HOPII Brewing Device


HOPii By Alpha Revolution 

Campaign Production Document



Day 1: Eureka Brewery 

Day 2: House environment  in Bay Area


Mockup is taking time: End of March.  One more friend for Chris : tasting in the bar area. 


Two guys and a girl.     Chris is the founder. 



Models / Actors / Volunteers / Taste Testers {put names & contact info here}:  
-Chris : Master Brewer
Expert Interview  /  Testimonial  interview @ Bar.  Relatability factor.  -a woman To have a female speak about the quality: Jamie is bubbly and she would do a great job on that.  People in Eureka.  Jamie…
-Chris has hired a guy from russian river : girl Wife : Interacting chris / I have to share this taste w. girl: Add russian river : interviews:  (Keep separate from chris) : more people look at it and love it. 
-From Chris: 5 additional friends to “taste & react” (normal people first reactions) :Use women and less good looking people (normal).

-”Tour Guide” SF home user : Cast for Role





Video Story Treatment:

15 second intro : Sound design w/ “I get it” moment. Then: Meet our tour guide.  

A man arrives home from work and pours a glass of fresh beer.  He explains what he’s doing as it happens, and helps us understand the unique simplicity of the product and the pain points it solves.  We witness his first taste, time slows.  He then explains further how he made it happen: I put the Cartridge, push the button, and …  he introduces us to a master brewer who explains more about the challenges of shipping fermented beer, and his experience of the product.  He even gives a few passersby a first taste and lets them compare the same variety of bottle beer. We return back to our main character and he shares about the envisioned future of the call to action for the campaign, and then he joins his friends to watch a game and they enjoy fresh tastes together.  Cust scene to closeup of beer color / bubbles, with text closing: “Experience the world’s best tasting beer”.


Action Items / Required Resources:

– Chris : 2nd Bar / Find something that is different – bar 5 minutes away: 

-Finish main “tour guide” script. 

– Casting for Tour guide : Date:   


Messaging Impact & Thematic Editing Goals:

-Crisp, direct message  – He’s calm / the product is really cool, holy shit I gotta have this, I’ve never seen this before. 
– it feels real and genuine: Craft beer industry.  We want to partner with them and we want to be associated with it. 
-we could take it in a presentation: not Kickstarter specific // platform agnostic
– Stress Easy and Beautiful

-Normal commercial beers vs. craft. Careful not to offend craft beer lovers.

 Quick cuts, closeups, use of focus and color. 

-There is a challenge around flavor and time.

-First person Navdy type  “tour guide” actor 

-perspective of Master Brewer expert interview

-Cool to watch, flashy, entertaining

-Include pain points that everyone feels.

-Show the product at the right timing


Shot-List for visual b-roll layer:
At Chris Brewery:

We will conduct Photo stills production for output 15-20 hi res print photos

-Chris “day in the life of a brewer” – going around equip, messing with things, measuring – working with cohorts (guy) on typical large brewery actions, -Pulling a taste from the fermentation tank.  Transfers from tank to tank.  Move around, run up to a hose, tighten it, turning a valve.  -Filling kegs and bottles. Up and running.  

-Chris “cooking wort” for HOPii, pours into empty HOPii growler

-Chris “Device tour” – shows cohort (girl) how machine works, cleaning, brewing, girl receives

-Russian River Brewery guy: testimony “holy shit this device is awesome” 

-Closeup of HOPii pour, slow motion bubbles & color
-Push and beer coming out.  Functional parts.  We probably can pour.  


At Eureka Bar:


– Issues: draft pour and bottled beer – Issue: illustrate bad tasting beer – bottled beer in sunlight and on shipping cart (temperature & UV) :  / -Issue: Drinking bottled beer / absent minded “tolerate” the taste



-Issue: traditional home-brew setup, something tastes wrong / dirty, chaotic 


-Issues: Guy Frowning when drinking old beer –  at bar (chris friend // )

-Cool .

-Film people’s first reactions.  Will have a couple units.  -Push and beer coming out.  Functional parts. 

-First reactions of normal people.  Whoa, that whoa moment. 


At Bay Area House (day two)

-Ease and simplicity of pour with actor

-First taste: Comes home, takes off jacket, pours beer, flavor becomes Focus point 

enjoying people’s company

-relaxing after a hard day of work

Normal people side by side tastes / actual first reactions.

