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Free Gear Sharing Certification for Fitness Professionals

Small Group Training Overview

Learn at a macro-level how to put on a Small Group Training experience that takes into account both exercise science and the client experience.

grear sharing

Gear Overview

There are 100’s of exercises each of the pieces of gear can accommodate, however, learn some of the most common exercises utilized by the gear included in the box as well as how to set up the anchoring system for outdoor or indoor events!

Safety and Maintenance

To keep you and your clients healthy and happy by learning about the most common safety ​and maintenance checkpoints to ensure your clients have an amazing experience in each and every class.

Planning your Mobile Fitness Services

Create a regular cadence of mobile services all over the city to add some variety to your fitness offerings and get your clients outside and connected to nature.

Gear Sharing



Shoot Date: January 12 – Full Day



First Location

Stanley Marketplace


Second Location: Commons on Champa 

1245 Champa St, Denver, CO 80204


Third Location (Condo Building):

1085 N Lafayette



-Gear Sharing Equipment






Jourdan Baldwin (park)

Erin/Aaron Hinman (stanley)


Ashton August or Alex Brink (coworking)

Amberle (Stanley and roof top at condo building) 


-Fitness Instructor (one from above)


-Clients working out (erica, kelsie 


7am Arrival Stanley Marketplace Outdoor Location 

Crew, Reed and Jordan Baldwin



-Jordan driving around the block (mid-day, moving between classes).  

Over the shoulder from high up, ultra wide from passenger seat

-(morning, arriving to first class) Jordan Pulling up to park in vehicle

-shots from inside vehicle, pulling up, stopping, tight profile and rear seat shots of Jordan behind the wheel

– tight shots of feet getting out



-Jordan overlooking empty space with nothing there, walking around .  “Warming up” (Vignette)

-OTS handheld, behind Jordan as she is overlooking the park space with closed box in background



-Jordan opening lid,  setting up gear-sharing equipment, closeups of clipping instruments, 

-Jordan personal workout / vignette of life 


8am – extras arrive



-Welcoming guests, talking to students

-Demo a move for the class / students stop activity, she provides coaching / feedback

-Jordan leading class with extras

-Focus on Jordan and vignette narrative

-Close-ups, wide shots – Let Reed run the show a bit here



-Move to second location at Stanley Marketplace. Team has “pre-setup” the equip



-Second location shoot with Peak Athletes -eric hinman .  Characterization of male lead, working out, (vignette).  Male lead walking down corridor. Drinking from a water bottle, waiting for students to arrive. 



-Testimonial on the fly interview with Jordan



-Breakdown stanley marketplace, clean up


{transit to coworking location, lunch}.  



Coworking Location 

11am Amberly arrives and location is setup 



B-roll – Shoot Amberly boxing at coworking location, (life vignette)



also small group training with extras.

Extra working independently. Protagonist checking her phone taking a rest with students working out in background. Explaining adjustments. 




-Testimonial on the fly interview with Boxer Lady




“Cleaning up” sequence, Amberly sealing the box / leaning back on box checking phone, “all cleaned up “ wide cutaway exposing protaginist on phone, relaxing against sealed box deciding what else to do with her day



-Move to Reed’ Condo 1085 N Lafayette



Reed’s condo




Reed Script

-spend 10 minutes allowing him to speak off the cuff

-spend 25 minutes recording Reed in multiple takes reading the script, off cam (audio only voiceover), on cam (repeating memorized lines, Lines cued by jeffrey).  



Reed B Roll 

-Reed waking up, making coffee, overlooking view, tying shoes, leaving house

-Tight shots mirroring shots of Jordan arriving at Stanley Marketplace earlier





Ext. Early Morning Sloan’s Lake Park

Feet hitting ground outside, car door slams




Protagonist overlooking beautiful landscape. Mist hovering over grass.




Full class working out in same spot using equipment



76% percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 

96% of businesses will fail within 10 years. 

Int. Reed Apartment 

Feet hit the floor in the morning as Reed gets out of bed (juxtaposing earlier shot of feet) 

Reed Making coffee. 



This makes it hard to follow one’s passion, whether that is working for oneself or trying to make a difference in the well-being of individuals and our collective world.

Fitness Studio 

Fitness instructor boxing in sterile-looking studio.



Most Fitness Professionals are having to work at 2-3 fitness institutions just to get by. Big box gyms are taking a huge cut or wages, and if trainers want to break off to work on their own, they are subject to 5-7 year triple net leases that can go up overnight. 

Int. Car

Fitness instructor driving.



