, many of them fail to have a captivating script. Some of them also involves a lot of glossy, animated effects which backfires and steals the focus of the audience from the actual product. To attract the attention of your potential customers, it is imperative to have a compelling script that is simple, elegant, and keeps your product or brand in focus.

  1. Lay emphasis on the video’s opening

A myriad of companies that provide demo video production services tend to forget the fact that the first 8 to 12 seconds of the video is extremely crucial. If you are unable to grab the attention of the audience during the first 10 seconds, then they will lose interest and will stop watching your video.

  1. Keep the information density low

Some of the best companies providing demo video production services always try to keep the information density of your video as low as possible. Only focusing on the key highlights of your brand or product is important. Your main goal is to captivate the audience with your interesting video and hence keeping the information density as well as the length of the whole video short is highly recommended.

  1. Setting the appropriate staging area

The stage that is set to shoot the video for your brand, product, or service should be clean and appropriate. In other words, you need a clean studio-like staging area if you are going to show jewelry or cloth on your show. On the other hand, if your product is a cleaning tool, then setting the stage in a garage or kitchen would be appropriate.

  1. Multiple camera shots

Shooting your product from every angle is necessary to judge the depth of your video. The best companies that provide demo video production services, lay great emphasis on this part. At times, to make your video enticing, high-quality photographs are also incorporated.

  1. Using an enchanting music

One of the main reasons why people hire companies providing demo video production services to shoot their corporate videos is to upload them on social media. Hence, in pursuance of attracting more viewers to your video, it is imperative to incorporate an enchanting music. This background music for your video should ideally be without lyrics and the beat should be adjusted to match the tone of the video.

  1. Keep the video short and crisp

It is important to keep the video as concise as possible and deliver the desired information within the short stipulated time frame to make it effective and eliminate the fillers.

  1. Including a ‘call-to-action’

Keeping the aforementioned tips in mind if you created a captivating video for your product, then half of the job is done. Now, coming to the main purpose of why you created the video – You didn’t get a video made of your product just for the entertainment of the public, you made it to advertise your product, to increase your sale. Hence, it becomes crucially imperative to include a ‘call-to-action’ in your video to urge your viewers to purchase your product.

  1. Take post-production seriously

After a video is shot completely, the best companies providing the top-notch demo video production services, lay a great emphasis on the post-production process of the video. This is the part where the main editing takes place where that professional touch is provided to your video, thus, making it more interesting for the audience.

5 Guidelines for Corporate Video Production – Best Tips:

Here’s the guidelines we used to film this video production.

You know it’s probably a good idea to charge your battery sleekly beforehand. You’re also going to want to make sure you have plenty of space on you’ve never heard. Also. You’re going to want to keep your LED screen. 

Top Five points for 

1: Plan You’re going to want to plan out your shots as much as possible before you start shooting. Probably a good idea to hold on your subject for at least five seconds. 

2: Lights Ideally you want your primary light source facing the location

3: Stabilize You’re going to want to think about cameras stabilization right now to get the best way for the cameras to capture. You’re going to want to see it floating with your feet above shoulders and to use a glide cam  to hold the camera with one hand underneath. The steadiest shot is a gimbal ronin. Or Use a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod just rest the camera on the surface of the shoulder rig. 

4.  Focal Length: I see you found the zoom. Excellent. When you move the camera laterally like that. That’s called Pan. Vertically. That’s called a tilt (in general). Sometimes we have a more still shot with A lot of subjects to move around within the frame rather than moving the camera around. On.

5: Composition. It usually doesn’t look very good to frame your subjects right in the center of the image like you’re doing right now. Instead we try offsetting them a little to the left or to the right. Just think of your frame as being divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically. Make sure your subjects fall along one of the points where these lines intersect.