-Traditional brewing / view tanks and equip from inside brewery


-Brewer taking first taste right from fermentation tank

-Product shots / nice lighting / rotation / pouring



-Issues: home brew equipment hard to clean / Chrise big glass tanks bubble devices / old way of homebrewing

-Issue:  Putting a keg in a car or truck.  Chris has Kegs and bottled beer inside trucks, being wheeled into bar / shipping issues.  Transportation, trucks sitting.  Leaving the brewery on a hard cart.  


active Text on screen


Air bnb house: Send me the link That.   Already have; Home location Jongs Provided that the images check out.  





Brand Messaging :  Main Sales Points for Marketing



We love craft beer.  But there is a challenge around keeping the flavor consistent because of time since brewing and other factors like warm rooms & UV rays that cause the flavor of beer to degrade.  The taste degrades due to oxygen and time since bottling. Bottled & Draft beer don’t taste anywhere close to how it tastes when the brewmaster tests it. Beers that people usually drink at home do not actually taste good – most are sterilized and Yeasts killed for preserving shelf life. All beer sold in bottle format has seen significant flavor deterioration. Even in bars, it takes time for the beers to be delivered to the pubs, they sit in storage, most beers, bottles and draft, are at least two weeks old before you get to taste them. Because of taste degradation and shipping challenges, most craft beers have limited distribution. Why should people all over the world be denied the ability to taste these unique varieties? 

You might think homebrewing is the solution, but it’s very difficult and really challenging to create good tasting beer, not to mention you’ll spend lots of money buying equipment and ingredients.  Most “homebrew devices” say they simplify things, but they still are too difficult for everyday people to end up with a good tasting beer (really, we’ve tried all of them and we’re appalled by how the output actually tastes and how hard they are to sanitize) – fun for science nerds, no fun for beer enthusiasts. All they do is give you raw ingredients and say : “figure it out.” There’s nothing on the market that gives you a standardized craft worth straight from the brewery to work from, or that controls the fermentation temperature, and this is the most important part of flavor development!


Re Pico: these guys make wort from grains, and it doesn’t taste the same.  When we did our own from grains, we got only 80% the sugar content and the final result didn’t come out. – Our brewing process gives you wort made from the brewery itself, so the end result is much better tasting.

We understand if you don’t believe that it will taste any good: there have been a lot of “hype” products that don’t product a good result, but THIS ONE ACTUALLY DOES – here’s some actual reactions of people tasting beer from the device:



Craft beer tastes best right from the tap of the brewing equipment. Our device: This is more advanced than what we are using in the breweries. It is a fully enclosed system. What if you could enjoy the greatest beer in the world at it’s best tasting moment, right from your home? What if you can have exactly the same experience as the brewer tasting is right when it’s finished? What if we could enable brewers to sell their craft beers to fans all over the world, while always enabling people to enjoy them at their top conditions, just like when it first emerged from the brewhouse equipment?  Good tasting beer is living, it has a short shelf life, and needs to be consumed immediately for the best experience.


We’ve created the very first mass market home brewing platform. It’s the Keurig of beer making. You don’t have to know anything, the only thing that you have to do is put in a sanitization Cartridge, and then add your chosen Wort Growler delivered from the brewery, insert the fermentation Cartridge, and press a button! When your craft beer is done, all you have to do is pull the tap. When you receive the ingredients, you’ll get your Wort growler, hop Cartridge, sanitation Cartridge, and the fermentation Cartridge. The RFID tag on the growler instructs the machine about the exact temperature and fermentation time that this variety needs. And after 5-7 days, your beer is complete!  We get the wort made from the breweries themselves and let you ferment it from home. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Put the Cartridge in, press start, and go. The device is totally self contained.  You’re not going to introduce oxygen at any point.  


Purchase through the application through the 



– Beer is Complete

-View Purchase.  



People deserve to enjoy the best tasting beer. Once you taste the beer made from our device, you may not be able to go back to the beer that you’ve been drinking: the taste difference is that dramatic.  You have the first sip : all of a sudden this moment is the focus of your life, It’s got an amazing aroma. Eliminates all the external factors that make beer taste bad.  It has a full body texture. What if you could have the best tasting beer everyday?  Testimonial: “This is a beautiful amazing product that is very easy to use and produces the best tasting beer I’ve ever had in my life! “  This will change how you enjoy your life – now the flavor of your beverage is the center of your enjoyment, and not just something you tolerate. Brewmaster Testimonial: “It’s amazing.  I never thought that a beer from this machine would taste this good.” Testimonial: “When I drank this, it changed my perception of beer, completely.  Now I can focus on the taste. I finally know what I’ve been missing.” Brewer: “I wish I had a 30 barrel system just like this.” Anytime we move it to a bottle or a keg, .