My name is Reed Clanahan, the founder and CEO of Gear Sharing. I’ve worked in the fitness world for over a dozen years and know how much of a struggle it can be for fitness providers to stay afloat. So many of us entered into this profession to help others reach their fullest potential, but often at our own expense. Trying to survive in a competitive industry can be discouraging. 


I previously managed the largest collegiate small group training program at the University of Florida and have witnessed the endless barriers my trainers are faced with getting out into the field, when all they want to do is create healthier communities and spread their love of fitness. Trying to make a comfortable living can feel next to impossible.


I’ve worked hard coming up with Gear Sharing, a product that will allow premium fitness providers to stay independent while growing their following.

Int. Reed’s Apartment 

Reed talking in his apartment, coffee in hand, beautiful view in the background



Through Gear Sharing, we are using some of the most commonly utilized fitness gear seen in functional style fitness studios and working with real estate groups, co-working spaces, and everyday individuals to place them in public spaces.

Morning Sloan’s Lake Park 


Closed lockbox in the middle of park.



Gear Sharing is equipping fitness professionals to take their services beyond the confines of the gym, into amazing environments that support the experiences they are trying to create. 


The beautiful thing about this concept is also going to help Fitness Professionals mitigate risk by not being reliant on a single lease. 


We are also lowering the overhead expense associated with growing a fitness business by these Gear Sharing locations to any Fitness Professional in our Pop-Up Referral Network. 


Our goal with this funding is to build out the other half of the 25 locations we’re putting out in the community each year. Our vision is to see this spread all over Colorado, the US and eventually, the globe. 

Product Setup Various Locations 


Intercut shots of people working out in various locations around Denver (two of these):

Stanley Marketplace (main to get several shots)

Forge 970 (coworking)

Vital Strength and Fitness



I handle partnerships for ClassPass here in Colorado and we’re creating listings out of our locations to drive traffic to them and help gain visibility. 


To anyone that supports the mission of empowering fitness entrepreneurs in the Colorado community, you will be receiving ClassPass Credits and cool gear so that you, too, can visit these Gear Sharing Locations once they are LIVE. 

Int. Reed’s Apartment 

Reed tying sneakers, getting ready to go outside for a workout.



Fitness is our right. And so is holding onto our hard-earned money. Gear sharing returns the love of freedom and the goal of transformation to the hands of the provider.

Morning Sloan’s Lake Park 

Protagonist alone in Sloan Park with full product setup before him, staring at it and the sweeping view, a sense of freedom and pride.


Finally, we take fitness out of the box. Morning Sloan’s Lake Park 

Protagonist training full class in sloan park.



Ext. Early Morning Sloan’s Lake Park

-Vehicle pulling up to park, stopping/parking

-Feet hitting ground outside, car door slams, misty ground

-Empty Park around sunrise, before product is built

-Closed lock Box, middle of park (close-up and wide shots from in front and behind)

-Protagonist face close-up straight shot

-Behind head with view in background, empty park

-Protagonist finishing constructing equipment

-Park with Gear Sharing Constructed, still empty (wide and close-up)

-Protagonist looking at equipment with view in background. (behind head)

-Protagonist in the distance through constructed equipment (look of freedom and pride)

-Protagonist leading full class (behind head, head on, from perspective of clients working out) – Focus is on protagonist


Reed’s Apartment

(we want these getting out of bed shots to juxtapose getting out of the car shots at Sloan’s Lake Park)

-Reed waking up

-Shots of Reed sitting up in bed, placing feet on ground

-Close-up of feet hitting ground 

-Reed Making Coffee (Behind him)

-Close-up of making coffee

-Reed drinking coffee, looking out, window (behind the head and profile shot)

-Reed sitting on couch or chair talking about product  (close-up and wide)

-Reed tying his running shoes, wearing exercise clothes, getting ready to leave the house

-Reed walking out door


Fitness Studio 

Fitness instructor boxing in sterile-looking studio

-close-up face, releasing aggression

-wide shot, showing empty gym


Fitness Instructor driving

-behind head from backseat

-profile shot

-dumbie car in front, filming instructor behind driving


Stanley Marketplace (main to get several shots)

Forge 970 (coworking)

Vital Strength and Fitness

(one of two of these locations)

-Full Classes working out, focusing on clients working out, close-ups and wideshots of various exsercises 

-At these locations, we will get our testimonials from fitness providers that have used product

-Testimonial shots with empty and equipment in the background, revealing the public space and product behind them

Testimonials shot// actually make it much wider, shoot at 35mm and back the camera way up, they should have blurry background with depth as show, but we want to see them down alj the way to their upper hips, and angled slightly across the frame. In park scene have “students” working on device behind interviewee



Product Shots

Park, rooftop,

Some closupes and wides of items being used by an athelete (Single vignette)

And the “class shots”



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