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ToneTree Oak



Filming TBD – Bay Area California

{production start}


Home w/ music studio, office (GSV Labs), coffee shop (Backyard Coffee Co), park

12:30 – arrive & set up

1 PM – product enclosure video closeups, Home shots / characterization: music / gamer

2 PM- Project Creator Main Interview 

2:45 PM – Home shots cards community

3:15 PM – Product Use shots – 

4 PM – Office – Project creator background & product development shots

5 PM – Cafe use scene

6 PM – Secondary Interview (Testimonial)

7PM – Park use scene

7:30 PM – End


Props & Roles:


Action Items / Required Resources:

-Determine Cast : Expert Interview & Testimonial Interview 

-Schedule film day

-Find Kid for spaceship interaction scene

-Find attractive girl for product use shots / user testimonial

-Home location for main interview(s) / b-roll

-Determine alternate locations (cafe / park)

-Choose backing audio track and play in Same key and tempo for recording


Messaging Impact & Thematic Editing Goals:

Focus of market segment: Teenagers, young twenties, parents, & developers.  

Feelings: Awe, inspiration, giddiness, excited, happy, connected, mystery

Variety of use cases / indie documentary feel~


Detailed Shot-List for visuals scenes: (will be organized as per production day schedule)

Card played / basement decoration is unique, 

Gamer and musician environments.

consumers enjoying the project 

Oak experimenting from developers / background

interaction that’s built-in to the current apps : see screen, powerful, you can drum, you can change the sound of each drum on each screen, you can put the pads where you want.  

project creators collating with each other, 3d printer in the garage.

-Issues scene of old computer

-Portraits of team all together / collaboration on platform technology / 

-There’s a kid playing with the spaceship making spaceship noise, then he sits down, but now playing the game with the ship. 

-sculptor / painter

-lego cities / lots to clean up

3D printing, coding, playing music, gaming, playing trading cards

showing our product in action. 

Magic player – with friends & card game via app

Musician in his environment / then using app

Gamer, using desktop gaming system

Party for playing Cards, background and credibility for MTG player  

Split screen / card.  two environments for players remotely doing card game.

Outdoor shots, musician in a park with headphones

People interacting with each of our apps. 

A developer discussing the potential of the platform. 

Industry experts discussing the potential of our platform and apps.


Visuals to be sourced externally:

Logos of people that have supported us /  photos of group receiving prizes, photo / video of interactive wall Art installation.

-Expert Industry Interview 


Video Project Creator Interview Main Points



How you really embody and become more involved in a hands-on experience of the digital world? We need a better way to connect the physical and digital worlds. Historically the only way to interact with software was a mouse and keyboard – people with smartphones are looking for better ways to work, play, learn and create. If augmented reality is going to part of our future, we need to learn in a cheap effective way to program for it without expensive headset prototypes  – people need a simple way of running tests and getting into the creativity. There hasn’t been a lot of augmented reality interaction available at an entry level price, and we’re trying to go beyond that.  It is now possible for software to understand the real world. We have built an affordable platform for that, and are empowering a community of developers, not just to sell you stuff, but to create the future.  



Oak is making augmented reality fun and accessible for all. It is the first and only mobile AR platform of its kind. 


Our mission is to create a holder that allows developers all over have a more standardized way of working with augmented reality. Just placing the phone on this holder, we have hand tracking, machine vision, the perfect platform to start designing augmented reality experiences. We really hope to find a simpler platform that everyone can jump on. We’re empowering developers in designing their own ways to rediscover their environment.


Our dock opens your phone to the world of augmented reality. It’s game controller, an option to build your own drum set.  Something that connects the physical world to the digital world. 


We have three apps to start out with, but each of these is just the beginning. Each of the three apps comes from a different part of our background. These are ordinary object – pad symbol, airplane, hand, and they become extraordinary when we merge them with our platform.

It’s a game and music app, and you get kits, a toy space ship, drum pads – you’ll be able to arrange and build your own instrument, and play the instrument while editing the audio.

The oak dock sits in the middle, it connects the digital experience of the app with the fine control from the physical object. That spaceship you have in your hand is the real character. There is no controller. We also made an augmented reality card game, that create 3d models of your characters and let’s you play cards anywhere in the world.  Connection with the card is what drives the game. Share any table. 



When people use our device, they are amazed. Their heads fills with possibilities. They almost always walk away happy and wanting more. When you get our device, you’ll have a chance to use our kits and games to interact with your phone. You get a detail and control of hands-on interaction. That is intimacy.  This paradigm of a standard environment is super powerful for developers. Here is our our platform, here are some great things that it can do, but there are developers right now who are making the applications of the future for this device.  When you have augmented reality, you can simplify what needs to be done on the screen. This app helps you connect back to the spirit of play. 



When I was a kid, I would build lego sets, I’d have these cities. I need a building environment to bring the imagination back to my life. I’ve worked on an augmented reality in many applications. 

 Just a few months after starting the company, we got into the intel education accelerator. We’ve won a decent amount of awards, we made a whole wall into an interactive video exhibit.  When we demo the product, people are so inspired, full of curiosity. Out team has unmatched experience and passion for deploying accessible technologies, from antennas that beam internet to schools in the Philippines to software that powers art installations



The full potential of augmented reality on mobile has yet to be seen. We have a commitment to an ongoing conversation with our users so that we can  keep creating even better solutions. Our  industrial design complete, we done tons of beta testing. We have created a low cost device that anyone can use, with a few starter apps, and we’ve made it so easy to develop and experiment with augmented reality. Oak will help society explore the possibilities of augmented reality better than ever before with an affordable, accessible platform that enables powerful interaction with your phone, and the world around you. We have some really fun things you can do with it now, and many more coming, and were starting a development community, for more apps, so we can together discover the infinite possibilities.  



This is your chance to experience a simple step toward augmented reality. Become a member in this community.  Start to contribute toward the future of interaction design. Get the power to impact your environment with less to clean up. Expand your phone beyond the screen. Interact with the physical element of control.  Buy it. Become part of our community. You’ll get to have finer control over your interactions.


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