We are connected to the craft brew community. As craft beer lovers ourselves, we have a strong passion for creating a simple platform for people to enjoy craft beer from anywhere in the world. We have a strong passion for craft beer, and we know how to make very hard manufacturing stuff look very easy. We’ve created a product and enclosure that is easy to use, and beautiful – Something that you’ll love to have on your countertop. It is a beautiful design that’ll look beautiful from anywhere in the house. We have our fully automated system ready to go, and five craft beer varieties to start enjoying right away, and we are forging partnerships with brewers of the best beers from the world, to get them to join our platform and make it easy to brew their beer from anywhere.



We are building a platform for beer, where awesome small local breweries can stay independent, where fans can freshly brew the creations of awesome small local breweries from all over the world, directly from their home. We do this by eliminating the transportation and taste degradation issues of transporting finished beer, and instead we allow you to perform the highly controlled final fermentation step from inside your home.  As the product is already complete, in the next few years it will be our continuous effort to create more beer partnerships and expand the line of varieties you can create at home. Our platform will enable individual beer developers, and local awesome breweries, to connect their unique flavors and recipes with beer drinkers around the world. We are ready to start manufacturing, and we need your help to go into our first round of mass manufacturing. Help make this come to life. Be one of the first people to ever experience what beer actually tastes like when it’s fresh.  Get the freshest beer you possibly can, right in your home or office.  


CALL TO ACTION (headlines):

Experience the world’s best tasting beer. Drink the finest tasting beers of the world at its freshest, right from your home or office. Enjoy the taste of great tasting craft beer, from anywhere. Discover what you’ve been missing. Experience the flavor. Choose from the best craft varieties from all over the world. Experience the world’s greatest beer at their optimum tasting moment.  


{production call notes}


This is a brand new craft beer that is not available anywhere.


It’s a home brewing system, but it’s really very true, the very first home brewing system designed for the non brewers.  


Most people do not understand how to brew a beer, 

Any kind of complicated beer making system.


You’ll get the best tasting beer you’ll ever have.  It enables lots of things and truly delivers the best taste.


Freshness is very important, 


The best beer in Belgium is brewed by monks – unfortunately , nobody except for the monks are able to drink.  People who are able to drink the beer as soon as it’s done, 


Why can’t we taste? 


Taste really degrades through the bottling and shelling process.  


They have to sterilize and kill the yeast to bottle it, the beer taste will become really bad.  


The difference between draft beer tastes different, 


Even draft beers aren’t in the best state as well, but it takes a t least a couple weeks before it.


During all this time the fermentation process.


Most of the ways it can be done.  The best temperature, the best tasting, it’s’ very difficult to control.


Temperature fluctuation the best thing about craft beer.


There are over 100,000 varieties, they taste different from.  The different recipes.  


There’s a person living on East coast or in europe – the only way pliny the elder.  many of the most rare.  21st amendment – they can buy from new jersey, and it’s not in the best tasting condition.  


it tastes completely different from the bar, Actually right from the fermentation tank.  I’ve had them – oh god, it tastes really bad, when I had it right .   


The taste changes immensely as soon as it’s .  Russian river : you can’t have the 


What if you can have exactly the same experience? The difference?


Pico: get the recipe, prepare all the grains and the machine brews a wort, beer juice, just beer juice, it goes into a fermentation tank and during the fermentation is where you get all the alcohol, the c02, and you get the taste, it’s extremely important.


Emeril’s restaurant, if you get the recipe, you send people the carrots, and you cook it according to the recipe.  It’s completely different .


Emerill actually does it, and we.  At home you don’t make it, you just heat it up and eat.


We get the wort made from the brewery and people ferment them from home.


Fermentation is the one that actually controls.  If you ferment the beer juices.  


Bottled & Draft beer isn’t tasting at all close, to when it’s done when it’s fermenting (sterilized), 


We are selling an experience, they are having the best taste, have a variety to choose from, they will be able to learn about what they are drinking, and they can realize that the glass makes a huge difference.


We’re selling the entire experience.  It’s also about everything that surrounds the beer.  If I know the history, 


Good beer:


-Short Shelf life

-Needs to be consumed immediately.


