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Kickstarter Video Production Company – Case Study: ZipBuds




What qualities made you want to work with Start Motion Media initially?

You were extremely well organized with your thoughts and knowledgeable about the subject material. I can tell you that we interviewed many different commercial advertising video firms and decided to go with you because you clearly knew your space. It didn’t hurt that you were very competitively priced – worth every penny and then some.


The top three positive surprises from working with Start Motion Media were:


There weren’t any major surprises… You were as advertised and that was great. I guess in this day and age that can sometimes come as a surprise – follow through on your deliverables and you’re already ahead of the game.


Regarding my Kickstarter, Corporate, and Startup Video, Start Motion Media was able to help me achieve:

You helped us to have a deeper understanding of how the machine of commercial advertising rolls on… You also helped us create the video we set out to create even after multiple revisions.


The biggest tangible “aha” moment I got from working together was:

Your system was definitely helpful. We had done a lot of research on our back end and it totally validated what we had learned plus added some extra tips here and there. If we were not as organized as we had been coming in your pre-launch work would have served as the gospel.


Anything else you’d like to share?


You rock!


Your Name * Robin DeFay (Founder of Zip Buds)

Zipbuds WirelessWe are a San Francisco based crowdfunding video production company specializing in film production and video editing for kickstarter and indiegogo projects. We also offer crowdfunding training and campaign launch courses full of kickstarter tips to get you on top of the game in crowdfunding. Check out our services to learn more about how we are one of the best crowdfunding sites to help you succeed with your Indiegogo or Kickstarter project.

After struggling with the question of indiegogo vs kickstarter, Zipbuds came to us for video production and fundraising tips, moving beyond other fundraising consultants because our indiegogo review was so high. The keys we showed them for reward crowdfunding, the perks definition, and everything else in our
crowdfunding training classes helped make all the difference for this campaign!

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The thing about top crowdfunding sites is that they all miss out on one thing: kickstarter consulting. Zipbudswas interested in our crowdfunding pr training, which is essentially the best crowdfunding tips for rewards based crowdfunding. Rewards-based means that instead of offering equity or asking for a loan, you offer a perk in exchange for the donation. This is one of the best crowdfunding tactics, and it’s the one that Zipbuds went for.

As part of our kickstarter video production, we helped Zipbuds learn crowdfunding and answered most of their crowd funding questions. Overall, the crowdfunding video production went really well and we were able to find lots of locations around Sunnyvale and San Jose. Then, before launch, they made sure to review our crowdfunding guide and launch course, which gave them lots of fundraising ideas for nonprofits and kickstarter pr. After all, it’s super important to have your things to write about all lined up ahead of time, in addition to your perks and your contracts if your are considering going for equity-based fundraising tactics.

This donation-based kickstarter got lots of backers and helped raise everything that they needed to go into manufacturing for their project. At one point in the process, they asked me about kickstarter vs indiegogo, and I said that beside the most obvious crowdfunding hacks or what you could learn at fundsurfer academy, the best crowdfunder is one that looks for similar projects on the crowdfunding service providers. We are one of the crowdfunding marketing companies that helps projects launch with a helping hand, and the only crowdfunding marketing agency that has so much knowledge of the best fundraising sites we beyond just Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Zipbuds was one of the most frequent log-ins for our training courses and they specifically liked the “blow past your goal” training course, which focuses on nonprofit fundraising as well as rewards based projects. After a good go of innovation, and a great video, Zipbuds had everything they needed to get their product to market.


High Performance Wireless Earbuds Kickstarter by Zipbuds


Campaign Video Production Document


Wednesday August 3rd- San Diego CA



Zipbuds Crowdfunding Video Shoot

5:45am – 7:30am
Torrey Pines State Beach – Trails and Cliffs at Sunrise
• Meet at base of hill near beach side parking.

8:30am – 10am
Nakoa Gym – Carlsbad – Gym shots.. lifting and running on the turf..
5850 El Camino Real #100, Carlsbad, CA 92008

11am – 12pm (optional)


1pm – 3pm
Mitz & Levin Legal Offices
3580 Carmel Mountain Rd #300

3pm – 5pm
Downtown SD
Lifestyle City shots, professional going to work shots, and trolley commute shots.
Café (if needed) and time permits
(time dependent) UCSD Campus – Salk Institute – Walking around city scape give that Urban sophisticated feel 

5pm – 6pm
Carmel Pacific Ridge Apartments
Final Testimonials / actress at home shots / water resistance demo

Images to put on cpu screens at office (Rob will handle)
Computer to put in office. (laptops in conference room)
Spray Bottle (Christie Duoos will bring)
-Outdoor Track for sprinter / Treadmill? Highschool in the area?

