Ecommerce Video Production Company – Case Study: ErgoDriven




When you really look at the science, it’s clear that standing still on a flat surface is no better than sitting.

The solution? Topo (, a standing surface with calculated terrain designed to drive healthy movement at your standing desk.

Topo drives healthy movement, meaning you get better blood flow, experience less fatigue – so you finally get the benefits of a standing desk you were promised.

Join the movement!Standing desks are fantastic, but standing is only healthier than sitting if it’s done right. It’s easy to get fatigued with long standing sessions on flat ground. Topo is an anti-fatigue mat designed specifically for standing desks, and it works to make your body feel much healthier. Ergodriven drove $100k in 30 days during their campaign.  Topo’s unique terrain drives you to move more at your standing desk – subconsciously. Read More about our Topo Oakland San Francisco Crowdfunding Project =>

You don’t even have to think about moving, the calculated terrain does it all for you. No set-up or learning. Just step on and you’re already standing better. Helps you feel energized after standing. More movement makes you healthier, and standing desks make you more productive.

Instead of using the list of crowdfunding sites to raise funds, ErgoDriven received StartMotionMEDIA crowdfunding help.

Without Indiegogo or Kickstarter, using crowdfunding marketing, they crowdfunded using a self-created platform. As crowdfunding experts, we recommend to campaign with crowdfunding pr, and to have a comprehensive marketing plan to support you well before your launch.

The best crowdfunding site or fundraising platform depends on your timeline for the goal you are trying to reach. They decided that

This product is designed for the tech world of folks who spend lots of time on computers. The research is out that sitting all day presents serious health hazards for the body system, and computer users who sit all day have consistent issues that come up.

With crowdsourcing sites, many indiegogo campaign tips talk about crowdfunding pr. Articles speak about deep questions to ask to inform tactics.

On the video production day we set up for the interview in Kit’s apartment in Oakland, and after conducting some creator background shots then went for some fitness workouts near Lake Merritt. It felt amazing to have so many great locations set up from their community – the founders were very active in pre-production and they found members of their community to offer the right filming location. Their friends at Ergo Depot provided some really great standing desk examples for us to demonstrate use of their product.

ErgoDriven decided to do 3 interviews with both founders and a biomechanics expert to get a variety of interview perspectives. Their back storage room actually was really quiet and had a great window – my favorite lighting and framing of all of the video interview shots came from this location. Have a look at this post-funding interview with project creator Kit Perkins to learn exactly how he succeeded with his campaign:

With kickstart coaching, you begin a crowd fund with the support you really need. The best online fundraising sites for campaigns kickstart a project and raise funds with the proejct creator leading the charge, and Ergodriven qas able to make their own platform work for them. Our video production for crowdfunding site goes beyond Indiegogo vs Kickstarter and can give you the research of many years experience with a variety of crowdfunding platforms.

A lesson for kickstarter tips comes from the top fundraising websites; fundraising sites do a competitive analysis of project success. Going to fundraising school isn’t necessary for crowd funding project success. We’ve studied many fundraising platforms and with our interpersonal skills and crowd funding tips we do the crowdfunding research to get you crowd funding help.

After conducting video editing and post production on this piece, we released it to the world. ErgoDriven was prepared with a comprehensive pre launch strategy, which gave them a targeted list to reach out to during the campaign. What the founders noticed was that they really needed to be present to questions and comments during their launch – Kit reminds us that we need to have lots of time available for continuing conversations during the launch…He was also active in updating the crowdfunding project page as new recurring questions came in – their sales feedback helped them optimize their campaign funding page and have the right information in the correct places on the page.
They were using a self-hosted campaign – this gave them amazing power in running campaign analytics and heat-maps to optimize their page for conversions.