Homebrew systems : are too complicated, their not controlled 


Cook the wort you have to be experienced, it was very difficult.  This is a machine that helps home brewers : 


Be able brew from without any brewing knowledge


Put in, press start, and go.


We’re creating a platform : we’re creating the apple platform for beer.  


Before apple, home software developers, but they didn’t have anywhere that they could sell it.


Apple creates a medium where they connect the developers to the users.  The medium that they utilize is the iPhone.


We have a platform where individual beer developers , local  awesome breweries, we connect them to the beer drinkers.  The medium is the device.  Very easy to use, extremely beautiful, small, it fits anywhere, targeted for the characteristics of normal.


The way to taste fresh craft beer from anywhere, without.  .


WHen you receive it, turn it on, there are a few settings, you set up the language, connect the device to iot, and the application, then you upgrade.  Takes less than 5 minutes too .


For beer, sterilization is very important : home brewers spend hours and hours for sterilization. Even for pico you have to unscrew and make it difficult.


As soon as your setup is done, you put in a Cartridge, you’re done.


You put in the word growler, you put in the cartridge, and put in the Cartridge.  Wait until the fermentation is done.


During this time, every beer has the utmost optimal drinking temperature.  Let’s say you are someone who loves cold beer.  You can adjust temperature, you can control the ideal temperature, by the time is done, the optimum temperature.


All you have to do is pull the tab and drink.


There are :


There is another bag where you have your ingredients, growler, hop Cartridge, sanitation Cartridge, flavoring, : when you first go through the sanitation (3 min).


WHen you are putting in the growler.  The RFID tag has all the information.  


As soon as you put the growler in and this is the best thing to make it.


During the fermentation time, we’ll give you all the internist:



By the time you’re done with.  


How long : it’s different between 5 days to a week.


WE have a brewmaster on our team, very : he was the brewmaster for one.  


We’ve recruited him, he tried it: wow, it’s amazing.  I never thought that my beer would taste this good.  


If you taste it from the brewery, vs right from our machine.


It takes two weeks.  It tastes completely different.  This is the response from professionals and non professionals.


Something that anywhere else.  


By the time we


We are ready to start manufacturing, we need your help to go into manufacturing.  Help make this come to life.  As beer lovers ourselves, craft beer lovers, we have a strong passion for creating the apple platform for the craft beer world.  Enjoy and realize what we have realized through this process.  You can have the best tasting beer.  


Help us out.  The best experience that you will realize is the taste of the beer.  It’s not the taste that you are used to.  In the beginning, I had no idea what I was missing out on.


I thought that 

When I drank this, it changed my perception of beer, completely.  Now I focus on the taste.


People are used to enjoying wine and whiskey because they love the way it tastes, the feel, the aroma, the passion.  This Is something that you are not having, this is how my world changed.  


When I have the very first sip of craft sip.  Beer is not about getting drunk or quenching your thirst, it’s about how it tastes. And every single.


We will have lots of variety.  Without leaving a step from your home, you will be able to have all the beer, with the best taste and experience, that you can’t enjoy unless you are tasting it right out of the fermentation.  


When I had the first drink.  This is beer?  It’s got an amazing aroma.  It has a full body texture.  Now I’m drinking beer because I want to enjoy it.  I’m enjoying the world.


When you come home from work, you grab a beer, you drink / you are focus / having it just because, .  Why have a beer like this when you deserve so much more?  What if you could have the best tasting beer everyday?  


You have the first sip : all of a sudden you are focused on your life, the arome, the body and texture.  You are seeing an autopiler through the beer.  


This Is what you’ll be able to experience in the first.  


Order the device.  Be one of the first people to ever experience what beer actually taste.  


Right now we have a master brewers recipes, and we are partnered with both breweries, and we are talking to many breweries, from a schedule perspective.  We’ll be complete with our mechanical prototype, and then we’ll be putting in the pcb that automates the process.  The first version will be in march.  


We’re ready for / we are working to develop / test the product to find the best point.  We test the matching point, and then we sign.


We’re launching with 5-10 flavors and we hope to establish partnerships with breweries all over the world to get you  Belgium / US


roquefort 10 : they are people from 2000 years ago, they are right from their home, drinking from the exact same class. This is the best tasting beer.  The experience.  


Born from the experience.  The platform, from the best breweries around the world.  We’re targeting the best local breweries….