Place ADDRESSES for schedule line items by Tuesday night.
Nice Glossy surface at Lawyers office / home for product 


Special Notes
We will have one male model till 3pm only.. Should be fine though



-Entering & exiting shots / focus on “little moments that mean alot” lifestyle usage.  Use of cutaway to different characters in multiple environments. Occasional use of handheld. Always air on the side of being awesome.  Our sound will literally make you glow


Anything out there for official permission for Cafe? 


-Spray bottle for sweat effect. 

-Pool / hose for water resistance

-Imac w/ 3d model program / spinning 3d render of earbuds to show working for founders background scene. Print cad drawings out onto plotter paper.  May only have a few laptops, but will have ipad that has 3d drawings. 



All american look. Business attire, workout athletic clothing


{production start: 5:30 AM}


 {early morning training scenes}

Torrey Pines State Beach – Trails and Cliffs at Sunrise 5:45-7:30

5:45 AM – 7 AM Male Trail Running Epic vista morning light Torrey Pines La Jolla coster to solana beach. Pre subrise shots: shoes scraping gravel , hard breathing, viVista point view….-Male running in epic nature vista/ female actress stretching, Tying shoes, setting up to work out, 

/ Torrey pines / Woman jogging at torrey pines

Sunrise 6:04 AM 

Sunset 7:46 PM


Nakoa Gym – Carlsbad – Gym shots.. lifting and running on the turf.. 8:30 – 10

8:30 AM confirmed NAKOA TIME}- {gym scenes} – Additional male actor arrives  -Man In the gym,locker room, lifting.  Doing overhead press / super sweaty. Woman running drills on turf area.  -Pull ups at gym w/ slow motion ( man) (slow motion transition during pull up for added motion graphics overlay). overhead press. Gym use that shows how well it stays on. Handstands? Stretching?  -Gym weight drops with sound design…


Woman for treadmill jogging / turf sprints.  

-Multicharacter Profile Shots with wall background for graphics overlay.

She walks out of the gym still wearing her Catalyst. 

vs other gym-


-Portraits of characters looking direct to camera/ closeups, opportunities for animation on top of face shots…what the boxes are – non traditional look, stability & power. -Slow motion Profile view of woman wearing earbuds for additional motion graphics overlay / closeups of earpiece / Multiple characters to cut between this same shot showing multiple wearers.


{outdoor walking scenes}



Mitz & Levin Legal Offices – 1-3 {Lawyers “Office”}

1 PM – /  Project creators main interviews & voiceover / 

2:00 product closeups 

2:15-3PM Work suit shots – actor working & zipbuds interaction. Actors answering phone on Catalyst walking around office talking to somone… Project creator characterization & business background product development / Ryan and Rob @ imac in office w/ CAD program / 

interactions with justin.  Table w/ drawings : ryan & rob / OTS with Justin, interacting with either Rob or Ryan. -Engineering paperwork / group design  in floor to ceiling window office. Prototypes:  product shops. Slow motion characterization. Somebody working on cad. Over the shoulder shots  / showing breakout boards, measurements / histograms. -B-Roll of designing and manufacture – collaborations on imac w/ renter, Ryan and Rob discussing drawings. Huddle around laptop and discussing. Lab shots, assembling / disassembling, -Props for office: background are guitars, a keyboard, and some Skylinyl art.


We will have main male model till 3pm only.. Should be fine though.   


3pm- Head Downtown San Diego City shots, professional- walking into some buildings, casual shots out at cafe.. Possibly how on a trolly car to get commuting shots. -Woman Lightrail Ride / puts headphones on / Goes to work (at cafe?): Cafe shots & Female scene Out on the town classy lifestyle shots. Lightrail / On Bus / waiting at station Location of this? / Girls on the town dressed up.  Walking around city scape give that Urban sophisticated feel/urban scenes: / Answers phone with mic walking on street / / “Different Man” – All american vs. “Business Man (runner from earlier headed to work)” out on the town long walking tracking shot. Multi character urban walking -Business man outdoor walking / long shot for motion graphics overlay / to cut between three actors walking in same urban segment places (Tuesday finalize) / need ALTERNATIVE urban walking seen that we don’t have to be undercover for, so that we can use gimbal.