– – 


I”m not an expert: I think the most important thing is a crisp, direct message, 


Videos that got me a direct message: contained pain points that I’ve always been feeling, and a solution that has been so seeking. 


Narrator and Music, flashy, What I say 


In narrative (good at messages)

Cool to watch (find a middle ground)

Really “cool to watch: with a direct message.  “

Navdy video

Chip card: stored all credit:

Actor doing the voiceover / main character.  presenting themselves.  

Message / flashy fun to watch / information delivery : call to action. 


Very interesting part: testimonials.  


Flashy shots of beer, 

baubax / original pebble / and navy  :  only thing has great real.  

Normal people / actual first reaction.  Eureka / friends who could do on-camera tastings.  

Eurika: interview brew, testimonials / documenting the stars huge tanks that go some moving into / document ship temperature is not coolness.


Principal actor / reciting script : .  Now how did / give play by I put sanitation, three miles.  There’s growler RFID function.     Day 2 / in home environment / few testimonials on camera.  


“How did I do that?”  – The real message:  we are delivering the holy shit moment?  I never had anything like this before?  Testimonials/?  IPA taste.  They’ll have a strong reaction.  


Product : unit rotating / nicly explore the design of the enclosure.  

If you look at the pico video: shots where they have a very very closeup ; slow slow motion macro of beer.  If we look at all the videos: they 


It flows and it’s continuous, it’s one story.  Navy, it’s one story.  It doesn’t go here, there, everywhere.  The story is very continuous, it’s one story.  


Many videos were going left and right.  That’s too crazy.  Just choose the one person who is ideal.  We focus on one thing and we make that one thing extremely extremely good.  Having ten.  


Short interview with founder: Sharing more personal about the passion , 


Pebble video 

Ouya : showed a lot of great games

Extremely direct and concise 


Preference to direct / showed the product at the right timing at the right way.   


Entertaining and 


Something that I can feel myself emotionally and see what I’m going to do with it.  

Direct messaging 


Great direct messaging.  


Navdy type type actors: now I want : documentary men.  




Maybe a friend to volunteer air bnb.  Renting to air bnb. 


Wait for the Mockup : we’re going to be combining our design into the mockup, we’ll create a mockup.  We should be able to pour beer out of look and feel exactly like the real thing.  


Late march :  Early April .  More in depth : Glad that we’ll have.  




Monday :  


We also need a web page for our Kickstarter.  We want to develop a company webpage, everybody has their own webpage.  


What information do we need on the webpage ???  


{written intake}


Who are the people you serve?  What are their needs? 


We are serving 25-40 year old males who love craft beer. There are several needs that are currently not being served :


  1. Taste : Beers that people usually drink do not taste good. Bottled and canned beers usually have yeasts killed for preserving shelf life and also have been sitting in shelves for a long time before being able to drink, and also especially to keep the costs down, have recipes that do not use lots of ingredients such as hops that make up a great beer (such as Budweiser, miller, coors, etc). Craft beers in bottles and can forms also have similar issues. A craft beer tastes best at their top condition, which is right after it is done brewing (and perfectly aged) and right from the tap of the brewing equipment themselves. Unfortunately, there are not many people in the world who can enjoy these best craft beers at their top conditions. For example, as access is limited and they only sell their beers in bottle format, the only people who can enjoy the world famous trappist beers like Rochefort 10 or Westmalle Tripel at their best conditions are the monks who made them. Even beers that you drink in many breweries are not in their best conditions as it takes time for the beers to be delivered to the pubs and sit in storage and be hooked up to the taps for people to enjoy. People deserve to enjoy the best beers when they are at their best tasting conditions.


  1. Varieties : There are so many different types of great craft beers in the world with each type having different taste depending on who or which brewery made it (as everyone has different recipes). However, if, let’s say someone from the east coast or from Europe wants to try the famous Russian River’s Pliny the Elder, they must travel to Santa Rosa, CA to try it. In other words, their choices of fresh beer are bound by location of where they live and the breweries that are around them, and the non-fresh “bottle” or “can” beers. They deserve easier access to the best beers of the world in their best tasting conditions, no matter where they live.


  1. Prices : Craft beers are very expensive to drink, costing anywhere from $8 to $12 and some beers go upto $40/glass. Even ones in bottle and cans cost at price ranges they may not be affordable for many people


So, many people try brewing beers at home, however,


  1. It’s too difficult. Need lots of brewing knowledge to be able to brew even good (not great) tasting beer
  2. It’s too expensive. One has to spend a lot of money buying equipments and ingredients
  3. It’s messy. It needs lots of space and really makes the house messy



What if you could enjoy the best beers in the world at their best tasting conditions, right from your home? And the prices are affordable?


For many smaller local breweries who have amazing beers but have limited access to consumer base (mostly local customers near their brewery), they want to increase their ROI and also extend their reach, however, it’s very difficult to deliver their beers at their top conditions to people who live further away than their local town (and these people are normally artists than money hungry businessmen, thus being able to deliver their arts at their top conditions is very important to them). It also requires a lot of money and time to be able to provide their beers to people who are not local, especially as it requires setting up a bottling facility in their brewery and as explained above, the taste becomes worse when bottling and delivering their beers somewhere far away. Also, selling bottles of beer is difficult and expensive – there are middlemen distributors that take ~50% of revenue, heavy alcohol taxes and limitations in being able to sell via the internet.


What if.. is there a platform that enables easy and inexpensive connections for brewers to sell their beers to consumers all over the world while always enabling these consumers to enjoy these “arts” at their top conditions?


Before Apple’s platform, there was no way for the independent and small software developers to sell their ideas and creations to anyone. App Store enabled connection of these hungry artists (programmers) to people all over the world who want to enjoy their greatest creations via apps. The “equipment” that enables this is the iPhone. Our solution is such a platform for beer, where awesome small local breweries are the independent software developers, our platform is the App Store for beer, and our device is the iPhone for beer. It connects these awesome small local breweries to craft beer lovers from all over the world via the platform and the device that will freshly brew the creations of these awesome small local breweries, directly from their home.


Why you?  What about your personal story makes you unique to run this business?


We are very unique, as the creation of such a platform requires many different skills. For one, our team is made of people who have strong technical industry experiences and knowledge for beer at the same time, and have strong passion for craft beer (and love them). We talk about craft beer 24hours a day 7 days a week, our favorite activity is going out to try new craft beers of the world and talking about them, etc. Our platform is “made by craft beer lovers, for craft beer lovers of the world”.


We also at the same time are very experienced in recognizing the needs of the “you and me’s of the world”, i.e., the mass market, and creating products for them. We know how to make very hard stuff very easy. We know how to make them beautiful. Most importantly, we know how to make it for “them”. Because we are one of them and we know how to make products that we will want to proudly own, which they will love.


Why was it necessary to found this business?


It was driven by our passion for craft beer. We love craft beer and we want to be able to enjoy the best beers of the world at their freshest and best tasting conditions, however, we didn’t know how to do so without traveling a lot and spending a lot of money. As we are also craft beer loving drinkers, not craft beer loving brewers, and we found that we need a solution that will help us to satisfy our desire to be able to drink the best beers of the world at their freshest and best tasting conditions. We then saw that we are not the only ones who have such needs. And felt that these people like us who are craft beer lovers, deserve a solution that will enable them to enjoy the best beers from all over the world at their freshest and best tasting conditions, right from their homes. There was such a solution in the world, so we had to create it ourselves.


What is the problem you help solve?


Listed above in the first question about pain points that we solve


Why is this a one-of-a-kind solution?


We create the Apple iPhone and App Store solution for craft beer. We have the easiest, most beautiful device that brews the best tasting beers. We (will) have the platform that enables connection of the world’s best breweries to deliver their best beers to everyone in the world who love craft beers. And, these will be very easily accessible via their phones and PCs.


There are devices that are coming out to brew beers from their homes. However, they focus on satisfying the “homebrewers”, i.e. innovators and early adopters. They require brewing knowledge, many different parts and procedures (i.e. easier than homebrewing, but still too difficult for everyday people like you and me), are expensive for everyday mass market people like you and me, etc. Additionally, many of these machines do not have that many choices of beers and especially they focus on the “device” to brew their beers.


We focus on the beers that they will be able to brew, the best beers from the world, and the device will brew them at their freshest and best tasting conditions. Our machine is the “true” Keurig for Craft Beer – you don’t have to know anything, the only thing that you have to do is put in the Cartridge and press a button! When your craft beer is done, all you have to do is pull the tap.. and you don’t have to do anything or know anything.. always, you will get these beers at their freshest and best tasting conditions at their best tasting temperatures!


What are the measurable things in the project that you’ve achieved so far?