5 PM Home Scene (Ryan’s Sister) Home’s sister, across the street from USD campus.  Apartment complex ~ resort. Barista coffee room. Included lifestyle environment shots.  – hour for testimonials

Testimonials actor at apt:: Fitness buff (athlete) / Music enthusiast /  Folks Interviews – invite friends

Testimonial People (rob will invite friends) Reactions of people putting on playing earbuds for first time. Functioning sound prototype – seeing the reaction.


Water resistance demo : 

Spray them with a hose. Not real, non functioning…end of day.  Or drop into a glass of water. 

End of day: -Show water droplets / liquid macro of drops sliding off to define waterproof.

Beach~   show spraying with water and super closeup of droplets.

Sound design: sink faucet is turned on to fill water metal water bottle.


Undercover location optional?  TJ Merrit – manager of excellent gym. Use it undercover. Just for Entering: exiting / external front of building . Early evening Time for this?


Optional locations: Evening Café (if needed) and time permits Evening Beach (if needed) and time permits. 

6pm PM (optional)  – Sunset beach , encinitas / Solana beach, Female Running 


{production end}


-Parkour / Aerial / extreme usage / hip hop dancing /  (we can use stock footage for this)


Narrative Treatment:

A day in the life of a man and woman of active fit type as they witness other people dealing with issues of cheap earbuds and have their own experience of the power and expansiveness of the ZipBuds product through a variety of athletic and daytime uses.


Visuals Impact & Thematic Editing Goals:

Intro Sound Design for actions in the life of a user:

Weights clanking / sound of feet on gravel /  water droplets, what else ???

Solutions for the five most pressing issues

Black and chrome / white and rose gold color choices

Show off-brand ugly poor performance broken earbuds & disappointment

Results of production interaction: Exaltation, coolness, versatility. Joy and satisfaction.

Raw cinematic beauty, natural vistas, slow motion & sweat closeups.





Earbud closeup spinning around

Earbud position spinning around.  Explode and come back. Draw attention the the battery.  


Visuals to be sourced externally:

Animation render of product insides & enclosure design

-Water droplet / puddle / rainy city

-Parkour Arial

-Hip hop dancing

-Mountains w/ clouds moving / early morning vista establisher.


Video Project Creator Voiceover Interview Main Points (Ryan, Justin, and Robin – edit / practice speaking aloud):


We want to help the lives of active people who love music.  Compared to ours, most earbuds have crap sound quality and lots of underlying issues and unmet needs. Most sport earbuds are obtrusive, you can’t wear them out of the gym.  People want a wireless earbud that they can workout in that doesn’t’ look ugly. Everybody say their earbuds are sweat resistant but it’s just not true, what out there is breaking frequently from sweat.  intrusive hook or undesirable in-ear-wing to ensure the buds don’t fall out. 


  •  6 points that are most important.



We’ve created the world’s first slim profile sport earbud, that is higher performing than anything out there. It’s the most complete, functional, and classy wireless earbud ever made. Low profile earbud housing, long battery life, water resistant, balanced. And beyond that using never-before-used nano wood particle composite material to make our earbud housing acoustically optimized. It’s a way thinking about headsets that has never been presented to the market before. The boxes create stability in a way that’s classy and streamlined, and give us a chance to pack in way more battery and processing power.  You no longer have to sacrifice sound quality for a wireless earbud. We are using a hybrid drive, pairing balanced armature and dynamic drivers for tight powerful bass and detailed highs. The sound signature is tuned by the world’s most sought after sound engineer, and even has the capability to adapt to your own hearing.



More waterproof than the Apple Watch. People respond to the product saying we are artists, we’ve done a really good job creating something that excels technologically and is also beautiful. They don’t bounce around, they are super comfortable.  The product is tough enough to endure any workout, yet exudes the sophistication and elegance you desire to wear outside of the gym. 



We’ve done extensive research about all the shortcoming of wireless sport earbuds and made improvements in every area. Zipbuds already has experience in manufacturing high quality earbud audio products.  We have a passion for innovation and devotion to producing products that meet our customer’s needs in both form and function. {Needing more here…Why do the creators love their job? Why do you do it?}



We’re days from beginning the tooling process, currently taking pre-orders with fulfillment by the end of the year.


Get a customized profile for how your ears work. Make a statement about what you care about with the highest class of wireless audio technology available.