We will be finished with our final mechanical prototype in the middle of this month, fully tested to brew amazing beers at their best taste quality! We have a beautiful design in place. By the time we start the campaign, we will have a fully automated system ready to go.


What are the future steps required to fulfill the project?


Finish PCB part of the prototype, finish final design, finish manufacturing planning, beer partnerships (continuous effort), app and services, operations


What is the transformation that happens in your customers when they experience your product?


Once they taste the beer made from our device, they may not be able to go back to the beers that they have been drinking due to such dramatic taste quality differences


What feelings do your customers walk away with?


Beautiful, amazing product that is very easy to use and produces the best tasting beer I’ve ever had in my life! I am so proud to be an owner of this product! Feels like a true Apple product with Apple experiences!


What have you personally learned as a result of doing this work?


The joy of delivering the products that we strongly believe in, to the arms of everyone else in the world who are like us. The joy of changing the world, one step at a time. The power of strong team work and amazing team. Hard work itself is not good enough in bringing a perfect product to the world, but also strong passion is required to make it happen. We have it all and we are very proud to bring this product to the world to change everyone’s lives on how they drink beer!


Why is creating this type of project a good fit in your overall needs of society?


It changes how people enjoy their lives. Drinking beer is a big part of people’s lives in the US – it’s a tool for socialization, it’s a tool for relaxation, it’s a tool to brighten people’s lives. Imagine how this product will change how people socialize at their homes. This product will be the center of the conversation while drinking the best tasting beer that came out from this device. People will not only be drinking beer to quench their thirst and to get drunk, but to enjoy the taste of great tasting beer just like how people drink wine, while enjoying people’s company or relaxing after a hard day of work with a glass of best tasting beer. This product will be the tool that enhances people’s lives in these ways and benefits society.


What is the near-term goal of the business?  What is the long-term goal?


We will be disrupting one market at a time, starting with the mass market craft beer market and expanding to much bigger horizons that will change how people drink beer forever. We are starting our venture with the very first mass market home brewing platform in the world and will work toward realizing the vision that I’ve stated above


Video Development:


Please provide links to up to 5 examples of kickstarter videos you like:


Navdy (though not kickstarter)


Pebble (original)


Picobrew (little too long, but it’s got testimonials, great looking beer shots, etc)


For your video:

Will this be all documentary style (founder & expert testimonials interviews for voiceover, 

 or do you want more scripted type voice-over from selected voice talent?


            I like active style videos that are direct to the point and easy to understand what we are trying to communicate (especially the benefits of our product) that show “you have these pain points and we are here to solve these problems for you via this product”, very direct, active, cool and WOW’ing. All documentary style, I feel is boring. Yet, voice-over from selected voice talent is not personable. A mix would be fantastic, while introducing new and innovative styles that will wow the viewers of the video. I believe that as soon as viewers see the video, “I must have this product!” must be the first thing that comes into their mind. It must relate to their own pain points and that this breakthrough product is exactly what they’ve been looking for.


Ideal length for your video? 3-4min


For my video to succeed, I know we need to cover the following five points in the narrative:


“ Enjoy the best beers from the best breweries at their freshest and best tasting condition ever, anytime, every time. All you have to do is Insert, Press button, Go!”


         Freshest and Best Tasting Beer, 

         Easy to use (Put-in, Press button, Go!)

         Beautiful design that’ll look beautiful from anywhere in the house

         Lots of Varieties of Beer Selections from Best breweries in the world (note: we are working on this and it’s the plan)

         Apps and Services (beer store, like app store)


What visual elements beyond the narrative (directed scenes, referred to as B-Roll) are you seeing? 


            Let’s discuss  


What is the location(s) you are seeing? Who is it that can provide this for us? Is it one 8 hr film day or two 4 hr film days?


            Breweries, User’s homes, etc. Not sure about the rest of the questions..


Who is involved? What Characters are shown in your ideal video story?


Testimonials from brewers and users (for credibility and draw-in), a young father enjoying great tasting beer together with their friends at his home(show usages)


What imagery would you like to see to describe the solution?


            Device shots (rotating shots?), easy 3 steps – “put-in, press-button, pour and drink”, shots that will show and give the feel of “wow, great tasting beer!”, app usage, buy from (app)beerstore, etc


How do you see yourself as a founder / inventor appearing in the video? i.e. personal background actions (developing the product, R&D, working with colleagues)


Not sure.. let’s discuss